Groovy is a strong language for the Java platform. The integration of Groovy with Java programs is great.

It is a strong scripting language with a syntax that looks strong and is not difficult to understand.

This article will highlight the best Groovy IDE and editors you can use:

1. SlickEdit

SlickEdit is a strong Cross-platform code editor. You find the strongest groovy features on SlickEdit. Features such as list members and auto parameter help perform effortlessly in all your codes because the tagging engine of SlickEdit has helped tagged your source code and your development kit’s libraries.


  • Integrated builds/compiles
  • Groovy debugger
  • Syntax indenting and expansion
  • Symbol coloring

2. TextMate

TextMate is an open-source strong text editor that is customizable. It works perfectly for groovy and many other languages


  • It uses UNIX foundation for reducing overhead and the need for manual work
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Macros that are recordable
  • Code blocks that are foldable

3. Groovy Emacs Modes

It provides more robust highlighting and indentation, plus niceties like string interpolation highlighting, compared to the CC Mode based version.


  • Integration of REPL with run-groovy
  • Highlighting of syntax with groovy mode

4. IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA examines codes so as to know the relationship between symbols in every project file and language. This information got from IntelliJ IDEA is used for offering detailed coding assistance, quick navigation, etc.


  • Smart and Chain completion
  • Data flow analysis
  • Language injection
  • Cross-language refactorings
  • Inspections and quick-fixes

5. Vim

Vim as a text editor can effectively create and change any kind of text.


  • It is designed to function with hundreds of programming languages and file formats
  • Vast Plugin system
  • A lot of tools integration

6. UltraEdit

This text editor has been around for over 25 years now. Its flexibility and strongness are second to none. UltraEdit themes can be customizable.


  • Multi-caret/multi-select
  • Integrated FTP, SSH & Telnet
  • It is used for multi-platform

7. EditRocket

EditRocket contains tools for making source code creation and programming of groovy not in any way difficult.


  • Highlighting of syntax for Groovy language
  • Multi-platform with major operating systems
  • EditRocket templates are also customizable

8. GroovyEclipse

The groovy plugin offers Eclipse and Maven tooling support for developers.


  • Cross-platform
  • The source code of GroovyEclipse contains a set of Eclipse plug-in projects.
  • It depends on Eclipse Java Development Tools to function

9. Netbeans

Groovy and Grails developers are being offered tools by Netbeans IDE together with integration into Java EE and Java SE projects.


  • It functions well with syntax highlighting
  • Enhance code Folding
  • The integration of Groovy with Java EE and Java SE projects is superb

10. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code can be used for many languages and Groovy is one of those languages. This is the most popular editor used by many developers.


  • IntelliSense and syntax highlighting
  • Debugging of codes directly from the editor
  • Visual studio code can be customizable and extensible

11. SpaceVim

SpaceVim is a layer for developing Groovy. It is able to act as an IDE because of how it manages to collect plugins in layers, thereby assisting in collecting packages together.


  • It is able to function with REPL.
  • It helps in highlighting cursor symbol
  • Code runner
  • It offers the checking of syntax

12. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is an elegant text editor for code, markup, and prose. This text editor works for many languages like Groovy.


  • Sublime Text is Cross-platform i.e you can use on Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • You can customize Groovy snippets and many other things on it
  • Through the use of multiple selections, you can change a lot of lines at the same time

13. Atom

Atom as a free and open-source text editor supports Groovy programming language. Through the use of autocompletion in Atom, you can write Groovy codes faster and conveniently.


  • It is used for adding syntax highlighting to Groovy
  • Snippets can also be added to Groovy through the use of it
  • Atom is also Cross-platform


The detailed Groovy IDE and editors given above on this page are the best you can choose from for your new projects when using Groovy.

Their respective features are also listed to help you know and understand them better.