A decompiler for java should get the respective source file from its Java binary class file. Java decompiler world is in mess, yes it really looks like kid’s mud play. To our surprise, it is difficult to find a decent Java decompiler in the whole web world. To ease Task of Java Developer we have highlighted 5 Best Java Decompilers .

1 – JD Project

Java Decompiler Project is developed to decompile Java 5 byte code or later versions. It is available for windows, linux and mac.

JD-Core and JD-GUI are written in Java and Groovy. JD-Core works with most current compilers including the following:

jdk1.1.8, jdk1.3.1, jdk1.4.2, jdk1.5.0, jdk1.6.0, jdk1.7.0 ,jrockit90_150_06 ,jikes-1.22 ,harmony-jdk-r533500 ,Eclipse Java Compiler v_677_R32x, 3.2.1 release .

You can easily integrate it with your favorite IDE’s like Eclipse and InelliJ IDE that will display source code during the debugging process , using JD-Eclipse & JD-IntelliJ plugins .

It is powered by JD-Gui , Probably one of the most widely used tools for Java decompilation, as it is easy to use and provides a graphical user interface which allows to quickly open up and inspect a class file or JAR.

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2 – Procyon

Procyon is Open source java Decompliler , and also aims to deal with Java 8 features (lambdas, :: operator). Needs Java 7 to run.


The Procyon decompiler handles language enhancements from Java 5 and beyond that most other decompilers don’t. It also excels in areas where others fall short. Procyon in particular does well with:

  1. Enum declarations
  2. Enum and String switch statements (only tested against javac 1.7 so far)
  3. Local classes (both anonymous and named)
  4. Annotations
  5. Java 8 Lambdas and method references (i.e., the :: operator).
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3 – FernFlower

FernFlower is new and promising analytical Java decompiler (becoming an integral part of IntelliJ 14). Supports Java up to version 6 (annotations, generics, enum types).

Fernflower is the first actually working analytical decompiler for Java and
probably for a high-level programming language in general. It is still under development

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4 – CFR

CFR is Free, but not open source. This java Decompliler aims to decompile modern Java features, including Java 8 lambdas (pre and post Java beta 103 changes), Java 7 String switches etc., though is itself written in Java 6.

CFR Also includes  a command line tool. Which allows it to do  even better job and makes it slightly faster.

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5 – AndroChef

Androchef is a Java decompiler to view and analyze bytecode . It is capable for converting complex Java .class files and applets into Java source code.  With AndroChef Java Decompiler you can decompile apk., dex, jar and java class-files. but It is only available for windows .

IT is very  Useful for Java developers, programmers, software engineers and enthusiasts. if features Complete Android Decompilation suite & very easy to use.

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