If you want to quicker power websites and mobile apps, you’ve got to choose only the best technologies, such as React JS. Today, I’m going to show you the best React website templates of 2019, which you can use to create awesome mobile apps, e-stores, and websites.

What Is React JS?

React JS is a comprehensive JavaScript library, used for developing mobile and web interfaces. React allows you to better account for data that change over time, displaying these changes instantly. Interfaces, developed with React JS are minimal, fast and scalable. Moreover, it’s always easy to combine React JS with AngularJS, Redux, jQuery, etc.

Reasons To Go For React Templates

React JS gives new opportunities to everyone developing front-end apps and websites. Below I list the major advantages of using React JS for your next project:

  • React JS boosts the speed of your interfaces. It works as a virtual DOM and allows your interface to update only the components that changed, instead of updating the whole interface. This saves A LOT of user’s time.
  • React JS includes JSX, JavaScript syntax extension which lets you use React together with HTML, CSS, and XML code.
  • React JS libraries are well coded and easy to get around;
  • With React JS, your sites and applications will be more secure. React templates allow you to bake your HTML content into JavaScript, making the surface area of your website/app less vulnerable.
  • ReactJS is well-documented across the web. You can find many great ReactJS tutorials and online courses on the web.

If you still aren’t impressed by this innovative library, check out my article on the best websites built using React. 

Now, it’s time to see 26 best React website templates. Built with the latest technologies, these templates let you master your React JS projects like a pro. Enjoy!

1. Xtreme React Redux Admin Template

Want to get one of the most influential fully responsive React templates with
Reactstrap? WrapPixel’s very own Xtreme React Redux Admin is based on a
modular design, React with Redux framework and SaSS Base CSS.

React templates

This theme uses Webpack & Babel compiler along with lots of features like
customization options, table examples, awesome 2000+ font icons, sidebar
variants, page templates, color schemes, and many other integrated plugins.

People love this template as it is well-known for creating a seamless experience
for users with modern design helping to execute complex requirements. It
readily offers UI elements, creative landing pages, and user-friendliness

This particular React admin template is well-acclaimed and
prestigious with its features making it the most popular among developers
around the globe.

2. Audrix App Template

If you want to build a mobile app with a modern and functional interface, use React Native. As a result, your app will be as good as the apps built using Java or Objective-C. Audrix React Native template app allows you to create a front end of mobile music streaming application. 

React website templates

With this kit, you can easily start a music app, cutting down the cost of UI creation. This UI starter template contains 20 screens built in React Native. All the UI screens are tested on Android and iPhone. Keep in mind that this is only the frontend design of an app. To go live with your app, you’ll have to attach a backend and server to your app.

Other features:

  • Different Album Display Types;
  • Favorite Tracks Library;
  • Download Songs for Offline Usage;
  • Handy Log In / Sign Up.

3. Material Kit React

To speed up the process of building React web apps, use the fresh Material, UI React Kit. This kit was inspired by the new Google material design release. With the help of this kit, you can make your web project more appealing with minimal UI components and sample Material UI pages. 

React website templates

Material Kit React is available free of charge. It includes 60 elements, 4 plugins and 3 example pages that show how you can use the included elements. In case you want to get access to more elements, plugins and example pages, consider upgrading to Material Kit React Pro. 

Other features:

  • Community Support;
  • Regularly Updated;
  • Built with HTML5, Sass and React.

4. Enatega React Native Food Delivery

Enatega is a professional and usable app React template. This app starter kit is designed for food delivery apps that include all the features your users may need. Enatega React template allows you to create an app similar to FoodPanda, UberEats, GrubHub, and others. 

 React JS Templates

Unlike many other app starter kits, this template includes a custom admin dashboard for order management. Inside this dashboard, you’ll find analytics, payment, email and currency setup, and other app settings. On top of this, Enatega includes a custom Riders mobile app, which lets you assign orders to riders and manage delivery with ease. 

Other features:

  • Web Dashboard and Mobile App Included;
  • React JS + Expo;
  • Dashboard React Included;
  • Order Tracking.

5. Telecord – Digital Marketing Multipage HTML Template

Telecord is a modern and minimal template for creative web design agencies. This theme was developed by expert web designers using the latest material design advances. That’s why this theme has a simple, readable and appealing interface, which is a pleasure to browse. The template’s Home page excites with the animated top slider, Material Parallax, and smart on-scroll content animation. Telecord theme also includes all the pages and blocks that you’ll need to create an informative and high converting website. 

React JS Templates

Other features:

  • Optimized for Speed;
  • Variety of Working Forms;
  • Responsive with Bootstrap4;
  • Modern UI Components

6. Paper Kit React

One of the best React JS websites templates, Paper Kit React offers you high-quality and sharp design, coded with React, React Hooks, Reactstrap UI, etc. With this theme, you get a beautiful web app interface and convenient React admin panel. 

React JS Templates

Paper Kit React by Creative Tim was inspired by paper illustrations. That’s why this kit incorporates thoughtful drawings and gorgeous typography. The 3 sample pages included in this package have atmospheric and ambient designs, displaying perfect integration of text and image content. 

Other features:

  • Fully Coded;
  • All UI Components are Responsive;
  • Cool transitions, Shadows, and Colors;
  • 50 Elements and 4 Plugins Included.

7. Bookishow – Movies, Events, Sports Website Template

Bookishow is a modern website template for any popular movies, music, books, sports or events website. This theme delivers an appealing look and fast speed with lightweight HTML5 and CSS. Thanks to Bootstrap 4 integration, Bookishow theme looks awesome in any viewport. 

React JS Templates

The design of Bookishow template is meant to engage users with endless scroll, on-hover content animation, and image grids. Use this theme to create different types of websites, e.g. websites similar to IMBd, Netflix or movies, music, and literature review websites.

Other features:

  • Google Web Fonts Included;
  • Fully Responsive;
  • Clean and Valid Code;
  • Working Forms.

8. BeoNews Pro – React Native Mobile App WordPress Theme

BeoNews Pro is a unique WordPress theme that can convert your website into a native mobile app within a short time. BeoNews template includes multiple mobile app layouts and lets you create React app that matches your site and corporate identity. 

React JS Templates

BeoNews app will be connected to your WordPress website through Rest API. So, whenever your site is updated, the app will reflect these changes right away. You can also use Facebook Ads and Admob to monetize your app built with BeoNews React WordPress theme

Other Features:

  • 4 Navigation Styles;
  • Native Product Sharing;
  • Social Login Functionality;
  • Offline App Access.

9. Intense Multipurpose Website Template

Intense is one of the flagship website templates that have jaw-dropping functionality. With 29 unique templates on board for different niches, Intense template is diverse a powerful. With this theme, you get over 500 premade pages that you can use up to your liking. 

React JS Templates

Bestseller Intense template takes no rocket scientist to edit. This theme is equipped with Novi builder, which enables WYSIWYG website customization. The builder is enhanced with the unique Intense UI Kit that provides you with tons of ready-made block variations. Intense also delivers you smooth Parallax scrolling, video backgrounds, MageMenus, various hover effects, etc.

Other features:

  • 50+ Multi and One-page Demos;
  • Touch Swipe Photo Gallery;
  • Video and Audio Players;
  • Revolution Slider + 15 Transitions.

10. NextJS Material Kit

This is another free material design kit by Creative Tim. The kit skillfully employs NextJS, React and Material UI to provide you with the full set of ready-made website elements. The kit includes the following elements: buttons, sliders, progress bars, badges, multiple navigation types, tabs, etc.

React JS Templates

Moreover, this kit also features a number of awesome fonts, free images, and JavaScript components. NextJS Kit consists of 60 custom website elements, 3 unique plugins and 3 example pages. 

Other features:

  • 6 Month Updates;
  • Community Support;
  • Fully Responsive;
  • Free to Download.

11. JobsFactory – Job Portal Multipage HTML5 Template

One of the best react website templates, JobsFactory theme helps you create a clean and modern job portal website.

This theme, built with HTML5, Bootstrap4, and Sass, lets you deliver every site guest best UX. To engage users, JobsFactory is equipped with Material Parallax and smart scroll animation.

Moreover, this theme includes a Live Search form in the site’s header, Mega Footer, animated galleries, etc. JobsFactory is shipped with a rich pack of quality imagery, including imagery for different business topics. 

React JS Templates

Other features:

  • Several Working Forms;
  • Over 30 Ready-made HTML Pages;
  • Many UI Elements and Blocks;
  • CSS3 Animation Effects.

12. React Native Task Listing App Theme

Are you looking for the React Native template app for a “To-Do” lists application? With this task listing React template, you can easily create a good-looking and usable application. This task listing app template is fully customizable. It includes all the screens you need to start a clean task list app for iOS and Android.

React JS Templates

Unlike best React website templates that combine different libraries and technologies, this template is built with pure React Native. For you, this means that it will be simpler to get around and customize the theme even if you’re a newbie to React. 

Other features:

  • 15+ App Screens;
  • Multiple Styles and Layouts;
  • React Navigation Included;
  • 6 Months of Free Support.

13. Jord – Blog Website Template

Jord is one of the newest responsive website templates, delivering you clean and minimal post grids and image galleries. With this theme, you can easily create a blog, which is responsive, engaging and optimized for SEO.

React JS Templates

This theme delivers users a pleasant and convenient reading experience. Moreover, thanks to rich social options, users are prompted to share your posts on social media. Jord brings you as many as 6 Home pages, developed by expert web designers.

Other features:

  • 2 Article Page Variations;
  • Touch Slider;
  • Retina Images Supported;
  • Sass Code.

14. React Native Restaurant UI App Theme

This is one of the best React website templates for restaurant and food delivery apps. This easy to edit theme includes all the screens needed to power an app similar to UberEats, FoodPande, Swiggy, and others. This React Native template app is built using NativeBase, Expo and React Navigation.

React JS Templates

The Expo client is also included. With this React Restaurant template, you can create apps for both iOS and Android. 

Other features:

  • 10+ Restaurant App Screens;
  • 3 Plugins Included;
  • Quality Code;
  • Native App Look and Feel.

15. Monstroid2 Multipurpose Website Template

Monstroid2 is a best-selling website template chosen by over 1,000 customers. This theme is praised for its universality, flexibility, and abundance of elements.

React JS Templates

Monstroid2 is a handy tool that lets you create a modern website for every niche and business. With over 400 HTML files in total, Monstroid2 includes 17 unique Home pages, 10 e-store pages, 30+ Blog templates, etc. This template is built with the powerful Flex Grid system, which makes the creative layouts and blocks of your website even more appealing. 

Other features:

  • Bootstrap 3.3;
  • Advanced Video Integration;
  • MegaMenu;
  • 180+ PSD Files. 

16. MDB React App Template

MDB App is one of the best React website templates, bringing you an ample set of site building blocks and functionality. It’s freemium and pretty awesome when downloaded free.

React JS Templates

This React template is built with the latest React Bootstrap and Material Design packages, ensuring that you can create an app, which is user-friendly and responsive.

MDB App template includes multiple website design components, content animations, masonry layouts, charts, pop-ups, navigation presets, etc.

Other features (Free Version):

  • Different Table Types;
  • 4 Addons Included;
  • E-store Sections Included;
  • Fully Responsive.

17. Brave – Multi-purpose Trendy Website Template

Brave is a cool multipurpose HTML template, which helps you create a modern and converting website. With over 100 pages included, Brave features 12 unique niche site designs. Brave theme stands out from the crowd, as it’s a newbie-friendly template.

React JS Templates

This theme comes with Novi Builder, one of the best WYSIWYG editors for HTML websites. Getting Novi Builder together with Brave theme, you save yourself $149 and a ton of time. 

Other features:

  • 10+ Navigation and Footer Styles;
  • Powerful Flexbox;
  • Lots of E-store Layouts;
  • Working Social Feeds.

18. React Native E-commerce Pro Theme

React Native E-commerce template includes a full starter kit needed to power an e-store application. The template incorporates all the scripts and UI elements needed to have an application like Mona, JackThreads, Canopy, Flipp, etc. You can create an app for both Android devices and iPhones.

React JS Templates

The application theme includes 14 ready-made screens for convenience shopping and social login (Google and Facebook). With all the e-commerce functionality pre-built, this is one of the best React website templates for creating e-store apps.

Other features:

  • Expo Client Included;
  • MobX, Native Base, React Navigation;
  • CRNA Integrated;
  • Comfy Shopping Cart.

19. Unit – Modern Bootstrap 4 HTML5 Theme

Unit is an awesome bundle of 8 stand-alone website skins. It incorporates skins for sports equipment, car repair, dating agencies, web development, farms, and other websites.

React JS Templates

Unit template includes tons of responsive elements and blocks. It’s easy to code and customizes.

The template also features a variety of headers, footers, and e-store layouts. 

Other features: 

  • Fully Responsive;
  • Swiper Slider Included;
  • 24/7 Support;
  • Cool Pricing Pages. 

20. React Native Delivery App Theme

This is another modern application developed using React Native and Exmo client. This is a ready-made app template, which contains all the screens and script you need to power a delivery app. This template features a clean and intuitive interface, which is both convenient and well-thought. 

React JS Templates

Other features:

  • 10+ App Screens;
  • React Navigation Included;
  • Many Display Variations;
  • No Admin Dashboard.

21. JetBull – Racing React Website Template

JetBull is a powerful website template for those who’re passionate about speed and innovations.

React JS Templates

With this theme, you get a website core that’s fast and reliable. JetBull is an e-commerce template, which uses React to power flashing sorting options, filtering by categories and order processing. Moreover, React enhances the “Read More” buttons of the JetBull theme.

Other features:

  • React Performance Tool;
  • User-friendly Editor Included;
  • Simple Installation;

22. React App Builder

The last of today’s selected React JS website templates, React App Builder is a universal Saas app builder, which lets you create mobile applications with ease. With the App Builder, you can create a restaurant, shops, news, radio, chat, recipes, events or nightclub apps. To create an app with this builder, select one of the premade templates and add/edit/move sections up to your liking. To see other popular React editors, check out this article about 8 best React IDE & React editors

React JS React React React Templates

Other features:

  • Create React Apps With No Limits;
  • React Admin Panel Included;
  • Over 30 Ready-made App Sections;
  • Social Sharing and Links.

23. Edefy

This template is a good choice for creating a marketplace with digital products. It will suit a marketplace of any size. You can organize the content on various pages. It already has ready-to-use pages for the digital marketplace, latest products, featured products, product single, product and author pages. 

A clean and minimalistic design contributes to fast loading, good performance, and convenient navigation. 

Other features: 

  • ready to localization 
  • react Boilerplate
  • Sass Powered
  • responsive navigation menu 
  • validation form 
  • free icons fonts
  • Redux
  • React Router 4
  • fully responsive 

The RTL version of the theme is coming soon. It comes with lifetime updates. 

24. Adminto 

Adminto is a Bootstrap-based responsive admin template. With this template, you can create a convenient and clean admin dashboard with a clear structure. For this purpose, it has various of the pre-built layouts: sidebar, topbar, boxed. It has multiple menu variations. 

Besides, the template comes with various pre-built application pages for projects, emails, taskboard, task details, calendar, and contacts. All pages are customizable. You can change the location of the page elements, add and remove objects. 

Also, it has 5 demos: vertical and horizontal, dark and light. There is a clean demo for a landing page. 

Other features: 

  • Sass and Bootstrap powered
  • clean HTML5 and CSS coding 
  • ready for multiple languages and frameworks 
  • in-built auth ready 

25. Onova 

Built on React.js, React-Redux, ES6+, Sass, Onova is a good choice for a website for IT agency, marketing or consulting company, or startup. This is a single-page template. It’s suitable for a brief and informative presentation of your company or project. 

A particular advantage of the template is its beautiful designs – minimalistic if you search for simplicity or eye-catching if you want to stand out. It comes with amazing tools for improving UX/UI experience. 

Other features: 

  • material UI
  • ready to localization 
  • React Boilerplate
  • responsive 
  • navigation menu 
  • Redux
  • React Router 4
  • React-slick 
  • validation form  
  • free icons and fonts 

The RTL version is coming soon. 

26. Onepirate 

This is a free template for a landing or a signup page. It will suit any kind of business because the elements are editable. It has customizable layouts. It’s possible to organize content in sections, add visuals, choose a font, add buttons and launch a landing page for attracting clients. 

The design is quite minimalistic. So, it suits more people searching for simplicity. 

Other features: 

  • reviewed by the MAterial UI-team 
  • MIT license 

Over To You

React JS lets you do miracles building fast-responding, flexible and scalable user interfaces. Now you know the best 2019 templates to create websites and applications with React JS.

Have you ever used React JS templates for your projects? Where do you buy them? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Stay tuned for more!