Cloud computing is a field in Information Technology that is widely used in providing services such as file storage, video, web applications, and audio services.

Vast companies use it due to the wide scope of capabilities.

Are you looking for a cloud computing project Ideas?

In this article, I have shared some Opensource cloud computing projects Ideas to ease your learning.

Cloud Computing Projects

So let’s get started with the list of cloud computing projects with Github source code for you to learn and explore.

1. Cloud-based attendance system

The attendance system puts down the attendance of an employee/ student and stores data in the cloud. It inputs details like In-time, id number, and out time when it scans the card. This will help an administrator to remove or add users and trail hours that an employee or student has been on the premises.

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2. Cloud-Based bus Pass System

This cloud computing mini projects on Github allows passengers to take a bus pass on the internet. It has features such as bus booking, scheduling, and payment methods—passengers login to the portal with their credentials to buy a bus pass.

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3. Host Dynamic Website on AWS

When a website is dynamic, it gives interactive user encounters to visitors. A dynamic website will be of great importance to companies’ objectives.In this project, you will host the dynamic website on AWS using server and client side languages such as CSS, PHP, HTML, ASP, and JavaScript in website development.

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4. Host Static Website on AWS

In this cloud computing project, you will utilize Amazon S3 uncomplicated web-based cloud repository given by Amazon for hosting static websites. ( documentation pages and blog pages)In this project, you will utilize front-end dialects such as HTML and CSS in the project development.

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5. Server less website on AWS

Server less is a category of cloud computing design that will help you in the fast launch of products. Server less websites have advantages such as scalability, charged based on server less surroundings like Dynamo DB, API, S3, and usage.

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6. Cloud-Based Secure Text Transfer

The evolution of technology has come about with more threats to privacy. With this cloud project, you will solve that privacy problem with a secure text transfer. It will secure the data through encryption.It will utilize an SQL database to exchange and store data since it has more security.

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7. Cloud-Based Online Blood Bank System

In this cloud based project you will develop a blood bank system with details like blood type, details of donors, storage area, and blood deposits. The blood bank information is stored in the cloud.The system will help users in the identification of blood donors by making a comparison of the information stored in the database.

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8. Cloud-Based Chatbot

A chatbot is AI software. Most organizations use chatbots on their sites for better customer service and also to increase productivity.In this project, the chatbot will be programmed using python, and it will communicate with users, solve queries and collect information stored in the cloud.

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9. Cloud-based Book Store

In this project, you will first develop a book store management system with books arranged in independent categories and sections that are readily available for end-users.The user looks for a certain book using the author’s name or book name. The information and data are stored in the cloud.

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10.Cloud-based Smart Traffic Management System

This project will help shorten the motor vehicle wait time in traffic at peak hours, depending on their movement. It will have wireless communication technology and sensors to enhance efficiency.It also utilizes data extraction techniques to get info used in decision-making.

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11. E-learning based on Cloud Computing

E-leaning enables a person to learn remotely. This project’s website will be storing learning materials, books, videos, and control information based on their categories. The website information is then stored in the cloud.

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12. Remote Monitoring and Controlling using IoT

IoT connects different devices to the internet, and the data is stored in the cloud as it waits to be analyzed.In this project, you will utilize Arduino and electric eyes (sensors) in the data collection and send it to Raspberry using serial communication. The information collected is deposited in the cloud and can only be retrieved using the MySQL database.

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13. Bug Tracking Cloud Computing Project

This project will enable an administrator to locate a bug, examine it, and then send communicate with the client through that application.The system will generate tags and labels for new bugs for easier identification and solving of the bug in a short period.

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14. File Storage System using Hybrid Cryptography cloud Computing Project

In this project, you will come up with a system that protects documents base by encrypting them. Blowfish is used in the encryption of the files that have maximum output and takes minimum time.The documents are encrypted using 3 encryption algorithms for more security when hosted on a remote server.

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15. Personal Cloud using Raspberry pi

In this project, you will develop a private cloud by the use of Raspberry pi board. You will need materials such as a Hard disk, a Micro SD card, and Raspberry Pi in the developed process.After joining the components then you can access your files from anywhere.

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16. Repair strategies for mobile storage systems

This project will restore and regenerate lost information/data bits due to repository node failures. The data is to be stored in the cloud for easier retrieval of data in case of failures.You will then inspect the correction procedures and show production improvements.

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17.University Online automation project

Your system will collect information about staff members, faculty, student data, and visitor information in this project. The information is assembled and organized together for reuse. The information gathered is then stored in the cloud.

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18. Rural banking by Cloud Computing

This cloud computing project is meant to help host a banking system on the internet; therefore, people do not need to get to the bank to access their accounts physically. This will help in improving economic activities.

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19. Data Leaks Detection Project

This cloud computing project will help prevent and manage data leaks brought about by SQL injection. It will encrypt data then store it in AESX encryption form, thus protecting it from Injection leaking. This project will ensure there is security when you are paying using a card.

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20. Identifying Phishing Websites

Phishing websites are clones of real websites since they resemble, but they steal data from users. In this project, you will develop a system that will extract phishing data using a data mining technique.

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Cloud computing is crucial in today’s organisations because storage space never gets enough, but with cloud computing, you need to secure cloud space and other services. By choosing to develop any of the above Opensource cloud computing projects on Github, you will help in solving certain problems.