Presently, Discord is a standout amongst the most well-known chat platforms among the gaming network. It is exceptionally intuitive and has been embraced by gamers over the globe, on account of its robust and adaptable nature.

If you’ve ever got your hands on any Discord and set up your server, you realize that it’s profoundly customizable. The excellent part is that bots can be added to upgrade the functionalities of your server.

Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of 35 best Discord bots that will improve your server:

#1. MEE6

MEE6 is a bot that enables you to deal with your Discord server modules wherein you can direct and modify commands from cheering new clients with a message and using an auto-moderator mode.

#2. Discord Telephone Bot

DiscordTel serves as a fantastic option similar to Yggdrasil. It is a working phone bot for Discord. This bot reproduces the procedure of telephone dialing on Discord servers, with the utilization of text-based commands.

#3. Kyoko

Kyoko is an open-source Discord bot that includes a simple to-utilize dashboard where clients can make their personal and editable accounts. It additionally gives a music player and a karaoke mode for entertainment.

#4. Amybot

Amybot is a standout amongst the best music bot Discord with numerous highlights. It is a music bot that enables you to stream music shade for free. Likewise, the bot has beautiful talk levels combined with worldwide acts out

#5. UnbelievaBoat

UnbelievaBoat is an excellent bot for servers in Discord. It is used to create items which members can buy and also it allows users to earn money by just being active in chat. It can also be used as a moderation tool.

#6. Pbot

Pbot is a Discord approved bot made by aStonedPenguin with Cleverbot, 4Chan, Image/Gif Generator, Jokes, Memes, Administration, Utility, Colors, 100+ directions, etc.

#7. Marv

Regarded as one of the best music bot discord. It is a music bot discord that is bolstered by various platforms like, YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitch, Nico and others. It is a quick stacking bot that can play tunes of any length.

#8. Aki

Aki is the Discord bot adaptation of Akinator, the web virtuoso an Internet diversion. Think about a genuine or anecdotal character and Akinator will attempt to think about its identity.

#9. Flarebot

Flarebot is an incredible, simple to utilize music and server administration bot that can be used in Discord. This bot can stack loads of tunes including those that were on YouTube.

#10. Groovy Bot

Groovy Bot is an excellent music bot for servers in the voice-over-Internet-protocol application, Discord. It possesses numerous controls for customization. It is welcome to more than 4,100 servers and has four shards.

#11. GameStats

GameStats is the best bot for servers in the voice-over-web convention application Discord. It can track, show insights and statistics from well-known online multiplayer games such as PUBG, Dota 2, Overwatch, League of Legends, etc.

#12. GalaxyBOT

GalaxyBOT is a Discord bot that enables clients to venture up their gaming background. This bot offers clients to oversee and send messages, to get to outer emoticons, and to associate with different gamers.

#13. Cypher

Cypher is an online programming bot for Discord which enables clients to direct a server and present “fun” and recreational games into that server.

#14. Discord Translator

Discord Translator is an interpretation bot in the voice-over-web convention application, Discord. It bolsters more than 100 dialects and can distinguish articulations based on flags entered during writings. It has language discovery features that can be customized

#15. Rythm bot

Rythm bot is one of the best Discord music bot that can furnish great music with high caliber. Presently, Rythm serves 1,692,627 servers. It has autoplay highlights and furthermore gives verses for a superior affair.

#16. Pikacord

Pikacord is a multifunctional bot for Discord messaging platforms. The bot has features such as welcome messages, ban messages, and refresh logs, among others. It enables its clients to deal with their servers, as well as to make it look more pleasing and satisfying to watch

#17. Dyno Discord Bot

Dyno Discord Bot is a multi-functional bot for Discord servers. It can direct servers to recognize and boycott spammers, and it can look for music from YouTube, make declarations, and even allocate jobs for new individuals.

#18. PikaGirl

pikaGirl is a multipurpose Discord bot that has different features, for example, being a Cleverbot, Image Generator, giving cross-server calling, and worldwide economy. The bot is in more than 27,000 servers and has more than 1 million clients.

#19. Dank Memer

Dank Memer is an excellent discord bot that enables you to share, make and use directions for your, memes while appreciating an extraordinary time utilizing Discord.

#20. Trivia Bot

Trivia Bot can be used in Discord servers. It offers more than 3000 trivia questions of more than 24 classifications, including anime, manga, sports, movies, Television Series, and many more.

#21. Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil is one of the best discord bots for fun, arguably the best fun bot with a considerable amount of fun directions. It is aimed at connecting as much Discord as possible, bringing fun all over the place

#22. ErisBot

ErisBot is a vast, phenomenal and stable bot, giving a perfect, fresh sound to many Discord societies, it is one of the bots that are simple to utilize, with profoundly configurable commands, and an appeal that is difficult to beat.

#23. Fredboat

Created by Fre_d, otherwise called Frederikam. Fredboat is one of the best discord bots, it is a free and no-configuration music bot for your Discord server providing high-quality music, which supports SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Twitch, and Vimeo.

#24. Pollus

Pollus is a social and network Discord bot. It was created to support the interactions between clients both in their servers and cross-servers with general-purposes bots’ commands.

#25. Asada Shino

Asada Shino is a music Discord bot that offers client’s music search on YouTube. It additionally has distinctive commands for a superior music experience while on Discord.

#26. RuneInfo

Regarded as the most feature-rich RuneScape Discord Bot. With 110 commands total, it is undoubtedly one of the best and fantastic Discord Bot worth trying out.

#27. Bastion for Discord

Bastion is a bot that has numerous highlights. It has its music bot that you can welcome others to tune in to. It likewise has the attributes of level up roles, and finally, it enables you to play diverse games with friends

#28. User Hound

User Hound is a Discord bot that has excellent features. This simple to-utilize bot can be utilized for User Rating and Lookup, Member Persistence, Moderation, Greet/DM Greet/Leave Messages, Voice Roles, and much more.

#29. Rainbow

Rainbow is a bot which is included to servers of the voice-over-web-protocol Application Discord. It makes the server look clean, and it contains more than 50 color roles.

#30. Athena

This is an Overwatch discord bot that can show players data.

#31. Vexera

Vexera is a discord music bot which can stream excellent music from various sources into your voice channel. It additionally bends over as a control bot with its infraction framework and up and coming auto balance.

#32. Miki

The cutest bot on Discord! Worked to keep your energetic network considerably all the more energizing with fun games, giveaways, and some more. Whatever you can imagine, Miki will surely do it for your server!

#33. Guilded

It is an extraordinary bot that deals with your gaming group. You can utilize it to select and improve your clan. It includes a group timetable where you can include events and it will notify your group when the event closes, so they won’t forget to participate

#34. Nightbot

Nightbot is the most developed auto moderation bot with can evacuate improper words, stifle spamming of images, emoticons, emoji, caps, links, copy paste and many more

#35. Discord Dungeons

Discord Dungeons includes a stand-out affair for your Discord Server! With bunches of updates and content and a dynamic enemy framework, you’ll never come up short on activities!


Summarily, Discord bots are currently a huge piece of gaming and chat experience which can improve you to do a lot more with your servers. If you have a community, you don’t need to be hanging around the servers to keep the community in check. The aforementioned bots are some of the best and most popular ones.