Angular project ideas have become so handy in bringing evolution and slight changes to many sectors in our world today. Most importantly, Angular is adding value and efficiency to internet-based applications. This particular framework for JavaScript has come a long way among developers because it’s very fast, efficient, and reliable in designing single page web applications.

Online presence created with functionalities of Angular JavaScript for businesses is so simple and efficient – this is actually the aim reason they love using it. If you are looking for encouragement as a beginner in Angular you can take any of the Angular courses to get started, this is enough for you because enterprises will certainly sort out for you when you become a pro in it.

Therefore, you are expected to take the Angular project ideas we will be telling you about in this article. As they will certainly help you grow and improve (if you try them out).

1. Conversion Web-based Application

The idea here is to create a web-based application that will be used to convert sentences written in lowercase to uppercase and vice verse.


  • The good thing about this project is that anyone, including beginners and professionals, can take it up
  • Most importantly, this project idea is aimed at making life easier
  • In conclusion, the Angular framework is best suited for developing web tools like this

2. Calculator with ng-show and ng-click

In short, this project is all about creating a modern-day calculator that helps in figuring out equations that are very difficult to handle within a limited time.


  • This project idea is so common that is mostly recommended for every Angular framework beginner
  • It’s not hard to develop

3. An Application For Showing Everything a User Saved

This will show you all the things you have saved – it’s as simple as that. This project is a good idea because users will certainly be able to keep all they want under tab without being scared of losing anything. In addition, its accessibility is so easy compared to other web applications. This is actually another reason why you should consider creating one.


  • Everything you have listed, for example, names, addresses, numbers, etc. will be saved
  • Furthermore, it offers you one of the top means of saving and accessing data in our world today

4. Content Management and Planning Software

This software performs content management and planning more better and efficient than bloggers and content strategists. You should try this project out not only because it solves a problem but because it’s a very common Angular project idea.


  • Business owners will buy these software packages and use them in their ERPs
  • You can make lots of money from this project after creating it

5. Location and Co-ordinate Finder

This project is aimed at creating an application that will help people find locations and co-ordinates of places faster with ease. With this application, anyone traveling to an unknown far place won’t get scared of getting lost.


  • Most importantly, Geologists and professional travelers will definitely love to have this application within their reach

6. API Browsers for Businesses

API browsers for businesses are so handy stores that have gained online presence because people prefer contacting them for goods and services than local retail stores.


  • This project will certainly help improve the efficiency of online businesses. In addition, it will also make them more analytically based.
  • Furthermore, it also helps enterprises manage their website better in a more effective way
  • In conclusion, businesses can indirectly improve their platform using this

7. Simple Currency Converter

With this simple application, anyone around the world would be able to know different currency rates and values. That is to say, people on this application will know the current monetary value difference between, for instance, a Dollar and a Pounds.


  • To sum up, this simple application will help people plan well when traveling and facilitate education

8. Bootstrap Theme Generators

This particular project demands a lot of expertise in some selected skills. You will need to incorporate developing, designing, and integrating techniques together to accomplish this.


  • This particular project is a rare gem in Angular JavaScript. You should be proud of creating it.

9. Colour Scheme Editor

This application will help enterprises and employees to easily make changes to created files, images, and PPTs. As a designer or professional, you will certainly find this application useful in making the best of your project.


  • Colour Scheme Editor is one of the most important web applications today

10. Event Organization Platform

This web-based application will be best suited for businesses that have many outlets and stores and it’s for them because it’ll help them together for better event organization. In addition, brands and societies can also make adequate use of this web application.


  • Enterprises can depend on this project for simple business management
  • Furthermore, users can also use it to invites to all stores and people staying in a large community
  • In conclusion, it can also be used to check community hall availability and how to make bookings

11. Place Locator

In short, all it does is finding places for people. For example, these places could include hotels, high-class supermarkets, etc. without stress.


  • It operates almost like a Google Map but in a simpler way
  • Furthermore, it is one of the most common and hottest Angular JavaScript project you can lay your hands-on

12. Advertising Merchant Account Center

This application will provide an opportunity for businesses to be able to develop much more impactful ads and have them located where they are mostly viewed. In addition, mere looking at its ad campaigns, business owners could be able to tell if a particular business will prosper.


  • This project will certainly improve advertisements either directly or indirectly

13. Blog Resource Site

Bloggers and content strategists go to this online store for plugins and tools of related values to their profession. This resource web application is so important because it provides tips and tools for bloggers or writers.


  • As side from providing tips and tools, it can also serve as an educational platform for bloggers and content strategists

14. Data Integration Services

To sum up, the project idea here is all about creating a data integrator web application. In addition, this particular project is of great importance this definitely means that many businesses will certainly need its access.


  • It is a very popular project idea in AngularJS

15. Employee Management System

Important information about employees like salary, leaves, experience, etc. is being managed by this application. One good thing about this project is that it reduces the stress of managing salary, leaves, login, experience, etc. manually.


  • Most importantly, it’s designed in a that only the administrator has access to it
  • It tracks every detail of the employee

16. User Management System

The project has only one thing to do and that is managing every information about a user. Furthermore, this project is divided into two entities: User and Admin. A User will be given access in this system to register his/her profile and make use of their id and password in logging in. The Admin, on the other hand, will manage every User profile and that of admin too.


  • Admin will also be in charge of updating and deleting the User profile

17. Sales And Inventory Management System

The idea in this project has to do with managing every detail about inventory, purchasing, payment, and customer. Furthermore, this particular project is aimed at reducing the stress of managing all this information manually.


  • Just like the project explained earlier, only the administrator is given access to this system
  • In conclusion, this project only look at information regarding purchasing, customer, and payment

18. School Management System

This system is concerned about taking care of every information about schools and colleges. For instance, these details include courses, classes, teachers, students, registrations, etc. Nobody but the administrator will have access to all the information given to this system.


  • In short, it is used for tracking every detail about registration, students, teachers, etc.

19. POS System

You are to design a system that manages information about polls, users, registration, votes, survey, etc. In addition, this application is only exclusive to the previously mentioned features and other related ones.


  • Most importantly, this project is built for managing information like polls, surveys, results, users, etc.

20. Room Booking System

This system is used for taking care of information regarding rooms, bookings, payments, hotel, and customers. Furthermore, you won’t access and ability to alter the information stored in this system if you are not an administrator.


  • In short, you can design this project for tracking details opened to payments, hotels, and customers

21. Shop Management System

Anyone considering taking up this project will have to think of taking care of information like payments, discounts, sales, stock, and inventory. This is another good AngularJS project idea you can use to practice your coding skills on your road to become a pro.


  • Only the administrator is guaranteed access to this system
  • In conclusion, it replaces manual ways of dealing with related data


The above project ideas for AngularJS won’t unnecessarily give you stress while building them. You have to create time trying them out since you have known that the only way to grow and improve in this field is by practicing! practicing!! and practicing!!!