Angular datepicker is a necessary and often most used Angular component that allows the user to select a date easily without having to know the format that the input expects, the user just need to provide the date following a simple UI. There are a lot of datepicker Libraries available for Angular.

Here are 5 most useful & best Angular datepicker libraries to ease your Angular app development.

1. Mydatepicker

Angular Datepicker

My datepicker is a Highly configurable Angular date picker. This angular datepicker library is Compatible  to Angular2+.

Github stats

Angular 2+ date picker
Forks: 344
Stars: 560
Open issues: 119
Latest tag: v1.1.1
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2. ng2-datetime

Angular datepicker

This Angular datepicker library get Job done. Yet another powerful Datetime picker  for Angular.

Github stats

Datetime picker plugins wrapper for Angular2+
Forks: 120
Stars: 163
Open issues: 88
Latest tag: 1.3.1
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3. Ngx-mydatepicker

Angular datepicker

This library is similar to Mydatepicker , but difference between these two is that with the ngx-mydatepicker you can define the style of input box, calendar and clear buttons.

Github stats

Angular 2+ attribute directive datepicker
Forks: 65
Stars: 119
Open issues: 44
Latest tag: None
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angular datepicker

A minimalist datepicker library for Angular 2+, inspired by Google’s material design.

Github stats

A minimalist datepicker inspired by Google's material design
Forks: 78
Stars: 74
Open issues: 61
Latest tag: v0.5.0
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5.  Jalali-angular-datepicker

angular datepicker

This is a configurable multilingual date-picker build for Angular 2 – 5 applications and uses jalali-moment as its dependency. it’s only Angular! No jQuery.

Github stats

Highly configurable jalali (shamsi, khorshidi, persian) date picker built for Angular ( 2 or more ) applications
Forks: 31
Stars: 103
Open issues: 7
Latest tag: v2.2.8
git clone


This article highlights 5 best Angular Datepicker Libraries based on the Github popularity. If you Know any other Angular Datepicker, share with us!

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