The era of cloud computing is with us and definitely here to stay. The unlimited on-demand availability of computing resources and removal of upfront commitment is a dream come true for IT users. It is here that Kamatera comes in as the globally renowned enterprise-grade cloud services and products provider to organizations.

Let’s delve into Kamatera a bit, and get to know what you can expect from them in cloud infrastructure performance and tech. 

  The Problem

Foundation knowledge is important, so get done with the basic stuff. Cloud infrastructure or cloud computing involves providing computing resources from a location that is remote and away from the end users locality. These so-called resources and what they include isn’t easily explainable like 1-2-3. Even IT professionals find it tasking to explain the ins and outs of cloud computing. Since its inception, the cloud has been touted as the ideal solution for all manner of organizational needs be they complex, demanding or mission-critical in nature. The cloud has become the answer for Application Server, Mail Server, Web Server, Load Balance, and Firewall needs today.

The core pillar of cloud infrastructure is the cloud servers. These high-powered virtual machines are versatile such that the tailoring them to suit your organization’s needs is their main selling point. With their virtual nature cloud servers set you free a user, you never need to have and maintain any underlying machines. Your only task is to select CPU Power, storage, RAM, firewalls, load balancers and other features you may desire. Cloud infrastructure relieves you from the hassle and pain of maintaining computing resources on your own.

  The Solution

When it comes to today’s cloud infrastructure, simplicity, modularity, and cost-effectiveness are what the end users are looking for. This is why Kamatera has made steps towards and separated its cloud infrastructure into distinct products with no grey areas. Purchase products only when the need for them arises. Get customized products for requirements specific to you like CPU and memory and other standard ones such as firewalls and load balancers.

Kamatera’s cloud services have you covered. As a consumer your needs related to data storage, backup and recovery quickly get unmanageable and dent your wallet.

 Kamatera offers affordable and competitive prices and service delivery.   At Kamatera all the client’s needs and queries are handled directly on a one on one basis. It is through this that Kamatera customizes all its services to give clients only what they need and avoiding the challenges of “fixed hosting packages” that other cloud service companies offer.

The unique features of Kamatera

Kamatera has plenty to offer that stands out as an emerging force in the cloud infrastructure market.

Cloud Server:

With a guaranteed uptime of 99.95%, you will be set up and ready to go in less than one minute. You are allowed to scale up or down as you wish. Forget about hardware maintenance forever. The Total Cost of Ownership is lower than what others in the market present. Your backup and monitoring process is simplified. The overall price is unmatchable.

Cloud Block Storage:

This is your very own private hard disk. Store anything from system files, databases, images or other file-level data. Kamatera utilizes high-performance SSD-accelerated disk drives that allow high demand data-centric apps to run reliably. Storage processing is fast with scheduled offline backups.

Cloud Server with Web hosting panel:

Within minutes you can have your preferred hosting panel within the Kamatera cloud. This is ideal if you have your own hosting solution, are offering a service to paying clients or you are just managing your own sites. Experience a variety of scalable, feature-rich web hosting panels.

Cloud Load Balancer:

Kamatera’s Cloud Load balancer is able to handle several requests with no restrictions to the number of servers you may have. The Cloud Load Balancers feature;

•    A load balancing algorithm based on Round Robin

•    SSL offloading termination or SSL decryption

•    Least connections and weight

•    Session persistence across HTTP/S protocols and much more.

Cloud Firewall:

Defenses are always on high alert with the network experts at Kamatera setting, monitoring and adjusting all cloud activity.

The security of your cloud infrastructure is a prime concern for the team at Kamatera. Kamatera’s cloud firewall works by;

•    Protection against intrusion from unauthorized and suspicious sources

•    Protection against hackers who get into your computer through open ports

•    Protection against malicious attacks such as DoS, code injection, viruses, and other malware

•    Protection against the unnoticed installation of rootkits

•    Protection against spyware and data leakage to malicious locations

Cloud Virtual Private Network (VPN):

The benefits of having a virtual private network in the cloud can’t be emphasized enough. This exclusive access to data carries with it the following benefits; cost efficiency, reliability, increased security and improved energy efficiency.

Cloud Software Licensing:

Having products that provide optional business and system software licensing gives the users the advantage of having up to date software packages in a friendly usage-based monthly fee structure. No more worrying about costly one off-license purchases, installations, setups or upgrades.

Managed Cloud Server:

Kamatera takes on the cloud infrastructure tasks for you letting you concentrate on your core business. The cloud experts at Kamatera assure you that you can rest easy as they do their thing giving you quick, efficient and reliable service.

Managed Microsoft Applications:

As an approved Microsoft partner, Kamatera enables you to enjoy a high level of corporate automation. You will experience the in-depth expert management of the Microsoft business server range that includes Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft CRM and Microsoft Sharepoint.

Migration Service:

Movement of data is an ever daunting task filled with challenges and risk. The team of server migration specialists at Kamatera always takes care of business ensuring processes are seamless with resultant improvement in results.

Disaster Recovery:

Your data is replicated in real-time while the content system continues to monitor your cloud infrastructure. An up to date version of your databases is always available through the real-time saving of data to Kamatera’s hard disk drives. In case restoration is required, it can be done instantly. To warn of any faults that may arise, system monitors at Kamatera are way checking the health status of your server infrastructure. In the event of a disaster, Kamatera has in pace the Server Recovery Option (SRO) that redirects user traffic to a backup system without affecting performance.

Consulting and Training:

Cloud consultancy one by Kamatera presents users with tailor-made and beneficial solutions upon an assessment of their unique needs. The expert guidance and advice offered to prevent users from falling into the common cloud-related pitfalls that often result in great damages and loses.

At Kamatera the range of cloud services offer is broad covering Hosting Virtual Private Servers, Cloud Servers with Web hosting Panel, WordPress and CPanel’s Server Hosting, Cloud Servers, Cloud Private Network, Cloud Firewall, Managed Cloud Services and much more.

At Kamatera the range of cloud services offer is broad covering Hosting Virtual Private Servers, Cloud Servers with Web hosting Panel, WordPress and CPanel’s Server Hosting, Cloud Servers, Cloud Private Network, Cloud Firewall, Managed Cloud Services and much more.

In addition to this, the server at Kamatera come with market-leading operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and free BSD.


 The great value

First, with Kamatera and the features, it offers cloud systems workflow has never been easier.

In less than one minute you will have a server setup and ready to go. From the URL link below you can see how easy this is.

Secondly, users get access to customized VPS services that are tailored to their needs. This means that user can opt for scaling up or down of services according to their needs just by the click of a button. Users can even customize how they wish to be billed, which can be either hourly or monthly.

Kamatera adds to this by offers all their services with Unlimited Traffic. Users get unlimited IOPS, all SSDs included, plus free Data Recovery.

Kamatera makes it all interesting and worthwhile by offering users a free 30-day trial. Users can sign up and test the services on offer getting a feel of what cloud infrastructure at Kamatera is all about. Moreover, Kamatera provides 24/7/365 Tech Human Support.


Kamatera’s global data centers are located in New York, Texas, California, Toronto, Amsterdam, London, Hong Kong, and Israel. The US data centers handle all of the North American regions and conveniently located in the heart of the financial and technological center, the European data centers are strategically situated to handle the European market, the Hong Kong center serving the Asian region, and the Israeli center handles the entire Middle East region.

The purpose-built facilities are designed to deliver the highest standards in technology, security, surveillance and disaster prevention, to guarantee 24-hour uptime for our clients.  Kamatera employs only certified and qualified network engineers to ensure the highest telecommunication standards and provide customers with the best service and security.

All the data centers are secured and under constant surveillance. Only authorized staff are allowed access, and third-party contractors or visitors require security clearance to access the centers. Stringent security measures have it that all non-staff must be accompanied by an authorized staff member while on the premises.

All Kamatera’s data centers are power failure proof, every server is connected to a conditioned UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) and is N+1 redundant and instantaneous failover to ensure continuity.  In the unlikely event of system-wide power utility failure, the centers are backed up with independent generator power ability to run the entire system without interruptions.

In addition to this, Kamatera’s backbone network infrastructure is based on multiple networks that are backed up by solid and tier-1 providers worldwide.

Kamatera’s Core Routing Equipment policy is kept at the highest level with full redundancy and enterprise-class equipment.  The latest technology is used equipped with hardware that is housed in a secured core routing room using only fiber carriers, and Kamatera’s network technicians are well adept at managing and monitoring enterprise level networks.

  Try Risk Free

Kamatera’s 30 Day Free Trial offer to users is at no cost which is quite enticing considering at all the quality cloud infrastructure on offer.

 Kamatera Summary

Kamatera is a global cloud service platform provider, providing enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure products and solutions to organizations of all types and sizes which includes start-ups, application developers, international enterprises, and SaaS providers.

Kamatera is part of an international IT-based service provider established in 1995 and is at the cutting edge of cloud computing technology thanks to its 20 years of expertise, access to the most advanced technologies and a high level of customer service. Kamatera as a brand is relatively new, and it’s destined to target the international markets.

Kamatera operates in 13 global data centers, with thousands of servers worldwide, serving tens of thousands of clients.


p data-css=”tve-u-1679f024cff” style=”text-align: left;”> Final Words

After comparing Kamatera to the competitors, the bottom line was much cheaper. Even if at first sight it doesn’t always seems that way, after taking into the calculation the SSDs included and the unlimited IOPS, the bottom line is that kamatera is around 42% cheaper than the competitors.