In this article, I have shared top AI Plugins for Eclipse that are game-changers for developers.

Eclipse is an OpenSource IDE and can be used to develop software in any language.

Comparatively, It is one of the most widely adopted ides in the world.

Eclipse is coupled with extensions and plugins for almost everything, since its open-source, you can even develop your own Eclipse plugins.

These plugins not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your IDE but also significantly streamline and improve your development workflow.

It is in its extensibility that Eclipse boasts an upper hand when it comes to compatibility with other programming languages.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the list and explore these exceptional AI Plugins for Eclipse.

Tabnine for Eclipse

Tabnine is an advanced AI code assistant designed to enhance the coding experience for software developers using Eclipse.

It offers real-time code completions and a Chat feature, supporting various popular coding languages and IDEs.

Tabnine’s AI is versatile, trained to understand numerous coding contexts and provide accurate suggestions, whether it’s IntelliSense, autocomplete, or AI-assisted code completion.

Tabnine for Eclipse

The Tabnine Chat feature, currently in beta, is a secure and private tool trained exclusively on permissible open-source code, enabling developers to ask questions directly within their IDE.

This includes generating specific code, tests, or documentation and explaining legacy code.

Underlying Tabnine’s functionality are multiple language-specialized machine-learning models, each pre-trained on code and adhering to permissive licenses.

These AI models are versatile, capable of running on a local developer’s laptop, a server behind a firewall, or in the cloud. Tabnine emphasizes code privacy, ensuring that users’ code remains private and is never stored or shared.

Only with explicit user consent is code shared with Tabnine servers for private code model purposes, a feature available in the enterprise version.

Additionally, Tabnine’s AI models are trained solely on open-source code with permissive licenses, ensuring that user code and AI data are never used for any other models except the user’s private code models.

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Copilot4Eclipse is a free Eclipse plugin developed by Genuitec that integrates GitHub Copilot AI developer tools into the Eclipse IDE.

This integration aims to enhance the coding experience by offering AI-assisted features.

Some of the key features include generating code and text from natural language instructions, providing just-in-time AI code completions within any Eclipse editor, and displaying Copilot completion text inline using ghost-text.


It also supports both Copilot completions and classic Eclipse code assist, with a customizable user experience.

The plugin is licensed by Genuitec, LLC, and its usage is subject to the Copilot4Eclipse End User License Agreement (EULA).

It’s important to note that while Genuitec is the licensor, GitHub Inc., which provides the GitHub Copilot services, is not responsible or liable for the plugin.

To use Copilot4Eclipse, a GitHub Copilot subscription is required, available through GitHub Inc. and governed by their terms of use.

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The aiXcoder Code Completer & Code Search Engine for Java is a robust Eclipse plugin designed to enhance the coding experience.

It utilizes advanced deep learning technology to offer powerful code completion and a code search engine.

AiXcoder can recommend entire lines of code, significantly speeding up the coding process. Additionally, it provides a code search engine to assist in finding API use cases on GitHub.

Key requirements for aiXcoder include Eclipse Kepler or higher, Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.8 or above, about 500 MB of free memory, and over 300 MB of free disk space.

Currently, aiXcoder supports Java with plans to extend its capabilities to other languages like C++, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, and PHP.

One of its standout features is its offline functionality, ensuring the safety of your code.

The plugin organizes completion items by likelihood probability, offering long completion results that can span up to a full line.

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In conclusion, the Eclipse IDE landscape is significantly enhanced by the integration of AI-driven plugins such as Tabnine, Copilot4Eclipse, and aiXcoder.

These tools revolutionize the coding experience by offering advanced code completions, AI-assisted coding assistance, and powerful code search capabilities.

Each plugin, with its unique features and requirements, caters to different aspects of software development, ensuring developers can code more efficiently and effectively.

Whether it’s leveraging deep learning technology, integrating GitHub’s Copilot AI, or providing robust code completions for Java, these plugins represent a leap forward in the realm of software development, promising to make coding a more streamlined and intuitive process.