20 Best Responsive Construction Website Templates

Construction has been an important part of human development. And as a matter of fact, we sincerely can’t do without construction because we need construction for shelter. In other words, the building of houses and offices for our daily activities is key.

A business-oriented individual that owns a construction company will surely need an online presence to promote his/her construction company. The template on which this is done is very important because the site’s users need to have a good experience interacting with your construction company site.

We will be discussing some nice construction company website templates you will find handy as a construction company website owner. Furthermore, these Construction templates to be explained in this article are definitely free and highly responsive.

1. Construction Multipurpose Website Template

In short, this particular website template is an industrial HTML5 theme. Furthermore, it is best suited for any website that is concerned with architecture.

Construction Multipurpose Website Template


  • Firstly, it is simply a multipurpose website template
  • furthermore, it’s so flexible as it fits well with any device
  • In addition, it depends on Bootstrap 3
  • In conclusion, you can try it out on landing pages

2. Construction Materials Company Website Template

To sum up, Just like we have carefully explained above, construction material company is also an industrial website template. This template is highly recommended for businesses looking into developing a construction company website.

Construction Materials Company Website Template


  • It’s mostly made up of vivid yellow and black colour palette
  • furthermore, it supports Google Map
  • Navigation on it is quite easy because of back-to-top-button it got
  • In conclusion, it’s so flexible

3. Project Construction Company Website Template

You will definitely like this template because it can serve as a construction or architectural website theme.

Project Construction Company Website Template


  • In short, it is simply described as a general-purpose HTML5 template
  • So dark in appearance
  • In conclusion, it looks nice and appears so easy on the eyes

4. Archex Website Template

This is simply known as a nice and attractive architectural website template. Archex template provides you with functionalities that are quite fascinating.

Archex Website Template


  • The light blue and white colours in it make it look awesome
  • Furthermore, it contains a DropDown menu on top of the page
  • In addition, the ways at which the components of the template are placed favours the organization of content on it

5. Roxtone Construction Website Template

This particular construction company template is best suited for businesses that care so much about professionalism. Furthermore, it appears so formal and balance.

Roxtone Construction Website Template


  • A minimalistic company website template
  • Furthermore, it contains a precisely designed components
  • In addition, you will love it on any kind of business

6. Corax Construction Company Website Template

You don’t need to look away if you need an eye-catching extraordinary construction website template for your business – this is the right template for you.

Corax Construction Company Website Template


  • Corax got a full-width image slider
  • Furthermore, it has nice elements that make navigation appear better and user-friendly

7. Element7

This theme is widely known as a business building website template. In addition, Element7 gives users options because it can serve as an architectural company website template or for other business purposes.



  • It is simply known as a multi-purpose company website template
  • It includes a Google Map

8. Architex

This is simply a beautiful and eye-catching architectural company website template you will find handy for your business.



  • Architex is simply a minimalistic company website template
  • It has enough images to help your project look stunning
  • In conclusion, it has social buttons at the upper and lower part of the homepage to help users promote their business on social platforms

9. Basic

This is another nice good construction company website template but multi-purpose in the sense that you can use it for architectural or construction building websites.



  • It is so flexible to use on any modern device
  • Furthermore, it is so laconic in nature

10. Starla

This is best described as a professional construction company website template. In addition, it has a lot of interesting elements to give users a better experience.



  • It’s simply an HTML5 theme that fits well for a construction company website
  • In conclusion, it has a Contact Form, Google Map, and Animated Banner to make it an interesting template

11. Arche

You will love this template because it definitely gives you if you are thinking of going into architecture, interior and exterior design, and web design.


  • In short, it’s a multipurpose construction company website template
  • Clean valid coding
  • it’s so easy to use for projects
  • In conclusion, it has extensive documentation

12. Drafting

This is best described as a professional architectural website template with a balanced layout to give your project the best quality you could imagine.



  • It depends on Bootstrap
  • Furthermore, it got a stick-to-top-menu to make navigation so easy to perform
  • It has an image slider for better content organization

13. Home Insulation

This industrial website template is not limited to this purpose only so you are allowed to use it for your architectural and construction company businesses.

Home Insulation


  • A multipurpose website template
  • It supports image slider

14. Suspended Ceiling

This is a construction service website template that’s best fitted for ceiling and bulkhead contractor online resources.

Suspended Ceiling


  • It is simply of high-quality
  • It’s so simple to use
  • You don’t even need to know anything about programming before you get familiar with it

15. Mariner

This is expressed as a juggernaut industrial template that’s best suited for construction company websites.



  • It is specifically used for handling for construction company websites that are concerned with marine
  • The obvious red colour appearance on the template is for stressing the most important pieces of information

16. Quality Construction Materials

This animated template is very good and unique for construction company websites. In addition, the white, blue, and black color combination on the template makes it so perfect for businessmen looking for professional website themes.

Quality Construction Materials


  • It has a parallel strolling effect
  • It got so much great functionality

17. Constrex

This professional website theme is best suited for construction companies and architectural companies.



  • Navigation on this particular template is user-friendly
  • It got an image slider found at the top
  • So easy on the eyes

18. Evolwent

This is also a nice website theme for construction companies and architectural businesses. In addition, it is well suited for bulkhead and suspended ceilings contractors.



  • A multipurpose website theme
  • It has a minimalistic design

19. Sheppard and Sons

It’s a nice website theme specially for marine constructions but it can also serve as a construction company website template.

Sheppard & Sons


  • In conclusion, it got a parallax scrolling effect for making a three-dimensional illusion and to also make it very beautiful

20. Spectrum

To sum up, this is best described as a construction multipage HTML website theme.



  • It’s really a nice website template for heavy industries
  • It appears so attractive and nice to the eyes


It is good to let you know that all the construction company website templates explained above are highly responsive, flexible, and cross-browser compatible. In addition, they are also so simple to customize. Feel free to pick your choice for your next project.

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