Now, you get your laptop, settle somewhere quiet, and then you begin to do an important project. And then, wait – “a notification of Facebook appears, and you want to check it” if you do not possess an application that stops you from procrastinating, then you are in the trap of procrastination.

overcome procrastination
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Now 4 hours into your time of working, you get yourself scrolling into non-important issues at that time. Like Pinterest, bride’s clothing, notifications on social media, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, and the rest. You will even find yourself checking the bride’s clothing when you plan to have a wife yet. Procrastination is that barrier that prevents us from making our lives successful and living lives that are fulfilling.

Most of the students can also get procrastinated and can feel that they do something wrong, they start to think about whether they have chosen the right specialty and how to do difficult tasks for them, whether they can pay someone to do homework.

As we see a large number of people of all ages face this. In this case, where most are in their houses, and they have no other option but to work from home. Most people find it hard to reduce the rate of distractions at home. 

Focus and will.

This application has its basis from a study in neuroscience. This particular application utilizes music’s power to elevate the concentration of someone and boost the flow of production. You have a varsity of selections ranging from ambient music, baroque piano, to electro bach. And even funky beats. 

Based on research, this particular application can move your concentration to up to two hundred to four hundred percent. It also times you and tracks your productivity.

This application has an option of a channel recommending where it selects for you particular songs for specific situations.

This application is present for both iOS and Android users. But subduction begins at sixty-nine United States dollars.

Focus on doing.

Focus to do is also an excellent application. This application combines two things: the to-do list feature and the Pomodoro technique. In case you do not know what Pomodoro is. This is a feature that helps you to improve your productivity. It has twenty-five-minute sessions, including five-minute breaks between them. 

This application allows you to divide your work into many tasks. I.e., major tasks, recurring tasks, and sub-tasks. This application also lets you assign deadlines to hire work.

Rescue time.

This particular application has a unique rating of about five points zero. It helps to know how much time you are spending on particular websites and apps. And it also groups them.


Using this application is one of the great ways to reduce procrastination. This application tracks your productivity in a way that if you begin concentrating, you plant a tree.

While keeping on working, the tree will also continue growing. Now when a person stops to concentrate and leaves the application, the tree also dies. The goal of the tree is to encourage you to work. And it helps you to eradicate any distraction.

Rocket 135.

For those you who find to-do lists overwhelming. Then rocket 135 is an application that you can try out. It helps you to prioritize your tasks instead of doing tasks that are stressful to you. This particular application allows you to customize your category lists. This application is available for iOS and Android, and its subscription starts at two point five dollars.


Once a person begins to procrastinate, it is tough to make it stop. Luckily enough, these applications can help you with that problem.