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15 Best Android Rating Bar Widgets

Measurement of the usefulness of something or its worthlessness for that matter has grown in relevance and importance of late.

In recent times Android users have been looking more into ratings of products, applications, and other quantifiable stuff.

Chances are that you have an app and need to have some feature in it rated by users.

To ensure that this happens, you need to incorporate a response initiating solution.

This solution should be graphic and trigger the user into action and interaction with your app.

Long gone are the days where a user would be often forced to key in numbers and type in their ratings.

I have compiled 15 Best Android Rating Bar Widgets that you can use on your Android app to make life easy.

1. SmartRateUsDialog-Android

The SmartRateUsDialog is a widget that delivers a simple yet effective means of smart ranking and rating. A dialog box appears to the user requesting for a rating. A high score will take the user to the PlayStore on Google while a low score from the user will receive a thank you toast message.

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2. RatingBar

The developer of this widget saw the ever-present need for a project to have a RatingBar. There is also very poor support for the android native RatingBar. This widget can be customized as you wish and see fit.

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3. AndroidRatingStar

AndroidRatingStar features a drawable star that is indicative of and marker of progress.

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4. SimpleRatingBar from Bravoborja

SimpleRatingBar is a user-friendly widget with which you can come up with RatingBars containing margins in between items. There are plenty of displayable options for drawable items. With SimpleRatingBar you can showcase draw able traits like ratingFilled, ratingHalf, and ratingEmpty.

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5. RatingBar

The RatingBar widget will help you display ratings in star form. This custom widget looks to become the alternative to Android’s built-in RatingBar. RatingBar is highly customizable plus you won’t find any challenges working with it.

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6. Smiley Rating

The SmileyRating widget is a cool customizable means of welcoming users in a friendly way through a lively smile. This happens as they express positive feedback on their interaction with your app.

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7. ProperRatingBar

The ProperRatingBar is a simplified implementation of the bar type of rating widget. It takes inspiration from androids inbuilt RatingBar. ProperRatingBar doesn’t have any funny behaviors and contains styling features absent in android’s standard inbuilt RatingBar. As you work with the ProperRating Bar you will discover it has unique tricks unavailable in other rating bars.

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8. SimpleRatingBar by FlyingPumba

This simple widget is a powerful full-featured alternative of androids default RatingBar widget. Considering its capability and features it may come as a surprise that this widget is an open-source project. The SimpleRatingBar is easy to utilize and customize with its plenty of useful and great features.

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9. SimpleRatingBar from Ome

Ome presents its SimpleRatingBar library which enables you to enhance android’s BaseRatingBar. The SimpleRatingBar allows for customized animation of the RatingBar via a simple set of steps. With this rating bar widget comes three animated RatingBar options;

  • RotationRatingBar; this is characterized by rotation and progression in animation.
  • ScaleRatingBar; this is a RatingBar that features an animation that scales as well as progresses.
  • BaseRatingBar; this is a RatingBar that features no animation at all.
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10. Flutter – Movie Ratings

For the lovers of Box Office movies, this Android rating widget allows you to see and input movie relate ratings as you browse Amazon Prime, Netflix, and other movie sites via video streaming apps on your phone.

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11. SmileRating

The SmileyRating widget is characterized by animated smileys that act as rating icons. This widget is a simple yet effective rating bar that you can embed anywhere within your application where there is a layout present. The smileys showcased are wholly drawn in android canvas.

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12. MaterialRatingBar

If you are looking for enhance and improved appearance of your rating bar widget then MaterialRatingBar will deliver it all for you. This rating bar showcases an improved appearance and features compatibility with Android 3.0 and above.

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13. EmotionRatingView

The EmotionRatingView widget showcases interactive emotional responses that are determined by the ratings selected by users. Animated faces appear in response to changes in ratings. The rating bar has animated grades and the backgrounds will also smoothly change in gradient form as the ratings are changed.

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14. Smart App Rate

The SmartAppRate is a rating widget that considers the users rating and showcases a dialog window concerning this. A rating that falls lower than the threshold rating set will change the dialog into a feedback form alternatively the user gets taken to Google PlayStore.

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15. android-ratingreviews

The android-ratingsreviews is a rating bar widget that spruces up your app by adding Reviews and Rating bars that look similar to those you see in the Apple App Store or Google PlayStore. The visual appearance of your app’s ratings and is enhanced and given more beauty. This widget can be customized as you please and you will soon enjoy a showcase of users’ views on your app via this clean and colorful widget.

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In Conclusion

These Android Rating Bar Widgets are awesome and useful components that are worth implementing in your android application. These widgets will continue to offer an invaluable avenue to gauge user satisfaction, app relevance, and popularity. The community of apps will definitely continue to grow. So you can expect even fancier and features widgets in the days ahead.

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