The crypto industry may seem very complicated, especially for people finding an exchange. Exchanges seem confusing because they have various features and use different terms novices may not be familiar with. However, not all exchanges are overly complex. Some, like, are very easy to use because the site is designed to be as simple as possible. Besides being easy to use, it is fast, secure, and entirely anonymous.  

All You Need to Know About WAX and AXS

Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is a peer-to-peer marketplace where people can trade computer games and in-game items. Furthermore, users can trade in a safe and secure environment as well as play games, create decentralized applications, and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs). WAXP is the token that powers the system, but it is called WAX for short. 

Axie Infinity (AXS) is in the same neck of the woods as WAX. It is a blockchain-based video game that allows players to create fantasy creatures, customize them, and trade them for profit. The creatures can be customized in hundreds of ways, and users can spend hours playing with them. It is one of the most popular such games on the market, with over 300,000 daily active users. 

What Is WAX?

WAX came out in 2017, and its price rose to sharp highs and fell to spectacular lows by the beginning of 2018. The price remained stagnant, even during the Covid outbreak, which saw all kinds of coins rise to high values. However, the price has been trending upward since January 2021 and has stayed high relative to its values before 2021. 

What’s About AXS?

AXS’s price exploded in July 2021 and reached $160 by November. The price subsequently declined through the rest of November and December, and it was at around $70 to start the New Year. Now that the price has come down from its autumn and winter highs, it is a good time to buy. 

Convert WAXP to Axie Infinity Quickly and Easily

Exchanges look complicated, but they are not as difficult to use as some think, especially if you choose the right one. Making a WAX to AXS exchange on Godex is very straightforward compared with other services. To use Godex, all you need is a wallet, wallet address, and an internet connection. You do not have to provide identifying documents because Godex does not use know-your-customer (KYC) procedures. 

Tips to Remember for Successful Exchange

  • Background reading. Before choosing an exchange, make a list of features you think an exchange should have and find the ones that best match that wish list. Also, read reviews about different exchanges on Trustpilot. This site has reviews left by customers, and each reviewed business has a five-star rating. Godex’s rating is 4.8 stars. 
  • Security. Exchanges should take precautions against hackers by making sure there are no vulnerabilities in their systems. Godex does this by integrating DDoS protection, SSL certificates, and various safety features. 
  • Speed. Exchanges should send customers their funds within a reasonable time frame. Godex gets customers their money in five to thirty minutes. 
  • Customer Service. Not every transaction goes according to plan, which is why the exchange should have customer service to address problems as they come up. Godex has a fast and responsive customer service team that does not stop working until the problem is solved. 

Benefits of Exchanging WAX to AXS

The primary benefit of exchanging coins is the diversity it brings to your portfolio. It is always a bad idea to invest in a single coin or token because you are always one crash away from disaster. The better thing to do is have several coins and tokens in your wallet to lessen the impact of a sudden market downturn. 

It is best to use a platform that respects customer privacy and is secure. As mentioned previously, Godex does not have KYC and does not keep any information about its clients. This feature also helps to secure your identity and keep your personal details safe from hackers. Finally, Godex is fast, completing exchanges in five to thirty minutes. During that time, the exchange rate is locked. 

There are many exchanges available, but only Godex has the features like those mentioned above. Customers who value their privacy and security will greatly appreciate this service.