Here is the list of 10 best Java Profiler that you can run to when in need of work that’s near to perfection.

Java has always been one of the most popular languages among the developers’ community. From a simple factorial program to heavy code projects, each of these can become best in Java.

However, a programmer working in Java needs certain tools for maintaining the workflow by keeping an eye on various JVM level parameters. One such among various others are Java profiler tools or commonly known as “Java Profilers”.

They help in watching over tasks such as Thread Execution, Creating meaningful Objects, Execution of different methods and garbage collection.

A Java profiler has numerous advantages on its name. Not only does it provide the user with a clear statistical report of the success of the code, but it also helps you track out your errors without burning midnight oil in reading the entire code again and again and looking for the errors.

All the different errors such as the ones prevailing due to multi-threading processes, in inheriting codes and creating objects can be found and easily corrected. Thus, it also results in the better efficiency of the code and utilization of the resources.

1. JProfiler

Jprofiler is one of the most renowned and widely used Java profiler. It’s extraordinary features such as powerful  CPU profiler, ease in use and other extensible features make it different from the others of the same category. Another major point about it is that it’s free to use, which makes it pocket-friendly.

Jprofiler Java profiler

After entering in, you’ll experience a white background with different options that provide different functions as per the use and need.

It keeps tabular details about control objects. Also, with the filter controls and the total line at the bottom you can make quick summations for subsets of control objects. Another important feature of it is how effectively it helps you to find memory leaks.

It is supported by all major OS including windows, MacOS, Linux, Solaris etc. It uses coloured rectangles to show different methods and shows where the code resides in them for easy access.

To download this profiler for free, you can refer to-

Also, if you want to have a look at how to do the setup and how to effectively use it, you can watch the video-

2. VisualVM

The second on the list of the best Java profiler is VisualVM. Apart from being free, it holds various other features such as providing a complete report on the execution of the code, object and method details and browsing the dumps of thread and heaps.

It is a not-at-all heavy, all-in-one Java profiler that uses command lines options to provide the user with the information required.

Visual Vm Java profiler

The toolbar contains tools such as Update Result Automatically, Update Result Now, Run Garbage Collection, Take Snapshot, Save Current View etc. that perform different assigned tasks and maintain the working of the profiler.

It also has a better CPU profiling since it shows the execution time of code in total and how many invocations has been in use for each method. However, the only time it turns you down is when you talk about errors.

It is not so good with finding out errors, in fact, it finds the least bugs among its fellow profilers. But, it is not so big an issue in front of all the perks it provide.

To download the free VIsualVM Java profiler, you can go to-

For looking onto the set-up process for this profiler and how to use it, watch out the following video-

3. NetBeans

On number third is the NetBeans Java profiler. It works explicitly well both as a profiler as well as a debugger.

It means that along with providing up the basic functions of a profiler such as creation of objects, displaying code execution time by the CPU, details of the run-time behaviour  of code etc., it also provides a better efficiency in multi-thread debugging and other object and method related errors.

Java profiler

Here in this snapshot of the profiler, it is showing the total time and CPU time of different methods of a package in Java.

The profiler also helps in increasing the working speed of the application wisely, and results in appropriate memory usage. Also, it is free to use and it can be downloaded from the following link-

If you wish to go through its set-up and basic working process, refer to this video link-

4. YourKit

YourKit  Java profiler is fourth on the list with all the functions including user-friendliness, intelligent automation ability and effective power management. One major point of importance with YourKit is that, it also shows the statistics of thrown exception, which makes it more preferable.

Java profiler

CPU and Memory profiling are two different concepts like two parallel lines, and they are hardly brought up together by a profiler. However, YourKit performs this task amazingly by providing you both the features intersected.

Here, as in the above image one can see, the main taskbar consists of options such as CPU, Threads, Deadlocks, Memory, Monitor Usage, Exceptions, Performance Chart, Events and Summary.  All these options perform their tasks and give user, the relevant information.

Exception details by YourKit:

Java profiler exception

Under the exceptions heading, YourKit shows the details of different thrown exceptions. It is one of the unique features of this profiler.

The only hard thing with this profiler is that it is a paid profiler, but trust me, its worth it every penny you invest in it. To get it for a free trial period, you can go to-

You can go through this video link for the set-up process of YourKit and its basic working-


5.  Oracle JDeveloper

JDeveloper is an integrated development environment by Oracle that helps the user to track the complete process of an application. It comes in various different versions and possess different features according to advancement.

oracle java profiler

It is a powerful tool for profiling java codes and is therefore utilized on a very large scale generally. Again, it is a free IDE which makes it even more hit in the marketplace.

The snapshot image shows how it looks on you system. It is supported by almost all major operating systems and works well on each platform.

It has built in support for AJAX and provides complete development, thus gaining more points among its users. However, some users report that it is a bit buggy and crashes at times, but that can be avoided with care while using.

To get the appropriate free version of Jdeveloper for free, visit-


For set-up related queries and basic working of the profiler, you can go through the following video-


6. Eclipse

The Eclipse profiler for Java is yet another wonderful tool as it is very effective in making fair use of the memory and clearing out memory leaks.

It has been an all time general purpose weapon for programmers to perform meaningful operations such as analysing heaps and calculations related to sizes.


eclipse java profiler

As in the above snapshot from a working Eclipse profiler, it is visible how it shows the heap memory (Used memory, Total memory, and Free memory) and created object instances using graphs. Eclipse profiler is widely known for its memory management and analyzing techniques.

You can download this profiler for free by going on to this link-

For information related to its set-up and working, go through this video-


7. Gradle

Gradle in another profiler that can be used for minimizing the bugs and memory consumption and maximizing the power management and fetching up the data of executing threads, objects and instances. It consists of a special benchmarking feature, which helps in showing up the exact timings and does no effect on the execution time.

java profiler

Here, one can see how it shows the total time for built, the loading time, total task execution etc. It also shows the task executed, its execution time, how did it work and other relevant details to the user as shown in the next snapshot.

The run-time and date of the execution is also displayed in the top right corner.

Java profiler time


You can download and understand the working of Gradle from GitHub using the following link-

Also, this video can help you with the basic set-up and frequent queries about this profiler-


8. Clover

Clover is a part of the CloverETL Data Quality Package that helps in calculating and analysing the data. One can perform any data modulation function such as finding median, calculating average of data etc. or any other function for having a study on memory usage and proper working of the java applications.

java profiler


The above image is a snapshot of the Clover profiler working on a system. It takes a Job, displays all the information related to that job, all the methods included in it and the details of the code residing in the method.

The main window of the profiler is designed in such a way-

It consists of the main menu, Toolbar for quick actions and access, A Jobs tab displaying all the jobs and Job Actions area for the options of actions on Jobs. Also, the workspace projects and Metrics are shown for better accessibility to the user.

For downloading this profiler or getting more details on its working and setup, refer to-


9. Mockito

Mockito profiler has been renowned since years for its ability to help the user create mock objects.

It provides a Mock framework that in turn helps in creating mock objects which are then used with profiling functions. All the major tasks such as debugging, memory management, Readind out and analyzing information can be easily performed in this profiler.

java profiler

For instance, here is how a mock object is created in Mockito, of a car interface, and now it can be used further for performing different tasks as per the need.

Remember, these mock objects are actually created at runtime, and that is also when the behavior of the object is assigned.

Another major feature that Mockito provides its users is the “Unit Testing” feature. It means that each class involved in the Java application is tested as an individual unit for its goals, i.e. Is it performing the assigned task efficiently or not? Here’s how the process of unit testing in Mockito looks like-

This profiler can be downloaded from-

For set-up related queries, watch out this video-


10. Java Interactive Profiler (JIP)

JIP is a whole and sole Java coded, the light-weighted profiler that can be effectively used for profiling purposes. It has got a series of advantages that start with first, its ability to provide ON and OFF features to its user which in turn helps in multiple measurements at runtime.


Second, it doesn’t need anything else and can be run on any platform that supports Java well.

java profiler

Third, its open-source which makes it even more valuable among users. Also, it uses the “javaagent” option that allows the user to load the class, and when the class is loading, the user can modify its byte code.

Here’s how it shows different methods and class, and also the details related to them for the convenience of the user.

Another user-helpful feature provided by this profiler is the feature of “filtering” by class or packages. It makes memory management, access and debugging easier which in turn adds to the plus points.

You can download JIP for free from-

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Apart from the mentioned, there are numerous other profilers flooding over the web and can be chosen as per the need of an individual. But since life is a matter of choices, and each one of it defines you, satisfy yourself with the best!