Top 20 Best OpenSource OpenCV Project Ideas

OpenSource computer vision library also referred to as OpenCV, is a machine learning library used to create computer vision applications.

This field is growing rapidly and gaining popularity amongst individuals and businesses. They use it for video processing and image processing and develop applications that focus on object and face detection.

Startup companies and big technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Intel have ventured and deployed Open CV in most of their applications.

However, you need to note that working with Open CV can be very challenging. At first, it is hard to navigate and hard to work with it. But once you master it, OpenCV allows the creation of a wide range of projects, object and face detectors, and tracking movements.

This article shares 20 OpenSource OpenCV Project. So Stay tuned and learn about the top open CV projects.

1. Creating A Water Mark on Images using Open CV

A watermark is a signature or logo that is placed on an image without affecting image visibility. They are used when one is sharing critical information on public platforms to ensure one retains the rights of the content.
Watermark can either be an image or a text.
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2. Real-Time Face Mask Detection Model

In this project, the focus is creating a face mask detection model that identifies people in a crowd without being close to them. It can be very helpful in this COVID era where one is supposed to wear a mask while in public places and using this model you detect those that are not wearing the mask.
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3. Face Swapping Application Made With OpenCV

Face filters have become very popular in social media platforms may it be Instagram, Snapchat, and Tiktok. This might look complex but it is very easy to create this application using Python and Open CV.
These platforms have implemented face-swapping for celebrity images where people can make their filters for social media.
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4. Smart Attendance System

This system has already been implemented by the Zoom app. It keeps track of student’s attendance in real-time. The students just take a screenshot, select a file, give a date, and upload it.
The system automatically records the date in the right excel sheet. Therefore, this system is very helpful where students are taking online classes.
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5. Collage Mosaic Generator

Collage mosaic refers to an image that consists of hundreds of mini images. To achieve the big picture effect, you need to position small images based on the colors in that image.
This app helps generate a big mosaic consisting of thousands of images.
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6. Smart Disinfection and Sanitation Tunnel

Due to the COVID outbreak, such systems were developed. It is a smart sanitation and disinfection tunnel that was designed to ensure maximum protection to anyone passing through the tunnel for 15 seconds.
It does head-to-toe disinfection. This project was created in python on OpenCV.
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7. Touch-less Display Interfaces on Edge

COVID has brought about less interaction through touch but businesses need to take place as usual by moving to kiosks. This project has brought the solution through speech and gesture navigation.
It shows the creation of a human-computer interaction module that controls edge devices. OpenCV and OpenVino toolkit were used to create sound and gesture control used in kiosks
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8. Sudoku Solver

This project is an OpenCV model that was designed to help in solving Sudoku. The camera searches for edges of the puzzle and places solved Sudoku on it. For it to recognize digits, a conventional neural network using Keras with printed characters from different Ubuntu fonts and OpenCV is utilized in edge detection.
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9. Virtual Painting App Using OpenCV

In this project a user of the application can be able to virtually draw, without physical contact with the keyboard and an image will be displayed on the screen. You can choose different colors and draw air for it to be displayed on the monitor.
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10. OpenCV Social distancing system

In this social distancing system, a camera tests and identifies persons who are not adhering to COVID social distancing measures.
It can be used indoors where there is a social gathering. It leverages a histogram of oriented gradients to detect people then it calculates pair-wise distances.
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11. Vehicle Counting and Classification system

In this system, computer vision technology is used in the classification of moving vehicles. They are classified as LMV (light motor vehicle) or HMV (heavy motor vehicle) and show the number of vehicles too.
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12. OpenCV Image Reverse Search Engine

Computer vision technology can be utilized in the finding of images that are similar to the source image. You require a database with many images then select one image and search for similar images in the database.
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13. Virtual Drums with OpenCV

The idea of this project is to come up with a virtual drum that is played with a stick in the open air. The stick is to be colored such that when it is in a specific position a drum sound is played.
The color is used to help know the position of the stick. The biggest challenge is measuring sound intensity using the speed of the stick.
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14. OpenCV Photo Sketching

OpenCV is used in this project to process an image then perform transformations on the selected image. When you input an image on this app it converts it to a pencil sketching.
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15. Barcode and QR Code Scanner

QR and bar codes are used in storing information. Their usage is very high since they are everywhere in stores, products, etc. You scan the barcode and QR code to decode its encrypted data.
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16. Blur the Face using OpenCV

The idea behind this is to hide someone’s identity in a video or photo. It is commonly used in all news channels to hide identity. The face is blurred if it involves giving vital information like being a witness of a crime or it contains graphic content.
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17. Image Segmentation Project

Segmentation refers to breaking down an image into multiple segments. This app is used to get meaning from an image and mostly used by self-driving cars for object identification
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18. Converting an Image to a Cartoon

The idea is to input an image in the app then transform it into a cartoon. This is commonly available on different apps. Animators use OpenCV to create cartoons and animations.
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19. Human Counter Project Using OpenCV

In this project, a camera is used in monitoring and counting people in a room, street, and building. The OpenCV-created algorithm controls the camera to detect then count their occurrence.
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20. Edge detection Project

Python OpenCV library is the best for computer vision projects since you can detect every edge of different objects in an image.
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Some of the above OpenCV Project project ideas in this article are for beginners, while others are for experts and advanced learners. Be careful when choosing a project to embark on.

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