In this article, I will be introducing you to 20 of the amazing and best Coding fonts out there, some of which you might have/haven’t hear.

As Developers, We spend a lot of time with our computers writing codes and there are certain factors that affect our productivity.

Most developers prefer dark mode (I suppose you do too). Fonts can also be an issue, to avoid bugs or perhaps limit bugs it is important to use clean and clear fonts that allow you to see your codes better.

So, let’s get started with the list

1. Fira Code

FIRA Code is free, comes with a lot of amazing ligatures, It is easily incorporated into Visual Studio code and a lot of developers seem to love it.


2. Source Code Pro

Source Code Pro is free, it is designed for UI environments. Developers are really “crazy” about it. A Developer even tattooed it on his arm.


3. Victor Mono

Victor Mono is free and comes with semi-connected cursive italics. It’s an amazing font, try to donate to them if you like it.

victor mono

4. Inconsolota

Inconsolata, also free, comes with ligatures for a great coding experience, it is an open-source alternative for Consolas.


5. Monaco

Monaco is a monospaced sans serif font that comes with Mac OS. Some video tutorials might teach you how to install on Linux but it’s not really approved.


6. Dank Mono

Dank Mono is an amazing font that comes with ligatures for a fair amount of 40$. It’s worth it if you can afford it.

dank mono

7. Ubuntu mono

UBUNTU mono looks great, it is available for free on Google fonts, you should check it out.

8. Consolas

Consolas is monospaced sans serif and comes pre-installed with Microsoft Office on Windows, it’s available on Mac computers so you can check it out.

9. Iosevka

Iosevka has made a lot of top ten lists, it’s available for all computer OS, you can always find it, it’s free as well.

Coding fonts

10. Operator mono

Operator mono cones with a huge price of 200$ but I daresay it’s worth it, it comes with significant features, like syntax looking very different from each other in terms of style and color, you could easily detect a bug.

coding fonts

11. Anonymous Pro

Anonymous Pro is a family of four fixed-width fonts with coding in mind it features an international Unicode character set.

12. Hermit

Hermit is designed specifically for coding, it’s clear, pragmatic and very readable. It’s also free.

coding fonts

13. Eldo

Eldo is designed to make each character appear unique and different so as to ease debugging, it was designed specifically for coding also and is free.

coding fonts

14. Melso

melso is a customized version of Apple’s Menlo font. Great monospaced font for development work. Should also work with the Windows Console 

coding fonts

15. Vera sans mono

VERA Sans Mono is labeled as a Fixed-width font. Bitstream Vera Sans Mono font family has 4 variants.

Coding fonts

16. Pt Mono

PT mono is a simple Russian style font, it’s good for coding and also greats on websites and documents. It’s also free


17. Envy code

Envy Code is designed with programming in mind, it’s working with all OS and is equally free.

best Coding fonts

18. Liberation Mono

Liberation Mono is a monospaced font that is designed by Red Hat. This font is labeled as a Fixed-width font.

best Coding fonts

19. DejaVu

DejaVu is open source and purposed for greater coverage of Unicode and to provide a wider range of characters and styles at the same time maintaining the original look.

best Coding fonts

20. Droid Sans Mono

Droid Sans Mono is created by Ańdriod and looks good on an IDE. It’s free.

Coding fonts

In Closing

That was a long journey! We hope that you have now an idea of what Coding Fonts to use depends on your needs and preference.

when you try out any of these Coding fonts, do well to leave a comment and tell us how it was. You can also share with us fonts we didn’t mention.