Featured SSD Cloud Hosting Provider  – AccuwebHosting

Accuwebhosting‘s Cloud platform delivers a level of redundancy to compensate from multiple failures of hard drive, processing power, storage, etc. Customers of cloud do not have to purchase any physical infrastructure to handle fluctuations in traffic.All of the Linux Cloud virtual machines are connected with High speed distributed San Storage with RAID 10 architecture.


In the Cloud network, the capacities of hard disk space, RAM, processing power, etc. can be easily and automatically increased or decreased as per the demands and applications of their business and/or other requirements.Websites hosted on Cloud Servers provides consistently strong performance regardless of other traffic. Also, a free complimentary backup is free perk for cloud hosting customers.Customers get the opportunity to have unlimited restore of their data per month completely free.

why Accuwebhosting is the best ?

  • checkHost Unlimited Websites
  • checkRAID 10 High-Speed SAN Storage
  • checkFully Redundant Platform & Instant Scalability
  • check1 Gbps Connectivity & Full Root Access
  • checkComplementary Backup

What their customer say :Best company in customer support 

5 – Vultr

Vultr is a hosting company that is centered around cloud technologies. They operate out of 14 locations around the world and are growing quite quickly. They employee 50 engineers and developers, have over 2 million cloud ‘servers’ 100,000 customers and answer over 25,000 support tickets per month , In just two years .

Performance wise vultr blows everything out of the water with benchmark scores you would only see in VPS’s 10x it’s price.

we have tested vultr its fast but It is preferable to have at least 1GB (1024 MB) of memory , for best  and smooth performance .

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laravel hosting at their platform

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Grab your Free $20 

For a limited time they are giving $20 to try

laravel hosting at their platform

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4 – cloudways

Cloudways offers managed cloud hosting. They are a platform-as-a-service solution ideal for bloggers, designers and developers that want to host their own websites. Instead of offering large packages full of features, you can select add-ons to compliment your existing package – some with a fee, others for free. They do still offer a variety of features as part of their package price, but their plans center around servers that include Amazon EC2, DigitalOcean and Google Compute.

You have the choice to deploy Content Management Systems, or development frameworks. You can deploy as many apps on a single server as you deem appropriate.

Cloudways offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee with DigitalOcean, 99.9% with Vultr, 99.999% with Amazon and 99.99% with Google. These reliabilities are based on the cloud provider your choose from Cloudways.

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3 – fortrabbit

Fortrabbit is a young PaaS company who say the hosting business is broken, and too much about price dumping and too little about quality. In order to fix the problem, they made a PHP-exclusive business that caters to developers’ most common needs. Their hosting plans are accessibly-tiered for everyone, from hobbyists (free plans) to enterprises (high-availability upgrades are available at the click of a button).

Installing Laravel on fortrabbit is straight forward. You deploy your code with git push and let Composer do the rest for you.

Most parts of the fortrabbit platform are powered by Laravel. That way they can give you good support.

try Fortrabbit

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2 – laravel Forge

Forge is a PAAS (platform as a service) that manages and simplifies the deployment of your code to Digital Ocean, Linode, Amazon EC2, or Rackspace, including creating a remote hosting environment with feature parity to Homestead so your dev and prod environments can be as close as possible. it is launched by creator of laravel “taylor otwell ” itself.

Forge is value for money, and it’s completely transparent. One price for unlimited access to Forge, and then just your normal pricing with your cloud host.

Forge allows you to easily network multiple servers, with one acting as a database, one for workers, one for serving the site, etc.–all from a simple-to-use interface. There’s a ton of potential power here, all configurable through a simple GUI

try Forge

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1 – DigitalOcean

Digital Ocean can easily meet the needs of a small-to-medium website due to great hardware features and amazing prices. Cloud newbies can maximize their experience by putting DO’s stunning knowledgebase to use. Even the cheapest cloud server (only $5/mo.) will include a SSD hard drive, which will make your cloud work at extremely high speeds. User-friendly control panels and flexible APIs are just a couple of features that will turn your work with DigitalOcean into entirely positive experience.

DigitalOcean is fast & unlike vultr 512 mb Ram with 20gb ssd space  can give your laravel  smooth performance . unless its handling many users .

Digital Ocean tries to offer the best of all worlds with its simple VPS hosting. It includes pre-configured web app images for a taste of shared hosting’s simplicity, per-hour pricing like cloud computing services, while still letting you run the Linux distro and software you want on a virtual private server. And it’s cheap enough to easily start a test server for a new site whenever you need.

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