You have grappled with the challenge of getting your skill set improved. Now and then access and affordability have come to the fore when searching online for educational resources.

Education and digital skills enhancements have taken a new turn though, and BitDegree has come into the arena. The folks at BitDegree came up with a revolutionary online education concept.

 So what is BitDegree all about? 

Teaching job applicable digital skills through an online platform defines what BitDegree is and offers you.  BitDegree knows teachers, students, and employers need to connect mutually to benefit the overall digital work market.

Digital skills like web development, programming languages, machine learning, game development, business and many more are available via the platform. Behind the scenes are the workings of blockchain technology that track and record all educational achievements for the awarding of learners with cryptocurrency scholarships.

Is BitDegree for you?

If you are looking for to an interactive and rewarding online platform to help you gain and develop your digital skills then BitDegree is for you.  BitDegree offers you relevant industry-based digital training through structured courses designed to make you marketable and employable.

However, this educational platform is not for you if you are looking for a way to cut corners and fix any weaknesses in your digital skills through free or discounted courses. Also, this is not for you if you are not willing to set time aside and complete the online courses as it structures them.

Why BitDegree?

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    They have free courses. Yes you get access to gain digital skills for free. BitDegree has several courses which you can enroll in without paying a cent.
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    The way you learn is different, you will get a Gamified learning experience. So when I enrolled for a free course on BitDegree (Coding for beginners) I wasn’t sure of what to expect. What greeted me was a colorful minimalist well laid out interface. It immediately took me into mission mode where met a loveable dog character, Doggo, for whom my task was to create a website. Through the space adventure themed course, I got to learn code while also time to earn rewards for every stage I completed. The content and learning process was not only interesting but also rewarding in terms of experience. Who wouldn’t want to help adorable Doggo build a website to showcase all his space travels and adventures, hmm? This Gamified learning experience is the new way to learn online.
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    Earn as you learn. Having blockchain technology incorporated by BitDegree, you earn token based scholarships when you enroll for courses that have token scholarships attached to them. To add on to this you can exchange the tokens earned for additional courses. You may also swap the tokens earned for currency, and because of blockchain, you don’t have to worry about bank interference.
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    BitDegree goes the extra mile with employer connection. Upon successful completion of courses, skilled and outstanding learners get the opportunity to link up with employers who are constantly looking for talent to absorb.

On the flip side of things, you will have to go back a few dollars to access some courses. However, once you look at the costs of these courses as compared to other online learning platforms you will realize that what BitDegree charges is quite affordable.

So what next?

There are quite a number of alternatives sites to Bitdegree that offer free as well as paid courses. BitDegree, however, offers transparency through its blockchain system that tracks progress, achievements and rewards for students.

I believe that Bitdegree is here for the long haul and has built a very real and strong reputation for itself in revolutionizing online education as we know it for learners and potential employer alike.

Join the revolutionary bandwagon and get access to exciting and rewarding digital knowledge. Go ahead and gain or boost your digital skills through the massive collection of courses that BitDegree offers today.