From the initial stages of development up to its launch, a PHP project generates plenty of code. Add this to several other projects being coded and launched every day.

It’s good to once in a while to catch up on who is the top kid on the block in the PHP open-source projects arena. So here is a list of the top ten contenders.

From the above list which is but a tip of the open-source PHP project iceberg, you can get a feel of how rich, diverse and powerful open-source PHP applications are.

1. PHPMailer

Since the year 2001 when it was released, it has been a fan favorite. A developer’s dream solution when it comes to sending emails. PHP mailers flexibility has made it become an alternative to PHP’s mail() function.

php opensource projects

No more creating string while sending out emails, no lines and lines of code to send attachments or emails based on HTML. PHP mailer with its non-local server has made emailing become a painless process that is all but a breeze.

2. Design Patterns PHP

PHP works in a certain way and at some point in time, there are patterns which every developer becomes accustomed to. There, however, crops scenario where you know the PHP patterns but not when to apply them.

Php opensource project design patterns

In comes Design Patterns PHP. This repository of known PHP patterns shows programmers how best they can implement them in their projects

3. Platform-Agnostic Security Tokens

Security, security and more security, we all need it all the time. When it comes to secure PHP software that meets all the current cryptographic needs, PAST is your best bet.

PHP opensource projects

Designed and coded to give you tokens that are stateless and also secure, PAST is a welcome relief from the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of JSON Web Tokens (JWT).

Ease of use and secureness of PAST and its documentation availability on GitHub make it a worthwhile PHP security option to look at

4. Faker

In programming, testing is one of the crucial steps every programmer has to go through. This code quality check is done using randomly generated test data.

 Faker provides an invaluable library for generation of test data that simulates varied scenarios to test your code.

PHP opensource project faker

Faker is the choice in case you need to build appealing XML documentation or have your database bootstrapped or any other project testing scenario.

5. Craft CMS

This one will surely make your experience in content management very enjoyable. A self-hosted application that and puts the focus on custom developed content. Craft CMS is ideal should you need an application that is powerful and also easy to use.

PHP opensource projects

Developers can shape and mold the Craft CMS structure to meet any project needs at hand, suitably built for any web, design or programming specialist out there.

6. Churn-PHP

An awesome way to go through your PHP files, checking the commits in it, calculating the files cyclomatic complexity and then calculating a score from the two values. 

Php Opensource projects churn

Churn-PHP will give you the avenue to identify any PHP files that may require refactoring.

7. Monica

This app with a human name can help follow all the important what, where, when, why or who of friends or family, but that’s not all it can do.

php opensource projects MOnica

From the walls of Monicahq, Monica also offers developers the ability to come up with tailor-made projects that implement a tracking action for a given set of profiles.

8. PHPUnit Pretty Result Printer

Once Mike Erickson decided that PHPUnit should have an awesome visual appeal. Since everyone out there in the PHP world constantly goes to PHPUnit, it is fair that an extension is here that makes outputs great to look at. 

PHP opensource projects

Thumbs up to Mike for this well thought of program

9. Laravel Page Speed

For optimized web pages, Laravel Page Speed presents the much sought after solution. By its workings which when required minify the output of HTML, Page Speed achieves at least 35% webpage optimization. 

laravel page speed php open-source projects

All this is done automatically on your Laravel site. Examples of how it works in Laravel.

  • remove_quotes removes unnecessary quotes in HTML tags
  • trim_urls removes unnecessary prefixes from URLs
  • collapse_whitespace removes unnecessary whitespace in HTML
  • remove_comments removes HTML comments

10. PsySH

In the course of PHP projects development today, developers need a means by which they can have inputs evaluated and results sent back within one programme. 

Php opensource project

Through PsySH, Bobthecow presents developers with a development and debugging platform for their PHP projects.

From the above list which is but a tip of the open-source PHP project iceberg, you can get a feel of how rich, diverse and powerful open-source PHP applications are.