CCleaner is a tool that has been the most common system-cleaning tool for Windows, extending its reach to other platforms like macOS and Android phones.

However, since its acquisition last year it’s been smooth although, many users doubt still doubt its efficiency.

Numerous complaints have been lodged about bundled software, privacy issues and popup ads appearing in the utility. 

We have compiled a list of CCleaner Alternatives to use:


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It is a common cleaning utility that scans and deletes all the junk in one’s device.  It also allows you to select only those programs that you want to clean.


  • Cleaning the junk enhances the performance of the system;
  • Increases the speed of the system; 
  • Highly customizable;
  • Quick cleaning; and
  • Gives you status readings.


  • Cleaning function should be used with care


It is a utility that clears out the system junk, unwanted files, and cache files.


  • It is simple to use and secure;
  • Clean up of junk files boosts the overall performance of the system’s device; and
  • It maintains privacy protection.


  • Individually, every function of this app falls short in quality to dedicated competitors.
  • Includes an excessive amount of advertisement.
  • Its promotions and offers for other applications by the same publisher can easily have it classified as nag-ware altogether.
  • The core feature of the application – freeing RAM – accomplishes nothing towards improving performance.


BleachBit icon

This program deletes unnecessary files in order to free disk space. It is considered the best for clearing out cache and cookies. 


  • Maintains and protects privacy.


  • it doesn’t offer Registry cleaner.
  • Care is needed  when cleaning out manually


The above tool enhances the program with the AVG Antivirus software. 


  • Has a feature known as sleep mode which increases the speed and performance of the device


  • Performance improvement is not as large as some competing utilities.
  • The free version only displays problems, doesn’t let you fix them.

5. AVAST Cleanup

It is a cleaning utility to enhance the speed and boost up the overall performance of your device. Pros 

  • Resolves unknown issues
  • Removes bloatware    


  • It is not free 


This program provides a number of system tools to maintain your computer. It can clear all the unwanted files and invalid registries. Additionally, it can also offer spyware detection, disc cleaning, and memory optimization. This is a really good option to use if you care about privacy protection.


  • Privacy protection
  • Detects spyware
  • Boosts PC speed and fixes frustrating errors, crashes, and freezes
  • Features one-click functionality and easy, automated options
  • It has tools to maximize your Computer’s performance


  • It doesn’t improve web browsing speed
  • the interface is complicated and requires some experience to navigate effectively 


It is a cleaning software to clean and protect your computer. It cleans system junk and other unwanted files to free up vital space. 


  • Supports a number of browsers eg chrome 
  • Improves overall performance of your device 


  • The software does not wipe your email or instant messenger conversations hence no privacy.

8. Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer reviews

It is considered to be one of the best optimization tools that can be used to boost the PC’s performance. One can optimize their disk, clean up junk, optimize registry, etc. 


  • Powerful system Scan and Fix
  • One-click fix
  • Disk defragmentation, Junk file cleaning, and System Protector Features


  • Flags some settings and cookies as threats

9. PrivaZer

It is a free-to-use tool to free up disc space by removing unwanted files and cleans up junk files. 


  • Free to use


  • it may remove something that it shouldn’t have such as a needed registry item. 

10. System Ninja

System Ninja is an impressive name in this list of CCleaner Alternatives offering ‘single-click optimization.’ It is a great option to remove junk files, cache data and unwanted system registries to provide better speed and the enhanced overall performance of the computer.


  • increase in your system’s speed.
  • You can expand the software’s reach with plugins.
  • Clear and simple to use interface.


  • Very little info about the files you are deleting
  • Complex Installation of plugins 

11. Wisecleaner

It is a system maintenance tool that securely cleans up unusable files boost your computer speed up the performance. It also provides many custom selection options that allow you to clean up files they don’t need.


  •  it protects your privacy by deleting browsing history
  • Increase computer performance by defragging and re-arranging files on your hard disk.
  • It has a scheduled automatic disk cleaning.
  • Automatically updates software


  • Does not increase the system speed

12. Jv16 PowerTools

Jv16 PowerTools is a software that works by cleaning the Windows registry, unwanted files and data. This tool fixes system error automatically and applies optimization to your PC.


  • It speeds up computer startup.
  • enables you to uninstall any software and remove its leftovers.
  • This software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and 11.
  • It can be used in various languages like English, Dutch, Deutsch, Francis, etc.


  • Designed for more advanced users

13. Ace Utilities

Ace Utilities is a collection of tools that can be used to optimize and clean your computer. It allows you to run your system smoothly without any error.


  • It increases disk space by removing junk files.
  • provides a detailed analysis of drive contents.
  • It helps you to duplicate files and folders.
  • It cleans the registry.
  • This tool removes internet browser cache and history.


  • Exit option in the interface on the left-hand side of the screen provides a redundant feature that is too easy to click on accidentally when trying to navigate the menu.

14. Winutilities Pro

WinUtilities Pro is a system utility software. It is easy to use and provides an effective solution to improve your computer’s performance.


  • It cleans disks from information that reduces the performance of your system.
  • This tool deletes all traces of activity on your PC.
  • Effectively manage the memory of windows.
  • It manages your Windows settings.
  • With this software, you can schedule the cleaning task.


  • Solid State Drive Defragmentation

15. Treesize

TreeSize Professional is a flexible hard disk space managing tool for all Windows and client/server. 


  • This tool offers plenty of file exporting options.
  • It enables you to copy, archive, or move files.
  • This utility software searches for a duplicate file.
  • It provides a detailed analysis of files and folders
  • With this software, you can manage disk space on mobile devices and smartphones.


  • Supports Windows only
  • The filter feature isn’t very helpful


From the above list, having analyzed the pros and cons, we hope you can choose the nest alternative.