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30 Amazing Raspberry Pi Projects

In this article, we will be discussing some really amazing 30 Raspberry Pi Projects.

Raspberry Pi is a computer device that plugs into a television set or computer monitor. It relatively has the size of a credit card.

Raspberry Pi offers everyone in all age brackets the opportunity to learn how to compute and program in languages like Python and Scratch.

It allows you to create innovative computing projects at a very low cost.

Some excellent uses of the raspberry pi to get you started are provided below:

  • You can print with it
  • It can be used to set up a retro gaming machine
  • You can build a stop motion camera with it
  • You are able to write some codes with it

Let’s get started with the list:

1. Creation of Weather Station with Raspberry Pi

You are able to build a weather station that receives and analyzes data relating to the atmosphere with this device. While building this project, you are able to know more about Raspberry Pi.

Project Highlights:

  • It is advisable you utilize hardware like BME280 sensor (to analyze pressure, humidity, and temperature), rain gauge, wind vane, and an anemometer.
  • As a handler of this project, you can make use of Oracle Raspberry Pi Weather Station software for leveraging powerful Python APIs
  • Never forget to make use of Pi board that comes with wireless support. You can fall back to Wi-fi dongle if it doesn’t.

2. Create a Pi Twitter Bot

Twitter removes restrictions and allows developers to create a real-time twitter bot with their API. Anyone with the idea of having his/her own twitter bot can decide to use Raspberry Pi to make one.

Some of the Project’s Highlights:

  • We all know bot as a web application that can be built and run on board of a raspberry pi
  • Part of the whole process is going twitter APIs to register twitter application

3. FM Radio Station

You will need a strong internet connection and a good microphone to be able to turn your old raspberry board to the latest version of the FM radio station.

Some of the Project’s Highlights:

  • To be able to carry out the transmission of radio signals, developers need the default EMI suppression tool used in the Raspberry Pi
  • One needs to make vast use of GPIO pin 4 of one’s Raspberry Pi in sending the transmission via wire as an antenna

4. Raspberry Pi NAS (Network Attached Storage) File Server

You need at least a storage device and a good USB hub to be able to carry out this project successfully without any deficiency.

Some of the Project’s Highlights:

  • In order to avoid any unforeseen uncertainties, you need to use NTFS format to get your drives formatted
  • The networking options obtainable can be configured using Samba software
  • The configuration of your Pi must be done using SSH protocol

5. Wireless Print Server

A printer that has been abandoned for a long time can be turned into a wireless printer server by using a Raspberry Pi board, storage space, and a few other things. This is one of the best Raspberry Pi projects you can quickly build in a short limited time.

Some of the Project’s Highlights:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 is the most suitable for this project and the reason is that it comes with built-in wireless support.
  • The print server can be run via Common Unit Printing System software

6. Create a TOR router

A browser can give us access to the dark web of the internet is what we know as a TOR. A built Tor router with Raspberry board stands out as one of the Raspberry Pi’s best projects.

Some of this Project’s Highlights:

  • It is advisable you utilize Raspbian OS for this Raspberry project
  • Make sure you use it to have Tor installed and configured in your Pi, route DNS and TCP traffic

7. Network Monitoring Tool

You can easily monitor the activities of your servers after you might have built this project with Raspberry Pi. This internet-based Raspberry Pi project and many others of the same kind check out your network skills.

Some of this Project’s Highlights:

  • For this project, you can utilize NagiosPi
  • Make sure your monitoring preferences of NagiosPi tracks your network traffic effectively
  • You can use a 3D printer to create a solid outer layer to protect the mainboard

8. Minecraft Game Server

As of today, Minecraft is one of the highly ranked games developed by Microsoft. The Pi version of Minecraft is found in Raspberry. You only need a working Pi board and a fast LAN cable to build this game with this device.

Some of this Project’s Highlights:

  • Before you can install this game, you must have your system updated
  • You need Java runtime and build tools to have Minecraft run on your Pi

9. Time Lapse Camera

This project is best for people that love photography. By using Blinkt addon of your Raspberry Pi board, you are on the right path to develop this time-lapse Raspberry project.

Some of this Project’s Highlights:

  • You will need a Pi Camera or a Pi NoIR Camera, compatible cable and a pie board to build this project successfully
  • You must have your Pi board and camera connected to each other and observe if it’s working together

10. Raspberry to work as a VPN Server

To get a Raspberry Pi project to act as your devoted VPN Server, you will need to be ready to manage the networking activities of your Pi.

Some of this Project’s Highlights:

  • Pi VPN OpenVPN server implementation is best suitable for this project.
  • The VPN provider that you must use must be the best
  • Your raspberry board must have a static IP address

11. Create an AI Assistant

Google Assistant and Google Cloud SDK are what you need to build an AI Assistant that will rank among the best Raspberry Pi projects in this decade.

Some of this Project’s Highlights:

  • You don’t need to waste unnecessary time here, get the free Google Assistant account from Google Console Actions dashboard
  • Do all the needful things to get your Google Assistant account ready to go
  • Your Raspberry Pi must be authorized for the Google Assistant account you have just created
  • Configure your Google Assistant in a way that it will autostart at boot time on your Pi

12. Motion Capture Security System

This Raspberry Pi project is all about creating an HD camera surveillance system that enables you to capture anything moving in a monitored area.

Some of this Project’s Highlights:

  • This camera must always record motions to video files when needed
  • Raspberry Pi Camera Module is best suitable for this project

13. Raspberry Pi Distance Sensor

This Raspberry Pi project is more concerned with engineers or engineering students, this is one of those works you should be proud of adding to your portfolio when done.

This project opens your mind to virtually everything about sensors and you can use this knowledge to build a distance sensor project with your existing Raspberry Pi board.

Some of this Project’s Highlights:

  • You can trust HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor for this project
  • Rpi.GPIO module can be utilized for obtaining and controlling the GPIO pins of a Raspberry Pi board
  • A voltage divider is needed for dropping the 5v output from the sensor to 3.3v for a Raspberry Pi.

14. Raspberry Pi WiFi Extender

A Wifi extender is a physical device that helps in increasing a locality wireless connectivity. You can use your Raspberry Pi to build and enjoy this wifi extender.

Some of this Project’s Highlights:

  • You are able to set up a wifi extender by just configuring the WPA-supplicant.conf file in your Raspberry Pi
  • Make sure your DHCP service is restarted and let there be adjustment in the hostapd configuration of your Pi
  • Your WiFi extender must only be in a strong case for protection

15. Pi serving as a Media Center

For entrainment lovers, we have come with the project that will interest more. You can fastly transform your Raspberry Pi into a full-fledged home media center with little items.

Some of this Project’s Highlights:

  • Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+ is best suitable for this project
  • For a dedicated remote control functionality, You can Set up a compatible IR receiver on your Raspberry

16. Build a Raspberry Pi Twitch Bot

A bot for streaming a live video on platforms like twitch can be built using an old Raspberry board. With this project, you are able to stream the gameplay of Dota and PUBG.

Some of this Project’s Highlights:

  • You will need to register for Twitch and have access to Twitch OAuth token to get started for this project
  • A programming language like Python will help you in programming your Twitch moderator bot
  • When starting up, you will need to configure your Pi to be able to start the Twitch bot

17. Retro Gaming Machine

With your old Raspberry board, you can build for yourself a retro gaming console. This Raspberry Pi project is one of the best for people that love old school games.

Some of this Project’s Highlights:

  • Downloading and installing RetroPie on your machine is the first thing to do to get started
  • Make sure your Pi is configured so that it can boot automatically into EmulationStation and make use of USB controller to control it

18. Develop a Full-Fledged Desktop Computer

For those that have taken interest in Raspberry Pi project dealing with computing, this project will spark you up. This is all about building a full-fledged desktop computer out of a cheap Rasberry Pi.

Some of this Project’s Highlights:

  • Make use of an HDMI monitor as a display to your Pi
  • The next thing to do is to add some of the peripheral devices like mouse, keyboard, etc.
  • Make sure your board is inside a solid metal case for safety.
  • Your installed cooler will help you in taking the heat off your Raspberry board when it’s heated up

19. Home Automation System

This project is not for beginners but for advanced developers. This Raspberry Pi project can be helpful to you in automating your home appliances.

Some of this Project’s Highlights:

  • First of all, your Raspberry must have a Relay Circuit
  • GPIO pin number 6 of your Raspberry board is what you will use in connecting your relay circuit

20. Smart TV Development

This Raspberry Pi project will enhance your home entertainment system. To build this project, all you need is a used abandoned PC monitor and a Raspberry Pi computer.

Some of this Project’s Highlights:

  • OMX image viewer software is best suitable for this project
  • Make sure you have libjepg8-dev and libpng12-dev module installed into your Pi

21. Control LEDs with your voice

This Raspberry Pi project is one of the best you can use to control LEDs with your voice. It doesn’t require the use of many items.

Some of this Project’s Highlights:

  • To get started on this project, you only need Google AIY voice kit

22. Ad Blocker

This Raspberry Pi project deals with implementing a network-wide adblocker so as to prevent separate multiple installations of adblocker on your devices and browsers.

Some of this Project’s Highlights:

  • First of all, you will need Pi-Hole (the adblocker) to set it up

23. Compelling and Running gDrive

Through a command line, you can successfully upload files into your Google Drive through the use of gDrive.

This Raspberry Pi project will direct you in ways you can compile the gDrive software for the Raspberry Pi using your own Google credentials.

Some of this Project’s Highlights:

  • The first thing to do before you can compile the gDrive software on our device is to install Go compiler

24. Installing Mathematica on the Raspberry Pi

An excellent computation engine to process data and math is what we know as Mathematica. This Raspberry Pi project is free for dealing with anything related to math.

Some of this Project’s Highlights:

  • Make sure you have a spare 1gb free space on your SD card before thinking of this project
  • Things you will likely need for this project are Raspberry Pi (1, 2, 3 or 4), micro SD card, Ethernet cord, etc.

25. How to Install Gogs on the Raspberry Pi

They use Go programing language to write a performance-friendly Git web interface like Gogs. All you need is a simple process to set up and control GIT repositories on the Raspberry Pi.

Some of this Project’s Highlights:

  • You must first update your Raspberry packages Pi
  • To make Gogs run, you need to install the necessary packages
  • You will also need Raspberry Pi (1, 2, 3 or 4), micro SD card, Ethernet cord, etc. for this project

26. How to Install VLC for Raspberry Pi

VLC is an open-source media player that is free to all. Installing VLC for a Raspbian OS is not a difficult task to do. Single-step and simple process are what you need to get VLC installed into your Raspberry Pi.

Some of this Project’s Highlights:

  • After getting your Raspberry Pi up to date. The next thing is to install VLC, once this is successful, you can now watch things that interest you on it

27. How to Set Up WordPress on your Raspberry Pi

As we all know, WordPress is a content management system, it’s popularly used among bloggers. You need Apache, PHP, and the MYSQL server set-up to get WordPress started on your Raspberry Pi.

Some of this Project’s Highlights:

  • First thing is to have WordPress downloaded on your Raspberry Pi
  • After it has been downloaded and extracted to your Raspberry Pi, you now need to set up a database within MYSQL for WordPress to store its information

28. Raspberry Pi Accelerometer using the ADXL345

This Raspberry Pi project is all about a simple wiring process of ADXL345 to your Raspberry Pi and all the necessary steps for the implementation of ADXL34x of Adafruit library to talk with the device.

ADXL345 is a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer that makes use of I2C and SPI serial interfaces.

Some of this Project’s Highlights:

  • You will need Raspberry Pi, Micro SD Card, Power Supply, Breadboard wire and ADXL345 Accelerometer for this project

29. How to Setup a Raspberry Pi Plex Server

A client-server set up that allows you to stream data from the Plex media server is what we know as Plex.

This Raspberry Pi project is one of the best for people that desire a media server and can be made available for anyone in a home. You can also make it work in a way that it will be obtainable beyond your local network.

Some of this Project’s Highlights:

  • Before you begin anything, make sure your operating system is up to date
  • Official Plex package repository must be added before you are able to install the Plex packages to your Raspberry Pi
  • The next thing is to add Plex repositories to the “apt” package managers key list

30. Raspberry Pi Internet Speed Monitor

This Raspberry Pi project will teach you how Raspberry Pi can be set up to monitor your internet connection and save the data to view in Grafana or Google Drive. Downloading speed and uploading speed are not left out of this tracking done by Raspberry Pi.

Some of this Project’s Highlights:

  • Like some of the projects explained earlier, you must first check if your Raspberry Pi is up to date before anything can be done
  • A Python library called speedtest-cli is needed to talk with for this project
  • The Pip installed on Raspberry Pi is what you will use to download the speedtest-cli python library.


These carefully selected 30 amazing Raspberry Pi projects will help you improve your knowledge about Raspberry Pi.

These Raspberry Pi projects that will bring the best out of you depend on the ones that interest you the most and you are willing to spend your precious time on.

We believe we have enlightened you on Raspberry Pi and also given you several options you can decide to try for your next project.

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