The Coders have not been left behind in the Android app market. Programmers are spoilt for choice when it comes to code editing apps.

As we enjoy the bright side of things, here are some of the best android code editor apps out there that will definitely put a hearty grin on any developers face.

    10.  AIDE 

This app is built to develop android apps directly from any Android device. AIDE’s inbuilt integrated development environment makes it ideal for this.

Anyone keen on being an expert developer can plug in and follow the collaborative lessons on coding. At a single click you can delve in and design apps visually, and with the complete code-editor write some code.

Android Code editor

That’s not all. Enjoy error checking in real time, navigate smart code and see your app running. All this in the palm of your hands.

    9.  Code Peeker

Code Peeker like the name suggests allows you to peek into your code should you need to. 

You can, through highlighted syntax, read through your source code, or look up for interesting solutions while on the move.

Android code editors

A note to have in mind though, Code Peeker will not edit your code.

    8.  Deuter IDE

With DeuterIDE a programmers life on the go has definitely been made easier. This programmer’s mobile companion features an online compiler, IDE and text editor aptly fashioned for the Android environment.

A virtual keyboard enables you to key in those programming symbols, highlights, and syntax. Plus you are sure of support for the majority of programming languages in use out there.

Android code editors

A mobile based programming text editor, online compiler, an integrated development environment built for Android.

 Complete with virtual keys for commonly used programming symbols, syntax highlighting, and support for over 40 programming languages, writing code on the go has never been easier.

    7.  DroidEdit Free 

Similar to Notepad++ and geddit, DroidEdit will meet all your source code and text editing needs to the full. Work with this app anywhere you are. 

Tackle any emergency on the go without having to rush back to your office desk. DroidEdit comes built with support for expression expansion and Emment Tools.

android code editor

The app comes in paid and Ad-supported versions, with the Ad supported version lacking in root mode, SFTP and Dropbox support as well as custom themes.

    6.  Turbo-Editor 

This open source app was built to be as intuitive as possible to give you the best programming experience, be it on phone or tablet. 

android code editors

 It may look simple, Turbo-Editor packs quite a punch when put through its text editing and coding paces

    5.  Our Code Editor

With a simple process to get you coding, there is no hassle when using this app. Just download the app, install and code away, no internet or account registration required.

Our Code Editor is a closed source app but is still free and what’s more, you won’t find those annoying ads in it.

android code editors

Manage your various programme files types locally and with ease using the code, text, and IDE available to you within the app.

    4.  Anwriter 

anWriter is another lightweight versatile app that will allow you to write code. 

With its autocomplete feature that supports JavaScript, CSS, HTML, LaTeX (PHP, SQL available in the full pro version) you will be well on your way to swift project coding.

Android code editor

With anWriter you can preview your web page as well as work on your jQuery, CSS 3, HTML 5, and Bootstrap.

    3.  Quick Edit 

This is one fast and responsive app that has the ability to edit files in a rooted device's system.

Optimised for your phone or tablet, QuickEdit allows you to work on any of the 40 programming languages out there like Smali, C++, Java, Javascript, Perl, C#, Markdown, Python, XML, PHP, Ruby, Swift.

Android code editors

QuickEdit works smoothly as either a code editor or text editor for your programming files or that other normal text file.

This app can also detect without any trouble, the character encoding of files which you can also adjust to your preferences.

Seamlessly access your programming files from various locations and sources such as FTP, OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox with this wonderful app.

    2.  Quoda Code Editor 

For those who find themselves away from their PC but still have some coding to do, Quoda is here for you. You will have the ability to code on the move via an editor similar to Sublime Text, Notepad++ or Textmate.

Android code editors

Having an SFTP server and cloud storage support integrated into it, Quoda is easy to use and also allows you to do things that are beyond other Android code editors. You can easily do auto-encoding, brace matching, URL source code downloading, HTML formatting, color picking, line bookmarking and much more.

    1.  Dcoder 

This app is crafted for those who desire to take their coding skills a notch higher while on mobile.

Dcoder will give you an enhanced feature supported text editor that has all a programmer needs in a code compiler.

Android code editors

Packed with comprehensive programming languages from Ruby to C, you will be able to learn your chosen programming language with ease and convenience.

The above list of apps will not disappoint when put to the test. Put on your developer hat and go ahead and check out these android code editor apps today.