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Top Opensource Django projects

In this article, We will be looking at some of the top Opensource Django projects.

The Django web application framework we have come to know and love has delivered it’s worth time and time again.

Reducing the effort needed for creating complex websites and web apps using prebuilt Django templates has been the core reason Django came to be.

With Django efficiency is one result we have come to expect, an explicit framework that reduces code and redundancy and minimizes time using Django IDE and editors.

that being said let’s highlight some Django examples you should take inspiration from.  

1. Djoser

When looking into authentication through a Django system alongside REST implementation then look no further than Djoser. This Django built library enables you to handle account activation, login, password reset, registration, and log out actions via a set of Django REST Framework views.

The team at SUNSCRAPERS worked diligently to give the developer community a library that utilizes a custom user model to better fit Single Page App architecture.

Download this project from Github

2. Django-dashing

Visualizing all the interesting data on your project is possible through this modular dashboard app. The Django-dashing app framework is fully customizable. The application draws its inspiration from the awesome Dashing dashboard framework.

The people behind Django-dashing put together this project and through its programmers can;

•    Create widgets using JS, HTML, and CSS or go for the premade widgets.

•    Drive data to dashboards using API.

•    Rearrange widgets using the Drag and Drop Django interface.

Download this project from Github

3. Django-versatileimagefield

Django-versatileimagefield is a flexible, easily extensible and intuitive interface that has come in and replaced ImageField as the option for creation of new images from those assigned to the field

Django-versatileimagefield is compatible with Python versions 2.7, 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6 with the 1.2 release having dropped support for Python 3.3.x.

Download this project from Github

4. Django-CRM

The Django-CRM is an effective dashboard project that allows the efficient management of organizations customers at sales.  Through the customer relationship management dashboard Django-CRM provides information to manage leads, lead issue tracking, contact management for sending emails related to leads and accounts.

Through the customer relationship management dashboard Django-CRM provides information to manage leads, lead issue tracking, contact management for sending emails related to leads and accounts.

Download this project from Github

5. Django Spanner

Developed by the MicroPyramid team this simple package assists programmers to deploy and manage Django apps using a convenient set of commands and configurations.

Using the Deploying Django with Fabric command Django Spanner enables project deployment without the need for server login intervention. Data backup and restoration from the server is also possible.

Download this project from Github

6. Django Webpacker

Classified as a compression tool for Django, Django Webpacker bundles CSS, js files through webpack into a single CSS, js file. With a single management command, Django Webpacker follows up with updating of the corresponding HTML files with the relevant CSS, js file path.

For loading of compressed files from AWS S3 Django Webpacker supports Django-storages.

Download this project from Github

7. Django-blog-it

Ready to use and customizable, a one-click install brings your blog to life via this Django developed blog package.

Fully featured, Django-blog-it has google analytics, blog pages, dynamic blog articles, a configurable contact us page, and is SEO compliant.

Download this project from Github

8. django-meta

Django-meta is a pluggable Django application that works at adding meta tags and properties to HTML responses. Developers can swiftly and seamlessly add Google Plus, OpenGraph and also Twitter properties to the HTML responses.

With Django-meta you have meta information being handled through a model-method and view-method interface.

Download this project from Github

9. django-blog-zinnia

When blogs on your Django website need to be managed, the go-to option is Django-blog-zinnia.

Powerful features packed in a simple application make publishing a breeze. The Django-blog-zinnia app is extendable, does what its creators built it for in a great way and will not disappoint.  

Download this project from Github

10. django-rules

django-rules is one powerful application that grants programmers object-level permissions without having to create a database. Its similarity to decision trees means that its core has a generic framework that builds rules-based systems.

With Django-rules you have the flexibility of working with different frameworks and contexts using it as a standalone library.

Download this project from Github

Many Django projects are there and more continue to be developed. Django Projects will continue to move with the times and offer developers an open-source avenue to conceive and complete secure and scalable projects.

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