Atom vs Vim, The fight for which IDE/Editor is better is a never-ending battle since we have different opinions and desires.

Although, these arguments are important because knowing and choosing the best IDE for yourself is vital.

Today, We would be looking at ATOM and VIM. Using the right IDE one step to begin productive while coding.

ATOM IDE, is a free and open-source editor for Windows, Linux, and Mac, usually called the hackable text editor developed by Github in 2014, written in Electron, CoffeeScript, and JavaScript, and Licensed by MIT under the Source Code Editor/IDE category.

VIM, is a highly configurable text editor built to enable efficient text editing for Windows, Linux and Mac, usually called the “programmer’s editor,” developed by Bram Moolenaar in 1991, written in C and Vim Script , and Licensed GPL-compatible under the Text Editor category.

AutoCompleteInbuiltRequires Plugin
Bracket MatchingInbuiltRequires Plugin
Code Templates Requires Plugin Requires Plugin
Column selectionInbuilt Requires Plugin
Extension languageVim ScriptPython
Plugin ManagerThird-PartyInbuilt
Source Control IntegrationRequires PluginGIT

Pros and Cons


Lightweight and fast High effort to customize
Free and open-source software Difficult learning curve
Works in terminal over SSH Poor support for external tooling
Multiple clipboards known as “registers” Difficult learning curve
Keyboard-based, mouse-free interface, and trackpad support Difficult to copy, paste, and delete
Built-in package management Poor feature discoverability


Embedded Git control Crash and data loss
Beginner-friendly Too Many Packages
Multi-line select and edit Recognition of Few Keyboards
Allows for instant file switching High memory usage
very customizable and extendable Slow startup Time
 HiDPI support Not recommendable for older computers


A lot of developers choose VIM over ATOM, even on scoreboards and ranking charts, VIM takes the lead. Personally, I have used both and I like neither(I enjoy VScode). I will personally still pick VIM over ATOM.

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