1 – Angular 2 Admin panel Framework

This open source project is based on Angular 2, Bootstrap 4, Webpack and lots of awesome modules and plugins . It is created by Akveo team.

This project Features TypeScript , Webpack , Responsive layout , High resolution , Bootstrap 4 CSS Framework , Sass , Angular 2 , jQuery , Charts (Chartist, Chart.js) , Maps (Google, Leaflet, amMap) and many more!

You can run it  without any development experience, it would be much easier if you already have some

angular-2-admin-dashboard-templateView demoGithub Repository

2 – Youtube Search Engine

This open source project is based on Angular2 (ES6) , Bootstrap , YouTube API. This project is created by Created by Alex Hawkins

You can easily Search , Filter & Sort YouTube Videos Instantly

youtube-dl-mergeView demoGithub Repository

3 – Angular 2 RxJS Chat

This open source project chat app is based on Angular 2, RxJS, Webpack, TypeScript, Injectables, Karma, Forms, SCSS, and tslint

This Project shows an example chat application using RxJS and Angular 2. The goal is to show how to use the Observables data architecture pattern within Angular 2. It also features:

  • Webpack configuration with TypeScript, Karma, SCSS, and tslint
  • Writing async components that work with RxJS
  • How to write injectable services in Angular 2
  • And much more

angular chatGithub RepositoryView demo

4 – Dribble Clone

This project is A minimal Angular2 playground (Dribbble Clone) builrt using TypeScript and SystemJS loader


you need to install npm before Playing with this project , to install

  • npm i g gulp to install gulp globally (if you don’t have it installed already)
  • npm i to install local npm dependencies

After completing installation type in your favourite shell:

  • gulp play to start a “Hello World” app in a new browser window. App files are observed and will be re-transpiled on each change.

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5 – Hacker News Clone

This project (hacker News clone) is based on angular 2 , webpack babeljs , This project is Created by  Harry Wolff .

Hacker News clone  made with Angular 2.

Github RepositoryView demo


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