A good UI kit can go a long way in making you have a great time developing a website. Indeed, your work becomes more comfortable when you are using the right UI kit as a web developer.

Anyone in the field of creating websites will certainly is after top UI kits because he/she would want their project to perform smoothly. Furthermore, apart from your designs looking gorgeous, a good UI kit will save you from unnecessary time-wasting.

Most importantly, we have come up with top UI kits for web development in this article. Virtually all of the themes to be discussed on this page can help you to quickly design and create full websites.

1. WrapKit Complete UI Kit

Apart from being a powerful UI kit, WrapKit is so simple and easy to use. Furthermore, developers often make use of it in developing complete websites, landing pages, coming soon, homepages, and many more. You will so much love it because it comes with some amazing pre-build live demos.

WrapKit Complete UI Kit


  • Most importantly, its creation is based on bootstrap 4x
  • Furthermore, it’s so easy to customize
  • In conclusion, it comes with many widgets and it’s well documented

2. WrapKit Builder

With WrapKit Builder, you are opportune to create websites and landing pages in a short limited time. This Ui kit for web development comes lots of niche demos to make things easier for you. Most importantly, the cost of maintaining WrapKit Builder is relatively cheap.

WrapKit Builder


  • Firstly, it comes with detailed documentation and its layout is 100% responsive
  • Its execution time is great
  • Furthermore, WrapKit Builder is so easy to customize

3. WrapKit Lite

This is a free UI kit for web development. Most importantly, you can utilize it in building amazing websites, landing pages, coming soon pages, homepages, etc.

WrapKit Lite


  • A responsive theme for web development
  • In addition, it’s highly customizable
  • WrapKit Lite is created with Bootstrap 4
  • To sum up, it has a minimalistic design appearance

4. WrapKit React Lite UI Kit

You are allowed to use this React template theme for free. In addition, this UI kit is built on a highly responsive React Framework. Users are always comfortable around this template because they can use it to develop websites, landing pages, coming soon pages, homepages, etc.

WrapKit React Lite UI Kit


  • Most importantly, this UI kit is based on Reactstrap
  • It’s so easy to customize
  • To sum up, it’s a full-fledged responsive web development UI kit

5. Quicksmart

This web development template is best suited for startup businesses. In addition, it’s a full design system that relies on reusable modular components.



  • Most importantly, it delivers a massive selection of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and app-focused landing pages

6. Forest

This is the web development template for you if you care about quickly building and deploying websites. Furthermore, its modern and gorgeous landing pages would convince you it’s the best for you.



  • It contains over 300 cloneable components
  • Complete design system

7. Timber

Web developers would like this UI kit theme because they can use it to develop stylish business and portfolio websites. In addition, the diverse but impactful landing pages of this template will leave your site’s visitors impressive.



  • A robust UI kit for web development
  • It’s so simple and gorgeous
  • Furthermore, it allows you to easily integrate the brand colour palette you like
  • In conclusion, you can implement it for startups and fast-growing businesses

8. Ollie

This web development template is best described as a complete design system for building robust and stylish pages. Most importantly, you rest assured of impressing your customers when you try this UI kit out.



  • It’s a good web development theme for creating fast, polished websites
  • It comes with many UI useful elements

9. Fortis

Web developers into startups, SaaS, mobile app, or landing pages will really like this UI kit template. Furthermore, it is so easy to customize.

UI Kits


  • It has over 100 components
  • Fortis comes with 5 homepages layout
  • It supports modern-day browsers. For example, IE9+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.
  • 100% responsive

10. Designio

This UI kit is specifically for handling e-commerce. Its amazing features are there to make your time using it a good one.

UI Kits


  • 250+ components
  • 4 Home pages
  • 27 Inner pages
  • Responsive design
  • Scroll effects
  • 3 shop pages

11. Floria

Create stylish websites for any business or agency website design by simply using Floria. This simple but elegant UI kit is popular among web developers because it contains useful components.

UI Kits


  • Fully responsive
  • Most importantly, it contains 200+ useful components, 6 homepage layouts, 3 About layouts, and 3 Contact layouts
  • Beautifully designed
  • In conclusion, it’s developed with Global Swatches

12. IndieGo

This particular UI kit template is a perfect fit for growth and lead generation oriented startups or SMB’s (small and medium-sized businesses). Furthermore, its beautiful design makes it very attractive to the eyes.

UI Kits


  • It comes with a style guide
  • Furthermore, it is highly responsive
  • Choose the homepage layout of your choice because it comes with many
  • Enough useful beautiful components

13. Zense

This UI kit theme is specifically for smarter people in the sense that it makes work easier for you without wasting your time unnecessarily. In addition, you will like it because it contains a lot of pre-made elements, pages, and sections.

UI Kits


  • A beautiful and powerful UI kit template
  • So easy to customize

14. Fortun

This is best described as a UI kit template for anything concerning e-commerce. In addition, its versatility is one of the main reasons it’s being considered. In another description, it’s a web development theme that speaks volume creativity, efficiency, and diversity.

UI Kits


  • Most importantly, it has 200+ components, 4 agency pages, 2 store pages, and 27 inner pages
  • Amazing clean design
  • Little or no coding experience is needed for this
  • It’s so easy to customize

15. Prospero

This is another UI kit template for e-commerce and beyond. A good theme you can build your business online presence on.

UI Kits


  • Clean, modular and free
  • most importantly, it contains 85 sections, 10 layouts, and 2 templates
  • So easy to customize


We genuinely hope you find the best UI kits of your choice in the above systematically listed and explained. Every significant feature in each of them is carefully listed to ease reading and understanding.