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How to Record and Transcribe a Google Hangouts Meet Video

As we all know, the current COVID-19 situation has brought the entire world to a standstill. Everything including our daily functioning has transformed completely. There are no offices and no schools, no meetings. Our homes are our workplace, school, colleges, and whatever you call it. The face to face meetings and classes are replaced by Google Hangouts Meet and other similar platforms. It is the new normal!

While it’s true that we can’t control the current situation, one thing we can do is finding the ways in which our “work from home” paradigm can become more efficient and effective. In this article, we are going to discuss an important way to make your Hangouts Meet more convenient and efficient. The way we are talking about is audio transcription. Let’s discuss it in detail!

What is Google Meet Or Google Hangouts Meet?

Google Hangouts Meet or simply Google Meet is one of the most popular and widely used platforms from the house of Google. It was released back in 2017 and has gained much popularity since then. It is a part of G suite along with services like Duo, Hangout, and Messages.

The main reason behind its popularity is its capacity to connect a large number of people at once. It is used for both personal and professional reasons. In the current situations, it is being used to conduct Online classes, meetings, webinars, and so on.

Why Should You Transcribe a Google Meet Video Into Text?

Audio transcription is one of the best life hacks for the ones who are working from home. It can make your work a lot easier. But the sad thing is, not many people know about the advantages of transcribing their video calls.

Usually, the work-related video calls are very lengthy, they can even last for hours. During this time, a lot of information is exchanged which is very difficult to absorb and understand most of the time. This results in a huge mess in your work.

Below are the main advantages of transcribing the video and audio calls :

  • When you have the written script, you can go back to it again and again whenever you feel like. This is not possible in video calls.
  • It helps you grasp the information exchanged during the video call with more ease.
  • It works as a proof of the conversation.
  • You can jump onto the required part of your conversation in no time as searching the text is easier than searching for the timestamps in a video.

And the list goes on. This is where the transcribing software comes into play. Although there are a lot of video to text converters available, not every tool is worth your time. What’s even worse? The wrong software can create a lot of issues and inconsistencies in your converted script. So, how to select the right video to text conversion tool?

Well, this is why we are here. We have already searched for the right tool for you. It is none other than Audext. It is a wonderful and the most efficient tool that converts mp3 audio to text format. The written scripts generated by Audext are of high-quality and error-free. Further, it also supports several formats and for this reason, it is used widely by the professionals. On top of everything, it comes at extremely very reasonable prices. Moreover, it also comes with a 30-min free trial in which you can try and test this tool before investing in it. All of these features make it a go-to tool for the students and working professionals.

How To Record and Transcribe a Google Hangouts Meet Video

You can easily transcribe audio to text using Audext by following a few simple steps. It has a very user-friendly interface and the conversion takes no time. Here is how you can record and transcribe your Google Meet Video calls by following 6 easy steps :

  • First thing you need to do is, record your Google Meet Video call.
  • Now, upload the video or audio in the Audext app
  • Next, send the audio /video to the Audext editor
  • Wait until your transcript gets ready
  • Once done, you can use intuitive tools for making any modifications.
  • After you’re done editing it, hit the export button and select your desired format.

That’s all! Your written script is ready to use. Now, read and understand it without facing any difficulties.

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