Although many communication channels are available today, such as email, social media, and live chats, phone calls are still highly preferred by customers. Therefore you cannot ignore the relevance of phone calls, and call handling is crucial to ensuring excellent customer service, especially for startups. 

Excellent phone handling portrays high professionalism and standards for your company and can benefit your business’s growth. 

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Here are a few tips for handling phone calls as a startup:

Answer the Phone Promptly

Taking too long to answer the phone call can negatively impact your business as it can portray inefficiency. Callers should not be forced to wait for too long. You should aim to answer the phone as quickly as possible, primarily if your business relies on phone inquiries to gain new customers.

Taking too long to answer the phone can lead to callers hanging up with minimal chances of ever calling back. It can lead to losses and paints a negative image of your company to potential customers.

Identify Your Business

Identifying your business as soon as you pick up the call is crucial. Introducing your company informs the caller whether they have reached the intended place or not. It is also helpful to ask for the caller’s details and their location if they do not identify themselves. It will be essential to make follow-ups to their inquiries.

Consider Getting A Local Phone Number

A local phone number refers to a number that begins with an area code specifically for a particular region e.g. in Pennsylvania. A local Pennsylvania number is a great way to ensure your services are more accessible to the local community and also allows you to advertise your startup.

Treat the Caller Professionally

Interactions over the phone are an indication of the standard in your company. Therefore, it is crucial always to treat all the callers professionally. The caller should be treated with high levels of courteousness and respect.

A warm and positive attitude is always guaranteed to leave a long-lasting positive impact on callers. Be careful to ensure you do not speak in a rushed tone but keep your tone calm, composed, and professional.

Ask Before Placing Callers on Hold

Placing callers on hold can lead to callers feeling unwanted and agitated. Although placing your callers on hold should be the last resort, there are instances where you cannot possibly avoid it. Before you put them on hold, it is best to ask callers if it is alright first.

Asking the callers first helps set expectations as it helps them know what to expect. If you need to look up something, you can ask for their details to call them back later. It is crucial to keep the caller updated regularly if you put them on hold.

Keep a Call Follow-Up Procedure in Place

To ensure your customers get the most out of their calls, it is best to have to follow -up procedures set up. You should outline the following steps based on the data collected from the caller. It would be best if you always asked for more details from the callers to ensure you can communicate with them later.

Follow-ups portray a positive image of your company and can influence the callers’ decision to use the services offered by your company in the future. You can automate the procedure to ensure the best results possible.

Summarize Before Ending the Call

Before you end the call, it is best to summarize the critical topic you have gone through. It shows you were keenly listening when you can accurately summarize the conversation. It also creates room to correct errors when taking messages or if you missed anything.

Ensuring you handle your phone calls efficiently can have a beneficial impact on your startup. By improving your handling, you can be assured to see the differences within no time. Every call presents an opportunity to make a great first impression. It is an effective way to attract new potential customers and maintain your current customers.