A good editor must do two things very well: syntax highlighting and auto-completion and both Sublime Text, and Notepad++ perform this task very well.

Let’s Find out Sublime Text vs notepad++, which Editor is Better to assist us while developing websites, but remember most of the time it depends on the developer’s needs and preferences.

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Introduction to Sublime Text 3 and NotePad++

Sublime Text 3

Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup, and prose. You’ll love the slick user interface, extraordinary features, and amazing performance.

This is probably one of the most popular code editors nowadays, although it has lost some momentum lately with users favoring other rising competitors such as GitHub’s very own Atom. 

Sublime Text is available for OS X, Windows, and Linux.


Notepad ++ is a common text editor, a free source code editor that naturally support ideally many languages and mark-ups.

It is based on the MS Windows environment with its usage being governed by a GPL license. Notepad++ is based on a powerful editing component called Scintilla.

Notepad ++ is designed to use less CPU power and highly user-friendly to design code in.

Sublime text vs notepad++ Pros

Pros of Sublime Text and Notepad++

Sublime text 3 pros

Supports almost every programming language on earth

Lightweight and super fast editor

Plenty of plugins available through package control Plugins

Sublime text is Cross-platform

you get Unlimited trial

Variety of themes available to customize look and feel of the editor

Notepad++ pros

Syntax of almost every programming language is supported

Tabbed ui

Notepad++ is fast and lightweight

Plenty of Plugins and themes available to customization for own needs

Easy to use GUI

Supports Regex & Special Character Search & Replace

Sublime text 3 vs notepad++ Cons

Cons of Sublime Text and Notepad++

Sublime text 3 cons

Installing many can become quite a problem regarding stability.

Sublime Text protects and copyrights its code and is thus not Opensource

Notepad++ cons

It can be great pain in the head while working with large files

Unlike Sublime Text it doesn’t have any default plugin manager


The speed and stability are rock-solid in Sublime Text 3.

It opens instantly and the edits are smooth as it gets. 

The speed and stability are also rock-solid in Notepad++.

It also opens instantly and the edits are smooth as it gets. 

Personally based on usage Sublime Text is a bit faster than notepad++, for opening files and code excution


Sublime text 3 is innovated and came with an original product everyone copies. Sublime text 3 deserves a lot of credit here, don’t remember it’s made by one person (from what I understand).

For a single person being able to manage to build a standard, a product like this takes courage and knowledge.

Notepad++ is committed by millions of open source users, and they didn’t make anything better yet,

Notepad++ is a great editor.  Pretty much everything you see on Notepad++ is customizable. but it doesn’t come with a built-in package manager, which is not awesome.

But in the end, it depends on the developer’s needs and preferences.