With the rise in cyber-insecurity, many organizations or cyber users in general, passwords, and I really mean strong passwords are a life safer to our life-worth data and numerous online and offline accounts.

Even with strong passwords, we are not safe yet! What do you mean? Complex passwords are hard to keep in memory, leave alone multiple complex passwords.

We were in an awkward position up until password managers came into play.

With password managers, you can spare a part of your brain for useful tasks; while at the same time avoid the downtime of a lost password or forgotten passwords.

Give thumbs up and credit to open-source password managers. The facial recognition and fingerprint sensors revolution is around the corner, but until then, the password managers take over to safeguard us and lift the burden off our shoulders; remembering multiple complex passwords.

Much credit also goes to generous developers who developed password managers and committed them as open-source so that Kyle and Tracy can be safe with passwords without paying a penny for it.

Now let’s get down to the 15 best open-source password managers.

1. LastPass

LastPass is the most reviewed product in the password manager category on the G2 crowd with over 400 reviews.

Open Source Password Manager

LastPass allows for passwords to be accessed across a number of devices; from smartwatches to laptops, and simply IoT.

LastPass has simplified online shopping a great deal. It is free for real but can spend a few bucks for expanded capabilities and security issues. Otherwise, you are good to go with a free edition of LastPass.

2. KeePass

KeePass is free for life software active since 2003. An award-winning KeePass password manager has seen many at peace of mind with a reliable password manager database.

Users can upload passwords as much as they have on to applications and access them on the encrypted database with a master password of a key file.

Satisfied KeePass clients donate at their will to the cause of KeePass operations and future developments through their website.

Users access the full functionality of KeePass with that one download. Kudos to philanthropic developers who do impressive duties!

3. Dashlane

Dashlane Free edition allows users to save unlimited passwords on a device of their choice, generate new strong passwords as they find fit for them and update their old passwords as they wish.

Open Source Password Manager

Dashlane comes with succinct security features like timely security breach alerts right to your hand-held device.

Users are at liberty to stay on the free edition or upgrade to premium to enjoy advanced functionalities and security features of Dashlane.

4. RoboForm

In addition to features for filling forms, RoboForm provides password management functions, emergency access, and password audits.

Open Source Password Manager

Advanced encryption is available in RoboForm to prevent breaches and compromised access to passwords.

In the free edition, users can enjoy unlimited logins and single-click access to applications and sites with passwords saved through the software.

RoboForm allows users to sync personal data for access across devices.

5. Thycotic Secret Server

The Thycotic secret server is a renowned leader in the password manager category. The free edition provides up to 25 members of a team on –the premise storage of up to 250 passwords.

Once you are signed up for this, you get access to Thycotic forums where the community discusses progressive passwords protection related issues.

It has the option for premium and professional subscription for a certain fee. A 30 day free trial period for standard features available.

6. PassPack

PassPack is an Italy-based software that is free forever.

It provides two-factor authentication for up to 100 passwords with the ability to have unlimited passwords shared with other users by other parties.

Users have the ability to add notes to passwords and it is compatible with most desktop-based web browsers.

7. Zoho Vault

Zoho promises solid security and privacy.

The free version is available for personal use only, but individual members of a team can each download Zoho and use it independently in a team.

Its features include two-factor authentication, mobile access, password generator and the ability to define and enforce unique password policy in a team. The premium plan is available for the advanced features of Zoho.

8. Sticky Password

Sticky password interestingly remembers all your passwords and logins, automatically fills out forms and logs you in, generates super-strong passwords any time you need and keeps your credit cards at bay, safe and ready for check out.

In addition, it protects private notes and other data, lets you share your passwords and logins securely, syncs your encrypted data across devices and secures your passwords on computers that are not yours.

With the sticky password, your data is highly secured.

9. SplashID

SplashID is a password manager with a customer base of more than one million users including giant companies like Adobe, National Institute of Health, University of Florida and UC Davis.

Open Source Password Manager

SplashID provides smooth encryption of all your important passwords using a master password of your choice.

It is suitable for people with numerous accounts both offline and online.

10. True Key

True Key is a product of Silicon-Valley based McAfee Company, the True Key provides a full set of features and cross-device syncing with free downloads.

If these features wow you, try the premium edition for increased passed limits for your team, up to 1000 passwords for only $19.99 a year.

11. 1Password

With 1Password, you only need to memorize one master password, as it sounds.

All your important info and passwords are rest protected behind the scene.

12. Keeper

Keeper is used by millions of people and thousands of businesses to keep and manage passwords and substantially reduce the data security breach.

The keeper can auto-generate high strength passwords, encrypt sensitive files and share records securely with the teams.

13. Universal Password Manager

UPM allows a user to store usernames, passwords, URLs and generic notes in an encrypted database protected by a master password.

14. Master Password

Master Password is based on the ingenious password generation algorithm that guarantees your password is never lost.

As you know losing a password is mind breaking and disastrous.

15. TeamsID

TeamsID is a cloud password management software that allows companies and teams sync, record, get automated backups and share TeamsID records securely.


A password manager helps users in protecting their crucial personal data by securing and strengthening access passwords.

They also provide users with easy logins through offline and online applications.

As a team manager, you are advised to choose wisely the password manager to implement in your organization taking into consideration the capacity and the cost.

I conclude by saying that free password managers are suitable for individuals and small teams while enterprises may opt for the premium or paid password managers.