Go programing language is shortened as Golang. It is a trusted open source and effective language for developing software applications.

A very good example of programming in Go is Bot building, In this article, we will be discussing 21 best Golang Bot Building libraries

A bot can also be called a robot or internet bot. It’s a program that serves as an agent for taking charge of repeated tasks that should have been done by a user.

These bots don’t just appear on their own, there are some peculiar languages used in building them – Go language is one of those languages.

Follow us as we explain here in detail some important bot building in Go programing language.

1. go-chat-bot

This is exclusively for IRC, Slack and Telegram applications. Go language utilizes go-ircevent for the connectivity of IRC. Go language Bot in Slack is nlopes/slack while that of Telegram is Syfaro/telegram-bot-api.

You will need at least Go 1.11 to run this project on these aforementioned software applications.

Golang Bot Building libraries
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2. joe-bot

Joe is commonly known as a simple, minimal library in Go programing language for writing chat Bots.

Rocket.Chat, Mattermost, IRC, Slack, Telegram and many more use it as chat adapter.

Golang Bot Building libraries
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3. go-sarah

This creator of this go-bot named it after her firstborn daughter.

Some very important features of this go-bot are: ‘stateful command’, live configuration update, customizable alerting mechanism, panic proofed concurrent command/ task execution, automated command/ task (re-) building, etc.

go-sarah works perfectly on chat services like Slack, Gitter, XMPP and Line.

The earlier mentioned go-sarah’s ‘Stateful command’ in software chat applications is very useful in guiding users on how to input arguments in a step by step order. The image below explains it in a better way.

Golang Bot Building libraries
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4. go-tgbot

go-tgbot is known as a pure Go programing language telegram bot API wrapper.

It has about 30 dependencies.

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5. go-twitch-irc

They use this Bot as an irc client to connect to twitch. It’s duty is to irc tag parsing.

Golang Bot Building libraries
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6. Golang Crypto Trading Bot

This Go programing language console-based trading Bot is implemented exclusively on crytocurrency exchanges.

When Golang Crypto Trading Bot stimulation mode is activated in cryptocurrency exchanges, it begins to do paper trading. This means in a sandbox environment, fake orders become executed.

Golang Bot Building libraries
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7. govkbot

This is simply a bot API used in VK.com. govkbot is integrated on their site to reply to private and chat messages, send greeting messages on condition of being invited to chat, remove and add mutual friends. And lastly, to issue notifications to the admin.

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8. hanu

This is another Bot used in Slack application. You are able to create your hanu Bot within a twinkle of an eye with just a Slack API Token.

It is used for responding to direct messages and mentions. Hanu also automatically generates a command overview whenever a user asks the Bot for help  – It displays to you a list of accessible commands with a description when configured.

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9. Kelp

Stellar Universal Marketplace makes kelp as a trading Bot. It has it a lot of configurable strategies and exchange integrations.

As we all know kelp as a free and open-source not, its work is to make spreads and market, create liquidity and facilitate price-discovery for ICOs, Price, and trade custom stablecoins, etc.

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10. Margelet

Margelet is used as a framework for building Telegram Bot.

Margelet as a thin layer gives you access to immediately solve simple basic Bot tasks.

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11. Micha

Micha is simply a Go programing language library for Telegram Bot API.

Micha work perfectly on Bot API v2.3.1.

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12. Slacker

A framework for building Slack Bots. This Go programing language Bot supports authorization, got built-in help command, does relatively easy parsing of String, Integer, Float and Boolean parameters, generates events for executed commands, etc.

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13. Slackscot

Slackscot adds to the number of slack Bots explained on this page. It contains user-friendly plugins and API.

It only supports Go version 1.11+.

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14. tbot

It is a Telegram Bot server with an API that resembles that of net/http.

This Go programing language works well with Telegram Bot API 4.4 without any dependency. It is compatible with go modules and supports external logger, etc.

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15. Telebot

Telebot is nothing but a Bot framework for Telegram bot API. No other Bot framework offers a better API for command routing, inline query requests, keyboards and callbacks than Telebot.

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16. telegram-bot-api

Its name as clearly signified that it is a Telegram Bot client. The good news here is that telegram-bot-api works as a wrapper for API without extra features.

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17. Tenyks

We know tenyks as a service oriented IRC. In order for it to be able to send messages, it makes use of Redis and JSON.

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18. Flottbot

The word Flottbot literally means speedy/quick. It is known to be a chatbot framework written in Go programing language.

It duty is to create a simple lightweight Bot that connects well with APIs and scripts.

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19. Strongo Bots Framework

This Go programing language framework is used for creating a Bot for software messengers.

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20. go-keybase-chat-bot

This is a Go programing language API for exploration keybase chat JSON.

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21. golang-samples

This Go programing language Bot obtains sample code that is used in displaying Google Cloud Platform.

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This article explains in detail everything about Bot building using Go programing language. We listed out the Bots of some important software applications like Slack, Telegram, etc. and how some of these Bots work in them.