According to computer basics, an emulator is a program systematic in the form of hardware or software that enables one system or device to behave like another system. The system brought to changes is the guest, while the administrating system is the host. An n64 emulator makes the host system functional towards running software or using peripheral devices prepared for the guest system. Emulation actually refers to the ability of a device to imitate another program or device.

The Nintendo 64 ( n64 Emulator) is a fifth-generation console with 64- bit architecture released by Nintendo in 1996. The system is known for it being a much higher powered machine. These gaming consoles have fast-loading cartridge system. Even though several online games have brought changes to the gaming system, but these ports often fail to uphold the original nostalgic glory. If you are in search of a few amazing N64 Emulators, you may find plenty of Android emulators in the Google Play Store.

Below listed are the best 20 legal n64 Android Emulators. However, before downloading n64 Emulator, try exercising some caution with games. Prevent the abandonware’s on public domain games. Also, several ROMs are illegal and condone piracy. It is often found illegal to provide the BIOS unless you are using your personal gaming console.

1. Nintendo Entertainment System (n64 Emulator)

Nintendo Entertainment System is the one you just can’t resist! This app has some amazing features such as customizing the virtual controller, rewind the actions. You can also pause and save the game in between. Unfortunately, this game demands your presence online with a few ads, here and there.

best n64 emulator

Why Nintendo Entertainment System?

  • Dual Screen Display
  • Virtual Surround sound experience
  • It has a higher gaming capacity to the tune of 1GB.
  • Price: Free
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This one is an open source, holding its compatibility with the majority of games. This emulator demands a 1GHz processor Android device. It contains Bio Worm, with an extensive feature of adding ROMs to your internal storage or SD card. The format should be .smc and .sfc supportive.

best n64 emulator


  • Greater degree of compatibility with any computer system or phone
  • ZNES has the specific feature that allows the user to connect with other users over the internet and play jointly.
  • This emulation software is free of cost and it allows you to download multiple gaming software and play with panache.
  • Price: Free
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This open source Sega Genesis emulator supports fast gaming action from the Sega Master System and the Mega Drive. There are a few ads in the main menu, but the game is completely free and it also supports some controllers.

best n64 emulator

Why GENPLUSDROID is the best n64 emulator for your device?

  • It has 6 button controller and 4 player multitap support that makes it an unprecedented proposition.
  • It has SVP chip support that makes virtual racing redefine new possibilities
  • It helps in ROM based game support in .bin, .smd, .gen and .sms formats even on the zip files
  • It has portrait and landscape orientation support.
  • Price: Free
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This emulator is quite famous and works beautifully! However, there are a few cons.
You might have to discard your BIOS to get this one working. Also, it doesn’t support all the games. You need hardware of at least a dual-core processor of 1.2GHz, and 512MB of RAM.

best n64 emulator

Why REICAST—Dreamcast n64 Emulator is the Best?

  • Commercial gaming can happen at lightning speed with this emulator
  • It has superb control on the compatibility demand
  • It has the power to save the game in VMU, sports VGS Output and Action replay cheat codes to make gaming redefine possibilities.
  • Price: Free
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5. 2600.EMU

This old school Atari action is a premium emulator of 3$ with an open source. It runs amazingly on the majority of Android devices but requires ROMs in .a26 or .bin formats. It also supports some controllers via Bluetooth.

best n64 emulator

Why 2600.EMU is the best emulator for your device?

  • It has to save feature
  • It can support ROM in .a26, bin.formats and optionally in the ZIP file formats
  • It has configurable on-screen multi-touch control which makes gaming extremely realistic and promising.
  • price: $3
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DOSBox Turbo is a DOS emulator so it can easily run DOS and Windows games on your Android devices. The pros are that the software is optimized so odd random crashes are rare. The console is completely keyboard, joystick, mouse emulated. Therefore, it is one of the best options in the Play Store currently. It charges 3$ though.

best n64 emulator

Why DOSBox TURBO is the best emulator for your device?

  • It has a top navigational menu
  • It allows integration of physical mouse to support gaming with a new style similar to that of a desktop experience.
  • It has a direct 3D and Glide emulation support
  • price: $3
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This is a SNES emulator which automatically detects your ROMs and is consistent with compact files. It supports various controllers, and multiplayer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, having features of fast-forwarding. Syncing saved games with guides, walkthroughs, and cheat codes make it a win-win on your Android devices.

best n64 emulator

Why SUPERRETRO16 is the best emulator you should have on your device?

  • It has the save and load stats support
  • You are even given with cheat code support
  • It has come with fast forward features
  • Price: $4
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This DS emulator is fast, stable and gives you an amazing experience. You can save it, rewind it, resume it, fast-forward it, use various controllers, tweak it and sync it via Google Drive.
best n64 emulator

Why DRASTIC DS EMULATOR is best for your device?

  • It can customize the size of the DS screen in portrait and landscape format
  • It has fully supported add-on controllers with physical control in devices equipped with Nvidia shield and Xperia play.
  • It has the specific functionality of synchronizing and saving games on the Google drive.
  • Price: $6
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This emulator is a love for all players because of its wonderful compatibility and combination working with Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, CD, and the Master System. You need a fast processor with .bin, .smd, .gen, and .sms formatted files. It has an excellent sound quality and stability with cheat codes supporting .pat files.
best n64 emulator

Why MD.EMU is the best emulator for you?

  • It has open source subject support
  • It has physical controller support
  • It has the edge to save support
  • You get on-screen customizable button
  • Price: $5
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With EPSXE, you receive tremendously well configurable controls, with plenty of controller support, and it’s really swift! The compatibility with most games is well enough, and also has the facility of sharing memory card files in PC versions.

best n64 emulator

Why EPSXE FOR ANDROID is the best for your gaming experience?

  • Supports high-end graphic oriented games
  • It has good compatibility standards with most of the operating system.
  • The control system has been customized to meet with all forms of challenges for the gamer.
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11. John GBC (GBC Emulator)

This is a Game Boy Color emulator and tops among the best with excellent compatibility and high-speed performance, including customizable controller overlays, supporting turbo buttons, with fast forward and slow motion modes. It can also be played offline.

best n64 emulator

Why John GBC is the best emulator for your device for gaming?

  • Greater compatibility with most games including Super Mario
  • Seamless game running without any glitch
  • It helps in game synchronization with the ones stored in the memory card
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12. MegaN64 N64 Emulator

MegaN64 supports open source Mupen64 project with additional features. Though the game is not very great with Android, it is free of cost.

best n64 emulator

Why MegaN64 N64 Emulator is best for your device?

  • Allows the user to play high-end games like Super Smash Bros, Pokemon Stadium, Mario Kart 64, Zelda: Ocarina of time, Resident Evil 4 and Doom 64
  • Easy to optimize control and adjust the visual setting
  • Can support multi-player gaming
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13. My OldBoy! – GBC Emulator

My OldBoy is the regular Game Boy emulator formed by the developers of My Boy – Game Boy Advance Emulator. It has some awesome features of ability to choose a color palette. Also, it is loaded with cheat code support, fast forward and slow motion.

best n64 emulator

Why My OldBoy! – GBC n64 Emulator is the best for your phone?

  • Compatible with high-end as well as mediocre Android phones
  • With this special hardware like link cable, rumble and tilt sensors are supported
  • Allows the gamer to save the progress
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14. My Boy! – GBA Emulator [Advanced]

My Boy has been rated highest on the Google Play list. It’s incredibly stable and has quite a long list of features. Also, it supports the basics such as save states, Bluetooth controller support, and high-level BIOS emulation. So, the price is definitely worth it.

best n64 emulator

Why is My Boy! – GBA n64 Emulator [Advanced] a good n64 emulator for your phone?

  • It has the compatibility to run Gameboy Advanced Games.
  • It has features to ensure real-hardware connectivity in the best manner possible.
  • It can support link cable emulation with decent speed
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15. Nostalgia.NES Pro

This one is an NES emulator and again another of the best ones. It has exclusive features of game pad support, and cheat code support. The Famicom support allows other titles to be played too.
best n64 emulator

Why is Nostalgia.NES Pro the best n64 emulator to pick?

  • It has modern, attractive and user-friendly interface
  • It controls the opacity settings
  • Hardware keyboard support provided
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16. Dolphin

Here you can play in 1080p high definition, and sync your Nunchuck in a two-click process. It’s cheap too!

best n64 emulator

Why Dolphin n64 Emulator is the best thing for your phone?

  • This easily integrates the touch screen control
  • It allows the gamer to configure any aspect of the program
  • Provides with the feature to support dual core access on devices
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17. No$GBA

This is a Gameboy Advanced emulator and is one of the few with DSi support. Being the fastest NDS emulator, it can easily handle two screens and dual processors.

best n64 emulator

Why No$GBA n64 emulator is the best option for your device?

  • It has Gameboy Advance Debugger variant
  • Allows multiplayer gaming on the same level.
  • Ability to load multiple NDS ROM file for multiple gaming
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18. DeSmuME

This is the best DS core for RetroArch. It doesn’t support BIOS files and is simple to setup and use, with a few graphical and audio options, supporting GBA emulation.

best n64 emulator

Why DeSmuME is the best n64 emulator for your device?

  • Supports commercial Playable Game at all levels
  • It can display both screens of the consoles simultaneously
  • It allows you to play majority of DS games on your device
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Citra is still building up but allows fast 3DS games in your PC with good compatibility. Also, obtaining ROMs to run on this one is even more precarious.

Why Citra is the best n64 emulator for your device?

  • It can run the titles from the catalog of the games at 60 fps with a resolution of 400*200
  • Easy to play The Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds or Super Mario 3D Land in full screen with an * Xbox 360 gamepad is at minimum a revelatory experience.
  • Both screen can be viewed at the same time.
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20. Standalone Emulator: CEMU (Wii U)

Wii U emulation is building up and has a tiny Wii U library too. It requires a powerful PC hardware. It has even advanced features than 3DS emulation.

Why Standalone n64 Emulator: CEMU (Wii U) is the best for your device?

  • It has the capability to reach 4K resolution
  • Games like Super Mario 3D World, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, and Xenoblade Chronicles X are able to run smoothly without glitches or decreases in frame rate.
  • Improvises the visual interface for real gaming experience on the device.
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