Gone are the days when printing and posting your ad campaigns, in addition to designing and laying them out, are the most effective methods of advertising. While you can still go by the traditional way, why bother when you can simply advertise online?

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Nowadays, developers maximize their online presence more than their physical presence. The reason is that many people spend a great amount of time on the web, especially on social media. Thus, they can easily reach their intended market if they invest in online promotion. One example is Facebook advertising. 

There are many benefits of advertising on Facebook, including cost-effectiveness. You can choose from a variety of options for Facebook advertising costs that you can tailor-fit to your budget. Keep reading to learn more about promoting your brand, product, or service via Facebook.

Is Advertising on Facebook a Good Idea?

Whether you’re a brand owner, software developer, or an online seller, you must invest in effective promotional campaigns to boost your visibility, engagement, and sales. And one of the best platforms to do this is Facebook.

Facebook is still at the top as the most trusted arena for social media marketing. Many well-known brands and names have developed and continue to grow because of their robust presence on Facebook. With almost 2 billion daily active users, Facebook is indeed an excellent place to promote your product, service, or brand. 

Why Should You Advertise on Facebook?

Promotion via the social media giant, Facebook, is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. It offers all kinds of advantages, from boosting your visibility online to increasing sales. Check out the benefits you can enjoy when you advertise on Facebook.

  • Facebook Has Your Audience

One of the main reasons why you must consider Facebook advertising is that the platform has your audience, and they are most likely active in it. Facebook has billions of people who are actively using the platform at an average of about an hour per day. So one way or another, your Facebook ads will make their way to your target market. 

  • Concentrate and Penetrate your Target Audience

Despite the heavy volume of Facebook users, not all of them are your target audience. You have a particular market for your product or service, based on gender, age, location, language, and other specifications. Facebook allows you to specify these parameters so that your promotional campaigns can concentrate and penetrate your intended audience.

  • Guaranteed High Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS)

Advertising on Facebook is a foolproof method with high profitability. You can obtain fast and instant Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS), as evidenced by successful business owners and marketers. Every penny you spend on advertising will easily be replenished since users are more likely to click on Facebook ads than on ads on other sites.

  • Versatile Advertisement Costing

As mentioned earlier, Facebook offers versatile ad costing that you can adjust to your budget. You can set a budget limit for your ad, and Facebook will adjust how long it will run your ad on the platform. In other words, when Facebook hits this limit, it will no longer show your ads – as simple as that.

  • Huge Selection of Facebook Ad Types

Facebook offers a variety of ad types depending on your business, product, and goals. Some examples of these ad categories are photos, videos, Facebook stories, and Messenger. These ad options allow marketers to diverge from dull text ads to more creative, visual, and appealing forms of advertising.

  • Easy Set Up and Payment Plan

Another advantage of advertising on Facebook you can’t miss is the convenience of setting up your ad and paying for your plan. It will only take a few minutes for you to set up your ad, starting by selecting the type of ad, determining your target audience, and then specifying your budget and timeframe.

  • Accessible Data Analytics

Facebook also offers powerful data analytics about your ad performance and reach. You can use these insights to your advantage by looking for points for improvement. Even though you did not gain sales from your reached audience, you’ll have working data about your business visibility, engagement, and brand awareness. 

You can’t go wrong with Facebook advertising; it offers a number of perks, including cost-effectiveness and instant ROAS. And even if you don’t achieve your target sales, advertising on Facebook will still provide you with benefits that will eventually help your business grow and succeed.