One of the most in-demand and growing fields in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Now more than ever, companies and industries are pouring billions into the IT and research & development sectors to ensure they are the ones leading the charge as these technologies grow to be an essential part of daily living. With a high salary, opportunity for growth, and a booming market, there are plenty of reasons why pursuing a career in machine learning might be right for you.

Machine learning is defined as the study of computer algorithms that learn and improve by themselves. Many of the services we use in our everyday lives are powered by machine learning algorithms, like Google, Netflix, or Alexa. Almost every industry uses it in different ways, but what remains constant is that machine learning significantly streamlines operations and tasks.

Opportunities in the machine learning field

Since machine learning is taking off and becoming so widely utilized, the job opportunities in this field are both in demand and highly sought out. Common job roles could include data engineers, who built the infrastructures that machine learning operates on, data scientists, who analyze complex data and determine how to meet their team’s objectives and machine learning engineers who orchestrate the process of producing the machine learning code, the foundation that the entire system is built on.

A job is this career is right for people who enjoy thinking critically to solve problems. Those who love studying math, statistics, and programming especially will have the right skills needed to be successful in higher-level courses and eventual career roles.

How the field is growing

As more companies require skilled professionals to complete these roles, the job growth in the field has exponentially risen. This expansive field is estimated to create millions of jobs over the next several years, with job seekers facing less competition than other fields.

Companies that will hire you can be found in almost every industry. There are big tech giants like Google and Amazon, and many rising startups of course, but even in other places like the automotive and finance industry, there is a rapidly growing demand for work in services like FinTech and vehicle automation. You could also bring your skills and join a machine learning development company to bring existing businesses a machine learning infrastructure of their own. No matter where you look, there are opportunities for machine learning experts around every corner.

Since companies are investing so much into these fields, you can definitely expect to enjoy some of the benefits. You can expect a salary of $60k-$120k per year as a data scientist and a whopping average of $146,000 per year as a machine learning engineer. These salaries are beginning to outpace even other STEM salaries at a swift rate.

A career in machine learning and artificial intelligence is crucial because we need more skilled experts to tackle the growing demands and challenges that the future will bring as these advancements are poised to become a part of our everyday lives.