In this article, we will highlight 23 Amazing OpenSource PhoneGap Projects.

PhoneGap mobile application development framework allows you to create applications that support a large variety of mobile devices. Developers going with Adobe’s PhoneGap platform write the UI part of their application project with web technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. The development tools for PhoneGap take over from here and turn the CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files into platform-specific deployment packages.

PhoneGap has support for majority of these common platforms, for example, Android, iOS, Windows 8, Symbian, webOS, Blackberry 5.x+ and many more just to mention a few. Adobe released an open-source version of PhoneGap and named it Apache Cordova.

Just as this open-source framework enables the wrapping of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code (although it depends on different devices), it supports the extension of HTML and JavaScript features to function well with these devices.

The software applications you develop using this mobile app development framework can’t be called a genuinely mobile application because all the layout rendering of the app is not done on the native UI framework but through the web views.

Neither can you also just regard them as a web application because they are packaged as applications for distribution and have access to native device APIs. In short, they are best regarded as a hybrid application. As you follow up on this article, we will reveal some of these amazing hybrid application PhoneGap Projects to you.

1. DuckieTV

This application is best for TV-Show addicts as it takes care of them by offering a personalized TV-Show calender. DuckeTV makes things easy by providing an integrated blocking resistant torrent search so as to make downloading effortlessly easy.
It has support for torrent as you easily connect it to local torrent clients.


  1. They build it with AngularJS
  2. DuckieTV has support for Windows (7, 8.1, 10), Linux (Debian based such as Ubuntu 15.10 and newer), Mac OSX (10.10 and newer) and Android (Marshmallow, Nougat and newer). Furthermore, it can also be installed Google Chrome Browser Extension (in development mode)
  3. For tracking tv-shows with semi-automagic torrent integration

2. Framework7

In short, this MIT-licensed open source project can be used to build iOS and android applications.


  1. Framework7 is simply known as a fully featured mobile HTML framework

3. HiApp

With the support of the Apache Cordova, you can simply transform this HiApp to a native iOS application. Also, you can write this in React Native. And unlike the Apache cordova, React Native helps in binding for native UI controls (a better approach than the HTML-based hybrid solutions).


  1. To sum up, it’s a straightforward and an amazing Framework7 hybrid application.
  2. It depends on cordova 9.0+, framework7 4.5+ and framework7-vue 4.5+

4. Framework7 – Vue – Webpack Cordova Template

This framework is so powerful that you won’t regret considering it for your next cordova project. It is exceptionally amazing because it comes with a full-featured Framework7 + Vue + Webpack setup (including a hot-reload), single file components (.vue) support and css extraction.


  1. It makes use of Framework7 5, Vue 2, Vuex, Webpack 4, cordova, Babel loader 7 and FontAwesome 5
  2. Mainly relies on cordova 6.0.0 and Nodejs 6.5.0 (supports ES6)

5. Cordova Plugin Googlemaps

Cordova GoogleMaps plugin helps in displaying Google Maps on applications. For the android platform, it makes use of the Google Maps Android API and uses Google Maps SDK for iOS. Furthermore, it considers Google Maps JavaScript API v3 for browsers.


  1. It has support for both PhoneGap and Apache Cordova

6. Cordova Admob Pro

To sum up, this plugin is purposely created to be used in HTML5-based cross-platform hybrid games and other applications. Just with a single line of JavaScript code, you can have mobile ads displayed on screens.


  1. supports easy monitazation through the use of mobile ads
  2. Compatible with Cordova CLI, Inoic, PhoneGap Build, etc.
  3. In conclusion, it’s an amazing plugin for Google AdMob, DFP and ADX

7. Toast Phonegap Plugin

This plugin enables a little text popup, also known as a native toast, on your iOS, Android and WP8 devices. It has a nice way of displaying non intrusive native notifications.


  1. The exact point to display the toast doesn’t necessarily have to be to a particular spot: it could be the top, center or bottom of screens
  2. Two durations: Short and long-oriented

8. Cordova/PhoneGap Plugin Googleplus

With the help of this framework, it becomes so easy to authenticate and identify a user with Google sign-In on android and iOS. It helps in showing the email, display name, given name, family name, profile picture url, and user id.


  1. Essentially, for logging with Google Sign-In on iOS and Android

9. Native Keyboard

In short, it’s simply a styled cross-platform chat keyboard for WhatsApp, Messenger and Slack.


  1. A fancy keyboard added to your list of PhoneGap open-source project

10. Branch Cordova Ionic Phonegap SDK

This has a way of assisting mobile applications improve deeplinks that power paid referral programs, content sharing, custom user onboarding, acquisition and re-engagement campaigns just to mention a few.


  1. For deep linking and attribution

11. ReactJs-Phonegap

In short, this is simply known as a boilerplate ReactJS-Phonegap/Cordova application with Flux data flow.


  1. A boilerplate ReactJS-Phonegap App (with ReactFlux)

12. Corber

Through the use of Cordova, you can simply use Corber to improve the hybrid app build experience for Ember, Vue, React and Glimmer applications. Furthermore, without interfering with already generated web flows, Corber takes care of framework and application builds and validations with a single command (“corber build“).


  1. For developing hybrid applications with Ember/Vue/Glimmer/Cordova
  2. On-device live-reload for development
  3. Utility functions for icons, plugins, etc.

13. PhoneGap/Cordova Plugin StartApp

You can simply use this plugin for checking and launching other applications on an android device.


  1. For checking and launching other applications

14. Involt

This framework helps in the simplification of injecting hardware interactions into HTML based prototypes. The idea behind the creation of Involt is to make it very easy to prototype, iterate and quickly show results to users.


  1. Easy and quick workflow
  2. Basic knowledge about CSS, HTML, and Arduino might be all you need to build your applications
  3. Based on JS/JQuery

15. Intercom

This plugin helps in engaging customers with emails, push, and in‑app messages and have them supported with an integrated knowledge base and help desk.


  1. Onboard, retain and support mobile users at scale
  2. Self-serving for support and a home for having conversations with customers

16. OneSignal

This is a free push notification service for mobile applications. With the help of this plugin, you can easily integrate your PhoneGap build app, PhoneGap CLI, Ionic and Cordova with OneSignal.


  1. Android, iOS, and Amazon’s Fire OS platforms supported

17.Framework7 CLI

Framework7 CLI simply makes creating Framework7 applications a straightforward task. Furthermore, this makes it possible to create projects through the use of different variants such as framework, starter template, custom color theme, target platform, etc.


  1. Framework7 command line utility

18. Cordovue

This is simply a straightforward and clear apache Cordova sample project through the use of ESLint, Webpack, Vuex, Vue-router and Vue.


  1. It’s based on Node.js v6+

19. Countly

This is an open-source mobile analytics and push notification platform. It gains access to mobile devices data and visualizes this information to analyze mobile application usage and end-user behavior.


  1. An innovative and real-time platform
  2. Collecting, analyzing and sending of data

20. BlinkID

In short, BlinkID is simply known as an AI-driven mobile ID scanner for cross-platform applications.


  1. It’s built with Cordova and Phonegap.

21. Cordova-Plugin-Tensorflow

An On-device image recognition through TensorFlow/Inception.


  1. One for Cordova/PhoneGap
  2. Support for Android and iOS

22. Cordova LinkedIn Plugin

This is an application that allow you to use LinkedIn SDKs for iOS and android.


  1. Plugin for LinkedIn

23. StarioPlugin

A plugin for Star Micronics Bluetooth/LAN printers has support for both android and iOS.


  1. Star Micronics printer phonegap/Cordova plugin


You can try out any of the above, open-source projects on PhoneGap (if you are conversant with this mobile app development framework).