React was built on Facebook and Instagram, released initially in March 2013, then open-sourced on May 29, 2013.

Angular was Released and Open-sourced on 2009. The current version of Angular is complete re-build of previous versions.

React is a library, not a framework. Lots of people name it a framework or compare it to frameworks. The reason React is often mistaken as a framework is because it appears like frameworks are React’s competitors.


Angular is a full Framework with backing for structures, HTTP solicitations, and a great deal more. It’s a finished toolbox to building a web application.

Frameworks are bigger than libraries. They include everything you may need to build applications

Recommended React Courses

Tools out of the box

React does not come with any REST tools for making HTTP requests. React does not come with any tools to handle client-side routing. It is just a library that helps you build amazing user interfaces. but You can use React with  Jquery, Angular, Flux or  Redux to build large scale single page web applications. you can also create your own Design patterns and use it with React.

Angular is a JavaScript framework that you can use to build large scale single page web applications. Angular comes with most everything you need to get some web development done.

Companies using React vs Angular

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    Khan Academy
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    New York Times
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    The guradian
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You can say, I’m learning Angular, and get started learning a single framework. Whereas React is a little bit different. You could say, “I’m learning React”, learn how to build a React component, and then not know what to do next.


The Angular JavaScript file that loads in the browser is 764k,     but it is rich with functionality.

 The React JavaScript file that loads in the browser is 151k,  React is small because it is simply a view library

react vs Angular

clearly, React is the winner here. React is a small library that doesn’t come with everything you might out of the box to build your application but give it 4 minutes you are ready to go, all you need is tools like web pack, browserify, react router, react motion, redux, react addons, & enzyme .

Difference : React vs Angular

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    React relies a lot on pure JavaScript and other JavaScript libraries.
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    Angular do not rely on a lot on pure JavaScript and other JavaScript libraries.
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    Two-way data binding makes some things really easy to implement
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    The “Always Re-render” way of React is nice to keep it easier to understand when things get complex


 Both React and Angular are evolving. Both are having relative problems. but Angular is inspired by React’s approach in its newer version

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