Note : Because of the item hashing you must be careful how you update your items.Each change to an item will update its hash either continue to use the same item object or make sure to use the hash that is returned.

Adding an Item to the cart

    // First way we can just add like this
    LaraCart::add(1, 'Burger', 5, 2.00, [
        // Notice this is an array of arrays, 
        // this allows us to further expand the cart functions to the options
            'Description' => 'Bacon',
            'Price' => 1.00

    // You can also do simple arrays for convenience
    LaraCart::add(2, 'Shirt', 200, 15.99, [
        'Size' => 'XL'

    // If you need line items rather than just updating the qty you can do
    LaraCart::addLine(2, 'Shirt', 200, 15.99, [
        'Size' => 'XL'

Cart Attributes

    // Sometimes you want to give a cart some kind of attributes , such as labels
    LaraCart::addAttribute('label', 'Luke's Cart');
    LaraCart::updateAttribute('label', 'Not Luke's Cart');

    // Gets all the attributes

Updating an Items Attributes

    LaraCart::updateItem($itemHash, 'name', 'CheeseBurger w/Bacon');
    LaraCart::updateItem($itemHash, 'qty', 5);
    LaraCart::updateItem($itemHash, 'price', '2.50');

Removing an item


Empty / Destroying the Cart

    // Empty will only empty the contents

    // Destroy will remove the entire instance of the cart including coupons ect.

Get the contents of the cart


Find a specific item in the cart


Gets the total number of items in the cart


Display Item Price with Locale

    // $tax = false by default
    $cartItem->getPrice($tax); // $24.23 | USD 24.23

Get the subtotal of the item

    // $tax = false by default

    // Gets the totals for the item options if applicable
    $cartItem->optionsTotal($formatMoney = true);

Add Option to Item

        'Description' => 'Fries',
        'Price' => '.75'

Updating Options

    // Replacing an options value
    // $cartItem->id = '123';
    // This updates the "Description" to "No Cheese"
    $cartItem->updateOption('123', 'Description', 'No Cheese', $updateByKey = 'id');

    // Replace all options with the new options
            'Description' => 'Extra Cheese',
            'Price' => '.25'

    // You can either use the built in option 'id'
    $cartItem->removeOption($optionID, $removeByKey = 'id');

    // Or you can use your own
    $cartItem->removeOption($optionName, $removeByKey = 'optionName');

Get the Sub-Total of the cart (This also includes the prices in the options array!)

    // By default $tax = false

Get the total of the cart

    // By default $tax = true


Instances is a way that we can use multiple carts within the same session. By using:


Will switch to that instance of the cart. Each following request reuse the last instance of the cart set


LaraCart packages can throw the following exceptions:

Exception Reason
InvalidOption When trying to update an option on an item, cannot find a key value pair that matches
InvalidPrice When trying to give an item a non currency format
InvalidQuantity When trying to give an item a non-integer for a quantity
UnknownItemProperty When trying to update an items attribute that doesn’t exists


The cart also has events build in:

Event Fired When a new cart is started
laracart.update When a the cart is updated to the session
laracart.addItem($cartItem) When a item is added to the cart
laracart.updateItem($cartItem) When a item is updated
laracart.updateHash($cartItem) When a item hash is updated
laracart.removeItem($itemHash) When a item is removed from the cart
laracart.empty($cartInstance) When a cart is emptied
laracart.destroy($cartInstance) When a cart is destroyed