Are you a beginner programmer and wondering which programming language to choose between C++ and Python?  The discussion between C++ vs python is very interesting because both languages are different based on their simplicity, syntax, overall point of view to programming and use. Most times its difficult to choose which language to use. At some point may depend on the programmers needs and preferences.


C++ vs Python

 C++ is a general-purpose programming language that allows a programmer to encapsulate low- and high-level languages hence it can be classified as a middle level language. It runs on different platforms like Mac OS, some versions of Unix, and Windows.  

C++ has the following features:

  • It’s an object-oriented programming language and it can create or destroy objects while developing.  
  • C++ is machine independent I.e., when you compile a program on Window’s you can’t run it on Linux. 
  • It is a simple programming language since its programs can be dismantled into logical parts and units and has an auto keyword. 
  • It allows multithreading I.e. your system can run more than one program concurrently(multitasking). 
  • C++ has a dynamic memory assignment 
  • It is compiler based. 
  • It’s a middle level language as it can support low and high-level language features. 

C++ can be applied in the following areas:

  • Used in the production of embedded systems such as smartwatches, IoT sensors and medical machines. It is used due to its closeness to the hardware. 
  • C++ plays a key in buildout of applications such as microcontroller and server programs. 
  • It is a leader in the development of games may it be multiplayer, 3D and other types. It is so powerful that it can create games like Doom, Red Dead Redemption and counter Strike. 


C++ vs Python

 Python is a top-level object-oriented development language. It has inbuilt data layout, combined with dynamic typing and binding this makes it the best choice for rapid application buildout. It supports packages and modules hence makes code reusable and system modular friendly. It is among the fastest development languages and needs few strings of code. It has a high priority on simplicity and readability making it a good choice for beginners. If you wish to master Python, take up a high-rated Python Course that teaches Python from scratch to advanced levels. Python has features that make it popular and valuable from other programming languages they include: 

  • It is simple to learn, utilize and maintain because its syntax is in English, there is no use of curly brackets or semi colon. 
  • It is an expressive language since you can do complex activities using few strings of code. 
  • Python is free and open source you can download it in any operating system may it be Windows, Linux or Mac. 
  • It is a high-level language. When using it to code you don’t need to know its architecture, memory management and coding structure. 
  • Python s integrated by nature. You don’t need to compile its code hence debugging and execution of python code is easy therefore, saves runtime. 
  • Python is highly portable because you can move code from a windows system to a Mac or Linux system with changing the code. 
  • It is highly dynamic since you don’t need to specify a variable while programming. 
  • It has a large array of library due to the extensive libraries it has and can be imported to any occurrence then be used in a particular program. You don’t need to write new code when you can import from preexisting codes in the libraries. 
  • Python can support other programming languages since you can execute code written in languages such as C, C# and java
  • It supports Graphical User Interface. 

Python can be applied in the following areas:

  • Used in Machine learning. It has improved industries such as banking retail, aerospace, retail, insurance, business services and retail for making predictions and finding awareness’ in a particular field. 
  • Python is used data analysis because it can handle large amounts of data effectively, manage unprocessed information, boost data visualization, and analyze statistical data. 
  • It is used in web and game development. 

Differences Between C++ and Python

C++ vs Python
C++ Python 
It is not simple to write code in C++ as compared to Python It is simpler to write code in Python since the number of strings are less as compared to C++ 
C++ is precompiled and does not require any interpreter for compilation Python is needs to be run through interpreter when compiling. 
Here variables cannot be accessed outside the loops Scope of variables is not limited to the loops 
In C++ functions only accept and return values that have already been defined Python functions are not restricted on the type of return value and type of argument. 
C++ does not support garbage collection Python supports garbage collection 
C++ has many strings of code It has fewer strings of code. 
Its syntax is challenging to learn since it has many predefined structures and syntaxes. It is easy to learn and remember because its syntax is similar to human language.  
C++ is faster than Python Python is slower because it uses an interpreter 
C++ is typed statically Python is typed dynamically 

Disadvantages of C++

  • Doesn’t have security for the code you have created. 
  • It can’t support garbage collection 
  • C++ is complex to be used in top-level program 
  • Used for particular platforms applications. 
  • It is not compatible as compared to Python. 
  • Doesn’t allow for multitasking otherwise the sequence will have several copies therefore there will be code redundancy. 
  • If used in web applications C++becomes complex and hard to debug. 
  • Doesn’t have prebuilt support/help for threads 

Disadvantages of Python

  • It is used in few platforms. 
  • It lacks commercial support. 
  • Its database access layer is primitive and under-developed. 
  • Fragile in mobile computing therefore not used to develop applications. 
  • It has more errors during run time. 

Performance of C++ vs Python In Game Development

Python can create games but good for beginners since they will learn basic principles and logic of creating games. When it comes to performance python is slow as compared to C++ but you can use a combination of python with other languages. Python brings out the Artificial intelligence in games. C++ is better when creating heavy games that have hardcore graphics.


When comparing C++ and python, python is better for developing games for beginners and C++ for hardcore games. Python is the best option too for backend web development while C++ is not popular for web development. Additionally, python is the best when it comes to Machine learning and data analysis. C++ can be used for machine learning but it is not an advisable option due to the large amounts of code.