When we hear that something is free our eyes tend to light up. The internet is the ultimate resource for free stuff. By doing a quick search online you will get tons of links to Java-related books, resources, and tutorials that are absolutely free. You can opt to download or read them online in PDF or HTML format.

You will note that these will offer you excellent content no matter what level you are in either beginner level or an experienced programmer.

And since they are free why not have a look at them. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

The ways to learn Java that we shall be delving into will cover varied aspects of technology. We will highlight content that showcases core Java, XML, JSP, J2EE, Servlets and other broad programming concepts.

1. Java Tutorials by Oracle


The tech giant Oracle has its own free course designed for beginners. Their step by step guide shows you how app creation is done in an easy and simplified way. On top of the basics, you will get to know more about GUI and how to create it, customized networking and JavaBeans. The course has plenty of lessons and functioning examples to refer to.

2. Home & Learn


At Home & Learn their Java course also targets those with no background experience in programming. They seek to remove the headaches experienced while going through the Java learning process. The instructions, explanations, and layout are simple to follow and understand.


3. Java Course by BitDegree


This Java 101 course offered on BitDegree platform is suitable for everyone who wishes to learn Java programming language from the basics. This course will provide you with all the fundamentals needed to start Java programming with an emphasis on practical learning, so you will truly learn how to code programs in no time. The course consists of several hours of engaging video lectures, some challenging exercises and a lot of code examples to learn from. By the end of this course, you’ll gain a complete understanding of Java programming language and will be able to create basic programs.

4. Learn Java


Learn Java online without having to install anything on your machine. Learn and experiment everything directly on your browser as you go. Their short but effective lessons are highly interactive and will have you learn Java in no time. If you are advanced in programming Learn Java has you covered with plenty of topics available.

5. edX


The edX site presents Java courses from acclaimed and accredited institutions worldwide. These generally self-paced courses don’t need you to wait for enrollment to begin. Learn courses from UC3M, MIT and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

6. Sololearn


Confidently delve into Sololearn and experience their in-depth lesson guides into Java. Learn Java quickly, easily and effectively without having to pay a cent. Enroll and learn as you are, experience level is not a factor here. You will learn about arrays, lists, classes and objects, threads and files, loops and conditionals.

Upon completion, you will have achieved knowledge in object-oriented programming and as well be able to write code that is clear and valid. Your Java programming competence will scale up in quite a short time with Sololearn.

7. Free Java course online for beginners


This video channel on YouTube offers free Java tutorials for beginners. For all who are new to Java introduction into the core Java language is done through specially designed videos.

8. Java Brains


This is a wholesome video warehouse packed full of tutorials devoted to Java and JavaScript. From K. Kothagal you will learn about coding fundamentals and the JEE platform commonly used in enterprise scenarios related to message queries, security, database connectivity and many more.

9. Cave of Programming


Enter into the Java programming world of John Purcell. The Cave of Programming video channel has been around since 2011. It shares details of the processes involved in coding. The tutorials here mostly relate to Java. John goes to extra length to explain in detail all the code that is typed during these Java tutorials.


10. Think Java (How to Think Like a Computer Scientist)



This book introduces Java to anyone who wants to learn Java programming. Allen B. Downey wrote this concise book of 232 pages to teach the fundamentals of Java to beginners, students and anyone who wishes to learn Java programming. It encourages the learner to work on projects of interest while not getting too bogged with details. The book stands out with its debugging section that isn’t found in many Java programming books. This book makes you think with a solution mindset as it crafted to transform the programmer’s mindset when coding.

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Java is a functional multilevel programming language used by developers all over to create robust applications. Java is widely popular as it is dynamic, robust, object-oriented, secure, independent and multi-threaded.

Having put together some of the free Java learning resources above, we believe that this is just but a tip of the programming iceberg. However, these will help you in your quest of learning the makings and workings of Java. Many more resources are coming up each day. Be sure to check out what we might have come across once in a while.