In this article, we will take you through some best React Native themes and templates you can put your money on for your next project.

React Native is a very good JavaScript framework for developing mobile applications for iOS and/or Android. This is a framework loved by many prominent developers for its strongness and flexibility. Resources like UI components, themes, and others are wonderful tools you need to kick-start your application development.

With React Native, you and your team will enjoy the benefit of having a single code base that makes it possible for you to develop your applications once and deploy them everywhere. Building an app from the scratch with React Native and every other known framework today is not a simple task but requires a lot of work to be done. This is the exact point React Native themes and templates come into the picture.

React Native themes comes with a template that includes a solid code base, documentation, and many mobile app designs that would make your work efficiently done in a classy manner.

1. Material Kit React Native

This is simply known as a free React Native app template. Furthermore, Material Kit React Native is a fully coded application template you can always consider for developing your next mobile application. They create it on top of, React Native, and Expo.

React Native themes
Material Kit React Native


  1. It so much look like Google’s Material Design
  2. Minimalistic and very simple to use
  3. 200+ fully coded components
  4. It also comes with cards
  5. Well-documented

2. Argon React Native

Just like the previously explained theme for React Native, the Argon React Native is built over, React Native, and Expo. To sum up, this is simply a fully coded template for developing strong and stunning e-commerce mobile applications.

React Native themes
Argon React Native


  1. Open Source
  2. Minimalistic and so simple to use
  3. Very similar to the Argon Design System
  4. Lastly, it comes with lots of components and screens

3. NOW UI React Native

In short, Now UI React Native is a minimalistic and easy-to-use fully coded app template. The Now UI kit inspired its design.

Now UI React Native


  1. Now UI React Native is an open-source product
  2. 200+ fully coded variations of components
  3. Built over, React Native and Expo

4. MStore Pro

Mstore Pro makes it very easy for you to be able to quickly convert your WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify sites into a mobile application. This template for React Native is for all as it doesn’t require any coding skills for you to get started with it.



  1. So easy to customize
  2. It is completely integrated with WooCommerce and WordPress
  3. PayPal, Stripe, and COD payment methods supported
  4. To sum up, it’s a very nice React Native theme you can quickly use to turn your site into a mobile application

5. BeoNews Pro

You can always take advantage of this cool theme for React Native to build a mobile application. Contents on their WordPress site like blog posts, videos and photos can be used to create a mobile app.



  1. Facebook and Google logins supported
  2. BeoNews Pro helps in storing user data on firebase that can be used synchronised between devices
  3. In short, it’s an amazing React Native App Layout

6. GrabCab

GrabCab is a full taxi application to React Native. This theme in particular is a necessity if you are looking towards creating a ride-sharing application that will serve as a local alternative to international companies.



  1. GrabCab supports both iOS and Android devices
  2. It has a great admin features, slick UI and many payment options

7. Felix Travel

Are you looking into building a universal travel or booking application with React Native? Felix Travel is the right mobile app design for you. In addition, you can use it for several lots of booking modules such as flight booking, event booking, shuttle bus, tour booking, hotel reservation, car rental just to mention a few.

Felix Travel


  1. Over 40 reusable React Native components
  2. Over 100 React Native sample screens
  3. It’s in supply of rich and versatile React Native kit

8. Antiqueruby

Antiqueruby is the right one for you if you are looking for an All-in-one React Native app template that comes with lots of stylish and clever UI and UX components. In addition, Material Design inspired its creation.



  1. Over 140 React Native screens for profiles, sign-ins and sign-ups, social media, and navigation
  2. So easy to customize
  3. It saves you a lot of hours of working

9. ListApp

This is a very good directory app template for React Native. You will find this great design handful if you are looking at creating applications with content that takes the form of a list. In addition, ListApp is best suited for building applications for shops, top restaurants, etc.



  1. Map and booking features
  2. Social login
  3. Tracking of bookings

10. DWT Listing

Developers make use of this React Native app to create any type of directory or listing website of their preference. One good thing with this template app for React Native is that you don’t need prior knowledge of coding before using it for development.

DWT Listing


  1. Directory Listing React Native App

11. EvaStore

You can simply use this mobile app design for React Native to turn your Shopify online store into a mobile application. It comes with a library of React mobile templates you can choose from. In addition, each of them come in different styles, look and feel. Not to also forget that offer different kinds of navigation.

React Native themes


  1. React Native Shopify Store

12. Listar

This app template goes well with any kind of mobile directory listings. Examples of some mobile directory listings you can build on Listar are City Guides, Store Locators, Events and Attractions, etc. Real estate applications are not left out too for this category.



  1. Simple design
  2. So easy to customize

13. Material Kit PRO React Native

This is a fully coded app template for React Native is developed on top of, React Native, and Expo. Furthermore, Material Kit Pro can be used to build powerful and stunning e-commerce mobile applications.

Material Kit PRO React Native


  1. Minimalistic and easy to use
  2. It’s creation was based on the Material Design System
  3. Over 200 variations of components
  4. It comes with buttons, navigations, cards, inputs just to mention a few of them

14. Argon PRO React Native

Just like the Argon design, this Argon Pro appears minimalistic and you don’t need all-around knowledge to know how to use it. Furthermore, it’s fully coded and it comes with lots of components and screens to make it a perfect fit for your next React Native project.

Argon PRO React Native


  1. Fully coded components
  2. Components like navigations, inputs and cards comes with it
  3. Easy customization

15. Now UI PRO React Native

In short, Now UI Pro is a premium app design template for React Native.

React Native themes
Now UI PRO React Native


  1. minimalistic React Native design
  2. Inspired by the Now UI Kit


You can start your next mobile app development with any of the above listed and carefully explained top React Native themes in this article. They are clean, minimalistic and very simple to use.