There are over a hundred courses teaching React, React has been on top of the list as a result of its widespread usage.

Therefore, because of its popularity among the frontend framework and library pack, it’s a good idea to get its certification.

Additionally, when compared to other frameworks, for example, Ember and Angular, React.JS is the simplest to learn.

Therefore, in this article, I will take you through 15 best React courses. Hence, this will acquit you with the relevant knowledge that you will need for programming using this library.

All the courses listed in this article have thousands of registered learners, high ratings, and good reviews.

1. React: The Complete Guide

This is the most popular React course. This course was developed by Maximillian Schwarzmuller, a renowned instructor on Udemy. Currently, this course has over 100,000 students and a great star rating. Furthermore, the bestseller tag is featured with its ratings.

Successful completion of the course learning materials includes; 46 articles, 35.5 hours of illustration video, and 178 downloadable resources.

The Content of the Course

Several concepts of React and Redux are clearly discussed in this course. The following are the highlights of the topics discussed in the course

  • Debugging.
  • React basic features and syntax.
  • Addition of authentication.
  • The Redux pattern.
  • Implementation of a real application.
  • Deploying the application
  • Plus, additional extra lectures.
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2. Modern React with Redux

 best React courses

More than 170,000 students have registered for this course. Secondly, this course has a high star rating of 4.8/5. This course is developed by Stephen Grider who is a guru in web development and has worked in big corporations in the San Francisco Bay region. These and other several factors make this course to be among 15 best React courses.

The following topics will be covered during the course;

  • Fundamentals of React and Redux by developing applications with React Router, ES6, and Webpack.
  • Mastering of NPM Webpack, ES6 JS syntax, and Babel.
  • Illustrating the difference between “props/state” and learning how they operate.
  • Above all, the course will breakdown complex topics which are difficult to understand to simpler understandable terms. Thus, it is easy to learn and grasp the concepts.

To add on the above, this course comes with lifetime access, therefore registered members can access the regular updates done to the course.

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3. React Courses on Pluralsight

The beginner level topics in this course help newbie developers get acquainted with the basics of React. These topics include; component states, JSX, and Props object thus giving the adequate knowledge required for prerequisite React training.

The intermediate level training will deal with topics such as operating Redux and Flux as well as working with additional intricate elements. Lastly, the final stage of the course will elaborate on key concepts like external state, HOCs, API, and many more.

By the end of this course be confident in using the skills gained in the course and developing full-stack apps.

Additional topics that will be covered during the course are;

  • There are several videos to help in illustrating how to create projects and applications.
  • Building a quiz component using the foundational concept at the beginner level, testing of applications by using Jest and building full-stack apps with React.

The whole study materials, exercises, and videos are available for free for the first 10 days. The course duration is 29 hours.

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4. Professional React Developer Nanodegree Certification

This course will transform you into the UI library expert, a game-changer in Front-End development. For this course, you have to be familiar with CSS, JS, HTML, command line, NPM, and Git for you to be a suitable candidate to enroll.

The course will cover the following key areas;

  • Component models which will help writing declarative.
  • Composable UI that is needed to build production-ready applications.
  • How to develop apps using React Native that is compatible with both Android and iOS.
  • Learning how to work with the complicated state with Redux
  • Using the tools and software to solve real-life problems.

Moreover, the course also offers career coaching sessions, job interview preparation tips, and a mentor to support you through your journey.

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5. Complete React Developer in 2020

 best React courses

This course is developed by Andrei Naegoie and Yihua Zhang. In the course the following concepts are fully covered;

  • Firebase.
  • Session storage.
  • Context API.
  • Apollo and GraphQL.
  • Redux-Saga, Stripe, and Persistence.

After successful completion of these topics, learners are capable of building a full-stack e-commerce application where the firebase is backed.

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6. React Front to Back

This course is found in Udemy and is one of the best-selling instructor called Brad Traversy. This course is well-rated, therefore for that reason, it 100,000 paying students taking the course.

This online react course covers mainly enlighten learners on how to;

  • Build full-stack react applications in a situation whereby MongoDB and Node.JS are used as backed.

Most noteworthy, this course is for individuals who are already familiar with react concepts and just want to know how to integrate React with MongoDB and Node.JS.

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7. Node with React: Fullstack Web Development

This online React course is taught by Stephen Grider. This course mainly covers advanced react concepts, as a result, it is not suitable for beginner learners.

The course will look into detail the following concepts;

  • Firstly, it guides learners on how to create advanced react boilerplates with MongoDB, express, authentication, and Node.
  • Secondly, the learners will also be taught design patterns, hence, they will be able to connect React apps and Node.Js.
  • Google OAuth
  • Lastly, credit card payment with Stripe.

If you are a newbie please don’t register for this course, because, it is best suited for intermediate react developers who want to learn full-stack concepts.

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8. Wes Bos React Premium Training Course

Wes Bos has launched a React premium training course. Its wide range of topics and relevance make it appear among the 15 best React courses. Most importantly, this course teaches developers how to develop an online store with React and GraphQL.

This course will cover the following concepts in-depth:

  • Next.js
  • React Apollo client
  • Sending mails.
  • JWT authentication
  • Charging credit cards with stripe.
  • Styled components
  • Lastly, testing and several other topics.
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9. The Modern React Bootcamp (Hooks, Context, NextJS, Router)

This course is developed by a respected boot camp instructor and developer known as Colt Steele. In this course, he teaches exactly what he teaches in his in-person San Francisco boot camp.

Importantly, this course has over 10 projects, one huge color application, and cheat sheets that help learners to remember hard concepts.

After registering for the course, learners will have access to 39 hours of video lecture that explains how to build and deploy production-ready react applications.

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10. React Certification Full-Stack Web Development

This course is created by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. It can be accessed from a popular e-learning platform known as Coursera. This program has additional topics apart from React related topics. Some of the additional topics are Bootstrap 4, server-side development, and react-native.

This course will tackle the following areas too;

  • Full-stack web development using React.
  • Hybrid mobile app development.
  • Front-end web
  • Server side development.

The creator of this course is ranked as the best developer in Asia. The course duration is 16 weeks.

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11. Advanced React and Redux Tutorial

This course is developed by Stephen Grider. This is an advanced level React course, hence, learners need enough understanding of React and Redux for them to take up this high-level course.

This course will mainly teach learners about advanced concepts such as authentication, HOC’s, testing Middleware, Deployment using React.

Secondly, developers will also learn how to build a scalable API with authentication using Passport, Express, and MongoDB.

Additionally, will be guided on how to create a testing environment using Chai and Mocha.

Lastly, learners will be taught how to create Redux middleware from scratch.

It is important to note that subscribers of this course will have lifetime access

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12. GraphQL with React

In this tutorial, Stephen Grider will guide you on how to master GraphQL by creating real apps with React and Node. The course will also cover the following concepts;

  • Fundamental concepts driving structuring GraphQL servers.
  • Illustration of the difference between Apollo and Relay.
  • The procedure of building servers that can be used in both React and React Native applications.
  • The concept of authentication, Integration with React and Apollo Data.
  • The process of integrating React Router with GraphQL.

This is course is among 15 best React course and currently, it has a very high star rating.

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13. Beginner Full Stack Web Development: HTML CCS, React and Node

 best React courses

This program is developed by a guru engineering instructor called Mark Price. He is a teacher of host languages and platforms, for example, Apple TV, React, tvOS, Flux web development, Node, JavaScript, and many more.

In this course, he has compiled all his knowledge and experience to teach learners full-stack web development across React, HTML, Node, and CSS.

The following are the key learning concepts in the tutorial;

  • Components and props.
  • Guides learners on how to develop backend servers and API with Node and Express.
  • Teaches learners how to create full-stack web apps with React.
  • Learning how to install Bootstrap, creation of HTTP service and setting up the API.

The program takes 25.5 hours on study video, 32 supplementary resources, and 13 articles.

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14. The Complete Web Developer in 2020: Zero to Mastery

This program is developed by Andrei Naegoie. This instructor is well known for his highly valuable courses at Udemy.

In this course, he mainly focuses on coding using React, JavaScript, Node.js, HTML, CSS, Machine learning and many more concepts.

After successful completion of this React course learners will be able to;

  • To develop 6 React applications and learn how to style them.
  • Create their own websites and applications.
  • Additionally, they will be trained on interview tips and how to create a standard resume on LinkedIn.
  • The process of production and deployment, for example, deploying to Heroku.

Above all, this course will take 26 hours of on-demand video, 64 supplementary resources, and 72 articles.

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15. Free React Tutorial by

This is a free tutorial designed for newbies who are interested in React.JS. Learners taking this course start by building a tictactoe game in the process. However, individuals wishing to start this course must have some basic knowledge with HTML and JavaScript in order to get started.

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If you were looking for the best 15 React courses, then this article has it all. Choose one of your preferences and start your journey of app development.

This article combines both free and premium versions so be vigilant while choosing the best program that suits you.

All the best and feel free to like and comment on any suggestion you have. Cheers!