At the moment, Scala is taken as the main substitute for Java. It has been stable for years now and that is why people love it. It is good for both beginners and experts who want to develop their career in coding. Here are the best Scala IDE and text editors for Scala that you can use for development.

1. GNU Emacs

GNU Emacs can be used with three different operating systems including Mac, Linux, and windows. The current release of Emacs can load dynamic and shared libraries with many problems. Dynamic shared libraries provide extra functionality when using the Lisp programs in Emacs.

 It can support Cairo drawing and character folding. Lastly, it comes with an enhanced security system which calls for SSL and TLs certificate validation before connecting to the server using NSM.

2. IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA comes with amazing integrated tools that are used to support and control frameworks and languages. The good thing with it is that it does not need any plugins for it run your code. The main aim of the IntelliJ IDEA is to give to give a developer maximum productivity. With IntelliJ IDEA your coding is made easy and enjoyable due to the presence of static code analyzer. This Scala IDE also gives you an auto-completion capability thus making your work easy.

3. Vim

Vim is a fantastic editor which can be used by developers to customize their code. For it to function well, it needs plugins that can help it run well. For instance, it requires Vim-scala for managing syntax, a command line fzf program and code compiling the plugin. With all the three plugins, your VIM editor will do a fantastic job.

4. NetBeans

Netbeans is useful for developers who want to develop web, mobile, and desktop applications. It comes with several sweet features that will help you in converting code, analyzing and editing it. In short, it is a project management tool that you can try to use and enjoy its application. It has a complete Scala editor which comes with semantic coloring and syntax. It also has a navigator for outline and code completion capability. In case you are searching for an editor who will give you the best results, Netbeans will do. The debuggers, maven, and junit all make your console very interactive.

5. Scala IDE for Eclipse

The Scala IDE for Eclipse can be used in Java and Scala projects. It allows reference from java to scala and Scala to Java without any problem. It comes with a wide variety of methods that lets you code with issues. You can bring links and functions on board by using Ctrl+Cmd the click on the capacity to activate it. With the error-makers, your errors are highlighted with different colors thus making it easy to edit.

6. Atom Text editor

For amazing results, Atom is made to work across platforms. It can be used with Windows, Linux and Mac Os. It can allow you to install new features and even create your new one from the heart of the atom.  The auto-completion capability lets you complete your work with problems. Also, you can open a single file or even the whole project in one window. That means you can have several panes in one window for comparison.  The built-in find and replace feature makes it easy for you to do editing fast and straightforward. The teletype and the ability to share your workstation have made it easy for quick learning.

7. Spacemacs text editor

Spacemacs comes with many ways that can help you make your project simple to edit. It has helm-ag -edit that allows you to do several actions to justify your response. With it, you can edit single line, search for terms and replace them with a single click. It has shortcuts that can help you work with ease. The changes you make can only be used if you decide to save them. The good thing with Spacemacs is that it can allow the use of plugins like Magit which allows easy functionality of the editor. It has a simple interface which can be used even by learners.

8. BlueJ

BlueJ is designed for educational purposes. If you have small-scale projects for software development, you can use it. It is an open source, and it is free thus good for giving you a basic set for development. The good thing with it is that it is interactive and its interface is simple to use.

9. Sublime Text

The sublime text makes one of the best Scala IDE text editors which you can use. It hands you the ability to do more than ten changes at once. You can do make several selections and apply a single command to them. It also allows you to rename and manipulate files without any problems. Sublime, is very easy to edit and customize to whatever format you like and work with it.

10. Scastie

When you are using Scastie, you have the power to specify the version and run your code with many issues. With it, you can search for published scala libraries and go for Scala ecosystems that you can include in the project. If you like sharing your projects, Scastie will help you do the work.

11. Visual Studio IDE

With visual studio, you can write and edit your code without losing your original file. It has many features that can help you zoom, check in and test your code. It can also help you refactor, fix and identify a section of your code that needs editing.

With the introduction of the light bulb icon, you can spot coding mistakes and rectify them live with problems.


There are many Scala IDEs and text editors that you can use. For you to get the best, you need the best tool that can meet your requirement as a developer.