Rust is an open-source systems programming language that pays attention to speed, memory safety, and parallelism.

Trending software applications like game engines, operating systems, file systems, browser components, etc. can all be developed with Rust language.

Open-source projects with Rust are being sponsored by Mozilla. Rust has served Mozilla well in its development. Mozilla uses it in lots of its important endeavors.

In this article, We will be looking at some amazing Rust OpenSource Projects done with Rust programming language.

1. Rust Brotli

Rust language is used in writing Brotli compressor and decompressor.


  • Multithreaded compression so multiple threads can operate in unison on a single file
  • validation mode
  • currently supports compression levels 0 – 11

2. WhatLang Rust

This project works by exclusively using simplicity and performance to detect natural language for Rust.

Rust OpenSource Projects


  • It is very simple and fast
  • Lightweight
  • It can also function well with about 84 languages
  • Aside from it being a language detector, it also recognizes scripts

3. Serverless Rust

Applications developed with Rust programming language use Serverless Rust as a serverless framework extension.


  • This project is highly customizable
  • a minimal http application
  • You can adjust the default settings of the dockerized build env 

4. JQL

Rust is used in developing this JSON Query Language CLI tool.


  • Simple and lightweight
  • Provide meaningful error messages
  •  Simple as possible

5. Routinator

This is an RPKI Validator project written in Rust language.


  • The cryptographically signed statements provided by the RPKI (Resource Public Key Infrastructure) are accepted by the Routinator to validate their signatures, and construct a list of associations between IP address prefixes and AS numbers
  • It can also function well on minimalist hardware

6. Rustig

Rustig is used to confirm if a Rust software has any paths that can lead to the panic handler.


  • Developers use this tool whenever they want to code and also whenever they are on CI systems to constantly check for possible panic.

7. Weld

This project, written in Rust language, is used for generating a complete fake Rest Api.


  • JSON-Server is the inspiration behind the development of this project

8. Bnf

This project is used for parsing Backus–Naur form context-free grammars.


  • Prettybnf and erratic javascript libraries are the inspiration behind the creation of this particular library

9. Rust Cli Boilerplate

Credible utilities in Rust language are conveniently built with this base project template.


  • Rust project boilerplate for CLI applications

10. ripgrey

We can say ripgrep is a line-oriented search tool that recursively scans your recent directory for a regex pattern.


  • ripgrey works excellently well on windows, Mac OS and Linux
  • Other common search tools like The Silver Searcher, ack and gre have one or two similarities with ripgrey

11. Rocket

Rocket is known as a web framework for Rust programming language.


  • Simple to use
  • Its execution is based on expressibility and speed

12. Sonic

This project works by ingesting search texts and identifier tuples that can be queried against in a twinkle of an eye.

  • Lightweight
  • It is a substitute for Elasticsearch that don’t need large RAM to run

13. Tokio

Tokio uses Rust in writing credible asynchronous applications.


  • It is a fast, reliable and scalable runtime

14. Firecracker

The developer of Firecracker built the project for creating and managing secure, multi-tenant container and function-based services that provide serverless operational models.


  • It is a virtualization technology
  • A virtual machine monitor, a very important part of the firecracker, utilizes the Linux Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM) for creating and running microVMs.
  • Firecracker has a very simple design
  • It can be used on an Intel, AMD (preview) and Arm (preview) CPUs

15. Actix Web

Actix Web works as a simple, realistic and extraordinarily fast web framework for Rust language.


  • Streaming and pipelining
  • Multipart streams
  • Stationary assets

16. TiKV

TiKV can be called a transactional key-value database. TiKV is a traditional NoSQL system that provides both classical key-value APIs and transactional APIs with ACID compliance.


  • Raft is used in powering TiKV
  • TiKV project is built in Rust language

17. Hyper

Hyper is known as a fast and correct HTTP implementation for Rust language.


  • It has different designs
  • Reliable
  • It is reasonably a low-level library

18. Xsv

xsv can be referred to as a command-line program. It is used to index, slice, analyze, split and join CSV files.


  •  A fast CSV command line toolkit is written in Rust.

19. Cargo

Cargo works by downloading the dependencies of your Rust project and also it helps you in compiling your project.

Rust OpenSource Projects


  • Cargo is a package manager for Rust language

20. Linkered

The creator of Linkered created it to give platform-wide observability, reliability, and security without the need for configuration or code changes.


  • It is a service mesh
  • It is a project for Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)


We truly hope you might have found these amazing Rust OpenSource Projects helpful in one way or the other. They are well listed and explained to give you a deep understanding of the subject matter.