5 – LaraCart – Laravel 5.1 Shopping Cart Package

!!WARNING!! Currently In Development

There are features that are incomplete and others that are not fully tested, please feel free to submit issues and enhancements


  • Display Currency along with Locale
  • Easy Session Base Usage
  • Totals / SubTotals with taxes
  • Items have locale and currency and tax separate from the cart
  • Multiple Cart Instances
  • Unique Item Hash that is updated after every update to the item
  • Option can have prices and are calculated in the totals and sub totals


Install the package through Composer. Edit your project’s composer.json file by adding:

composer require lukepolo/laracart

Include Service Providers / Facade in app/config/app.php:


Optionally include the Facade (suggested) :

    'LaraCart' => LukePOLO\LaraCart\Facades\LaraCart::class,

Copy over the configuration file by running the command :

    php artisan vendor:publish 

Look through the configuration options and change as needed