Yes, beginners are very likely to get confused while learning a particular programming language. This is because these languages can become a little tricky, and if care is not taking a new learner of a word can get lost and confused. It is perfect for beginners to try out one or two Php projects while going through a language because practicing a project can help structure beginners’ learning. 

That’s not all; a project can go a long way in motivating beginners about a particular programming language. Any person interested in becoming a PHP developer would undoubtedly have to try out some simple project ideas for PHP.

So, therefore, if you a beginner and a lover of PHP, you should challenge yourself in practicing some excellent PHP project ideas we will be discussing in this article. They will help you one way or the other in your journey to a great developer. 

1. Defect Tracking System

This is simply a web-based application that comes handy for applications developed in an organization. In addition, it comes helpful in logging defects against applications or modules.


  • DTS contains some very nice components, for example, user access control, report generations, email notifications, user maintenance and many more
  • Defect Tracking System also combines well with CMS (Content Management System) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

2. Call Center Management

This is all about automating the operations of call centers through the process of giving replies to every query of customers. In addition, this particular application is capable of providing answers to as many customers’ queries as possible as long as more entries are added to the database store.

PHP Project Ideas
Call Centre Management


  • You will need PHP, Apache HTTP server 2.2, a RAM of 1gb+ and Hard disk of about 60gb to practice this project

3. QA Survey

This project is simply known as an online survey application. In addition, it’s used for making strong online question-and-answer surveys.

PHP Project Ideas
QA Survey


  • It’s so nice and unique in the sense that it allows users to give responses to surveys without prior knowledge of coding
  • QA Survey depends on MySQL, PostgreSQL or MSSQL database
  • PHP, Apache HTTP server 2.2, 1gb RAM and 60gb Hard Disk are what you need for this project

4. Family Connection

The idea behind this project is to create a website that will be so simple for people to connect with their family and loved ones. In addition, users should be able to send and receive messages, documents, photos, etc.

Family Connection Project


  • It is simply a private and easy website for family connection
  • It’s also another content management system (cms) but it’s especially for families.

5. Chess Game

This is all about making two people play the game of chess on a website without both players both necessarily being online at the same time.

PHP Project Ideas
Chess Game


  • Both players depend on email notification to know when it’s their turn to make a move
  • The game is structured in a way to allow users to continue playing any time they have access to the internet

6. Ad Dispenser Server

The target here is to create an Ad server that comes with robust and cool features.


  • The goal here is to make this work in a similar way with that of Google Ads
  • This actually works in a way to let you limit users to view or enhance authorized objects
  • It also allows you to have search page display ads that correspond to keywords
  • This software also grants you permission to show ads that are important more often

7. Content Management System

This is simply used for managing the content of a website. In addition, CMS comprises of two components known as Content Delivery Application (CDA) and Content Management Application (CMA). The CMA is aimed at allowing content managers or authors to create, modify, and remove content from a website without calling for the services of a webmaster. The CDA, on the other hand, does the compilation of this information to update the website.

Build Content Management System with PHP & MySQL – PHPZAG.COM


  • CMS is simply a set of procedures used for managing workflow in a collective environment. In addition, these procedures are done through a computer or manually
  • Common features of a CMS include format management, web-based publishing, revision control, and indexing, search, and retrieval

8. Detection of Phishing WebPages

This is all about using visual similarity in detecting phishing webpages. In addition, this can easily go a long way in playing a part as an enterprise solution for anti-phishing.

Parthenium Projects
PHP Project on Detecting Phishing Website Management System


  • This project can come handy in searching the web for suspicious webpages that are related virtually to the true webpage

9. Resource Management System

The aim of this project is to carry out the management of Student Project Management” and “Online Testing activities.

Human Resource Management System In PHP


  • It does the work of managing the database and keep a list of every student group that has registered on this site. In addition, this project helps in conducting their online test and make a list of each student that has passed the eligibility criteria as set by the educators

10. Secure Internet Banking System

All you will need to do here is develop a secure internet banking system. In addition, your target is to make every customer with a valid User id and password to have access to it.

Online Banking project in PHP – TechZoo – Technology Blog


  • You are to design this in a way to make Balance Enquiry Funds Transfer to another account in the similar bank possible
  • Furthermore, you must also make monthly and annual statements of account accessible
  • Requesting for cheque books and some other needs of users should be made possible too

11. Ticket Reservation System

This particular project is all about creating an online ticket reservation system for cinema halls. Furthermore, Ticket Reservation System is simply an internet-based application that must be developed in a way to make it available on Net.

Online Ticket Reservation System in PHP


  • In short, it works by automating tickets and inquiries about the availability of tickets

12. Student Project Allocation and Management

Your aim in this project here is to create a scheduler for every meeting. In addition, this project is a tool that’s based on the web.

Student Project Allocation and Management System


  • Anyone carrying out this project must design it in a way to allow users to be able to call for meetings and send the comprehensive co-ordinates of the meeting (location, date, time, etc) to every invitee

13. Online Testing System

This project is all about creating an online testing system that can be used by organizations/colleges.

Online Examination System In PHP


  • To sum up, this internet-based application should be able to conduct tests for colleges on vast topics

14. Search Engine for Alumni of College

This project is mainly about developing a Repository and Search Engine internet-based application for the Alumni of a college.


  • You are to design this Search Engine in a way it will be accessible by everyone in the world but they won’t be able to add up
  • It should also be updatable

15. Complaint Management System

The idea in this project is to create an email id for every product so that it will be convenient for customers to register a complaint about an organization product. Furthermore, you are to make these emails convertible to complaints and get them assigned to the person handling them.

Complaint Management System Project in PHP MySQL


  • To sum up, it’s all about using emails to bring about communication between customers and the person in charge of handling complaints

16. Budget Approval System

You are to design a system that will make an organization’s employees be able to submit bills to their managers. In addition, you should take note that the type and amount related to these bills are unlimited.

Budget Approval System


  • These bills should be allowed to pass through a workflow process and the employee, on the other hand, should also be permitted to view the status of their bills any time.

17. Recipe Management System

This project has to do with developing an application that will handle all the processes of a recipe used by a fresh department in a store.
Free Download Food & Recipe Management System Project in PHP


  • Take note that these processes of a recipe should entail important things, for example, creation, approval, maintenance, and inactivation

18. E-Separation System

This project talks about creating a system that will help in facilitating automation of the employee Separation process.

E-Separation System


  • The automation of the employee’s current task is done by this application in order to start the separation process and obtain online the clearance of every department

19. Product Master Maintenance

Here, you are to create an internet-based product master maintenance system that is suited for manufacturing industries.


  • It’s used for the maintenance of every detail concerned about a product. For example, Product hierarchy, product/sub-elements features (cost/size/weight, etc.), and supplier details.

20. Library Management System

In short, this is simply an internet-based Library Management System that’s best suited for college libraries.

Library Management System


  • College students should be able to able to use it look for books/magazines and reserve books
  • It should also be designed in a way to find out who is having a certain book
  • It must comprise both librarian component and the user component
  • Lastly, important features like report generators, email notification and reminder are found in it

21. Resume Builder Application

This project is mainly about creating an intranet application Winner Technologies Ltd. to automate the writing process of a Resume.

Resume Builder Project in PHP


  • This project will seriously enable management above to search every employee using their set skills and other characteristics


The above PHP project ideas in the PHP programming language are simple and clear. Engage yourself in any of them now to see how far you can go in learning PHP to become a great developer.