Technological advancements have made life way easier and a boredom killer for many users of Android devices.  Android Tv is one hell of an experience and the features that come with it are marvelous and admirable. With an Android Tv, you will rarely think about Netflix or Showmax.

Good news to all Game lovers because Android have you covered with its bunch of games to explore. This has rather reduced the hustle of buying a whole set of a Play station game as Android Tv has the games you will go nuts for.

With all that information, you don’t have to think twice on getting an Android Tv for yourself as it will help drain away all the boredom in the house. Here are 15 Best Games for Android Tv.

1. Crossy Road

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If boredom is your friend, this is the game that will get you glued on the Tv for a lifetime. It is simple to play

as it requires one to put their main focus on the road so as to avoid getting a hit on the road or streets by traffic. The traffic might be one-sided or both sided depending on the selections one made. This game has interesting features that are adored by many, it requires one to put adequate concentration on it so as to avoid causing accidents, maintain a close eye on the road, and also try to overtake which is quite hard due to the congested traffic. It uses an Android Tv Remote to play the game.

Pros of Crossy Road

  • It easily played when using an Android TV Remote.
  • It is to play and control the characters.

Cons of Crossy Road

  • It can be hard to play it using a Gamepad.



2. Asphalt 8: Airborne

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This game is available on Google Play Store for any Android TV user who is interested in exploring this game. It best uses the Mi Box when playing and it is present in both a multiplayer mode that is local and online. It can also use a Bluetooth Gamepad which it detects automatically. With the Bluetooth gamepad, its like ketchup on French fries, you will enjoy the game to the fullest.

  2.0.1. Pros of Asphalt

  • Easy and quick to use
  • Can be downloaded on Google Play.    
  • Uses a Bluetooth gamepad.

2.0.2. Cons of Asphalt

  • Its only Asphalt 8 that can work on Android TV, Asphalt 9 cannot be supported on Android TV.


3. Dead Trigger 2

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It’s based on a zombie apocalypse feature where a world is infested by zombies and thus making it a survival game for the first person. The game has a variety of maps in the world which makes it way fun and interesting to play. Has the ability to customize controls so as to learn and be familiarized with how the game goes.

One can even walk around the maps, explore them and also undertake some tasks for the fun of it. The game requires a gamepad to be played well. At the beginning of the game, you are in an apocalyptic world surrounded by zombies and the fun part is that you only have a melee weapon and a handgun for your defense.

     3.0.1. Pros  of Dead Trigger 2

  • Easy to play.
  • Uses a gamepad to play.
  • Has great features that are explorable like maps.

   3.0.2. Cons of Dead Trigger 2.

  • Without a gamepad, one cannot play the game.


4. Into the Dead

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Having this interesting game on the big screen can be one hell of an experience that you wouldn’t want to miss. The features in the movie include a field overflowing with zombies and as a player, you are caught up in the middle of these zombies.

That’s not all there are other obstacles such as trees, abandoned cars that you come across while running for your life from the zombies. You will require a gamepad when setting the game. The good part is that running is automatic hence no need to sweat on that. You only have to control the movements whether to the left or right to avoid bumping in the obstacles.

      4.0.1. Pros of Into the Dead

  • Uses a gamepad which makes it interesting.
  • The obstacles and zombies are very interesting to see.

      4.0.2. Cons of Into the Dead

  • Requires full attention when playing and if distracted one can be caught by the zombies.


5. Badland

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You have ever come across the tap-to-fly games such as Flappy Bird and you can testify how interesting playing such a game can be. Thus, Badland is just like that but more amazing and the touch of the graphics in the game is to die for.

This game has been hailed to be the best game on Android TV  by many. In the past years, it has received incredible ratings that are over one million. Badland uses either a gamepad or an Android TV Remote to play. In this game, the rule is you can hit or bump in obstacles whichever many times you want but you cannot allow getting stuck in these obstacles as it will lead to your instant death.

       5.0.1. Pros of Badland

  • Uses either a gamepad or an Android TV Remote.
  • It is very amazing and interesting on a big screen.

       5.0.2. Cons of Badland

  • With less disruption, one can easily get stuck on the obstacles hence dying.


6. Fast Like a Fox

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Are you that person who enjoys having a bit of adrenaline produced and running is your hobby? This is the game for you. The game is based on a Foxes whose treasures have been stolen by a person. Your work is to be the fast runner like ever, run after the person to retrieve the treasures. The gamepad has a running button that you presses so as to accelerate your pace. There is also a jump button when you come across obstacles on the way such as Chasms and can also collect coins in the air.

         6.0.1. Pros of  Fast Like a Fox

  • It is easy to play.
  • Best use a gamepad when playing.

         6.0.2. Cons of Fast Like a Fox

  • Without the presence of a gamepad, it can be hard to play.


7. Zombie Age 2

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If you are a fan of action and gun shooting this is the game for you. In the game, there are zombies that you have to kill thus it is a shooter game. Before you begin, you are given a guideline on how the game is played afterward you found yourself in a field armed with a basketball bat and a pistol for defense.

The immediate levels of the game are quite easy and can make one feel like a champion. Unfortunately, immediately you start unlocking weapons you find that the game is quite challenging which was unexpected.

       7.0.1. Pros of Zombie Age 2

  • Easy to play and Control.
  • Has epic graphics.

       7.0.2. Cons of Zombie Age 2

  • Can only be supported on an Android device.


8. Does Not Commute

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This game is quite different from the others as its meaning it’s a bit hidden at the beginning but continuing you find that it’s easy to play. In the game, there are characters that are going to different places or the same places and have to get there at a given time limit. The challenging part is that you have to avoid the obstacles on the road such as colliding with other cars. You have to think as fast as possible on the best shortest paths that each can use to avoid colliding with obstacles or with each other. This game brings the fun where there is a small description of the people in the car and what they are doing.

                8.0.1. Pros of Does Not Commute

  • Easy and fast play.
  • Provides instructions on how to play at the beginning of the game.

                 8.0.2. Cons of Does Not Commute

  • With a little, disruption one can easily lose in the game.    


9. BombSquad

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Do you need a game that you can enjoy playing with a keyboard rather than a gamepad? BombSquad is the game for you. All you have to do is connect your keyboard to the Android TV and voila! Your game is there. This game comes in both a single player or multiple player modes options. In the game you come across your friends thus you have to kill all of them.  In your self-defense, you can use bombs, kick them, lift and throw them and also punch them.


    9.0.1. Pros of BombSquad

  • Easy to play.
  • Easy to play when using a keyboard compared to the gamepad.

     9.0.2. Cons of BombSquad

  • On the gamepad, the game is not interesting.



10. Dan The Man: Action Platformer

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If you have ever played Super Mario then you already had a taste of what Dan The Man: Action Platformer can be. It is an action based game that will keep you engrossed and glued on your Android TV the whole day. In the game, there are a number of obstacles that you have to overcome so as to accomplish the level to another one. On the way, you can pick up coins, weapons, and ammo. The game provides a variety of weapons for the defense such as knives, machine guns, and ninja stars.

     10.0.1. Pros of Dan The Man: Action Platformer

  • Easy to play and control.
  • The graphics in the game are amicable and enticing.

     10.0.2 Cons of Dan The Man: Action Platformer

  • Can be best played on Android TV only.

11. Mars: Mars

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If you have been dreaming to be on space, this is the game for you. The great news is in the game you are an astronaut who is on planet Mars. In the beginning, the aim of the game is not evident and this takes a while before you get a grasp of the whole objective of the game. As an astronaut on the red planet Mars,  your work is to jump from pad to pad. This is achieved by the help of thrusters on your spacesuit to protect you when jumping.

           11.0.1. Pros of Mars: Mars

  • It is enjoyable to jump from pad to pad.
  • It requires a lot of attention which makes one concentrate.

                11.0.2. Cons of Mars: Mars

  • The objective of the game cannot be easily understood.


12. Crush Your Enemies

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This game is well supported and played on an Android TV as well as on iOS devices. Crush Your Enemies is a game that mothers great features that are very enjoyable. It’s not just about the graphics but also the display of characters. This game has levels that require enough tactics and knowledge as well as a reason to handle it. Thus you have to be as keen as possible to enjoy the game more.

      12.0.1. Pros of Crush Your Enemies

  • Easy to play.
  • It makes one think hard and pay adequate attention.
  • Has exotic graphics and characters.

12.0.2. Cons of Crush Your Enemies

  • It’s not suitable for kids as it uses obscene language.


13. Beach Buggy Racing

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Are you a die-hard fan of racing? Beach Buggy racing is the best game for you and it will leave glued on the  TV like no one’s business. The Beach buggy can be easily controlled and manipulated. The control scheme of this game is very easy to manipulate and control.  In the beginning, it gives you a guideline on how to play the game before starting your beach racing adventure. During the race, you come across power-ups that you pick. These power-ups give you a range of powers that aids you in the racing.

        13.0.1. Pros of Beach Buggy Racing

  • Easy to play.
  • At the start, it provides a range of guidelines on how to play the game.

13.0.2. Cons of Beach Buggy Racing

  • The game is not free on Google Play as one has to pay a certain given amount.


14. GTA: Liberty City Stories

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GTA series of games is a game that has made headlines has been loved by many across the globe. Well, GTA: Liberty City Stories shows the best fun of the GTA games. This game is very amicable and the best part is it can now be supported on Android TV.

As a player, you take the role of Toni Cipriani, he is known as a former wise guy who is well trusted by the Leone family. You were in hiding after killing a man and thus you have come from hiding. Well, Liberty City is in shambles and has really changed. Thus for you to save the Leone family, you take it in your hands to bring peace in the City and also eradicate crimes. For this to happen, you face business tycoons, politicians, mob bosses. It is best played with a controller.

  14.0.1. Pros of GTA: Liberty City Stories

  • It easily uses a physical Controller.
  • It is fun and very enjoyable.

14.0.2. Cons of GTA: Liberty City Stories

  • Can be best played with a controller rather than a gamepad.

15. Leo’s  Fortune

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This game has no chills as it will take all your attention and leave you stuck on your remote and all eyes on the television. Has extremely nicely created levels that are easy but hard to master hence it requires full attention from the player. In the game, you take the over the character Leopold: a mustached ball that has a fluffy top.

Leopold is after his fortune stolen by someone unknown. It has levels that are at first easy to tackle but there are some tricky obstacles you come across. The game has 24 levels and a bonus level for the player. To play, one can use an Android TV Remote or a controller.

       15.0.1. Pros of Leo’s Fortune

  • Easy to play.
  • Can use a controller or an Android TV Remote to play.


       15.0.2. Cons of Leo’s Fortune

  • It requires $4.99 to download the game on Google Play.



In Summary, games are a great way to kill boredom on a weekend or a holiday with friends and family. With Android TV, you have a variety of games at your disposal which makes it way more interesting and fun. Hence, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself an Android TV today and experience the fun in the games offered.