If you are planning to learn Vue, This article will guide you through 13 essential Vue Courses to boost your Vue skills.

Vue.js is a very handy JavaScript framework in building user interfaces SPAs, therefore, it is a perfect idea to enroll for Vue.js courses.

Below is the list of courses that I have compiled for you.

1. Vue 2: From Beginner to Professional

This course is among the 13 best Vue courses because it is highly detailed. The program guides the learners through the entire process of learning Vue.js. The course also has additional course exercises through the learning material.

Importantly, this is an all-level course with a learning duration of 15.5 hours and a regular price of $129.99

The following topics are covered in the course:

  • Developing advanced applications.
  • Secondly, communicating with servers using HTTP.
  • The use of modern tools to develop and build apps.
  • Creating SPAs

2. Vue JS 2 – The Complete Guide

This course is available in Udemy and it is created by instructor Maximilian Schwarzmuller. The course is highly rated with a whopping 40,000+ participants. After successful completion of this course, learners will be in a position to develop Vue.js apps of all levels of complexity. Moreover, learners are also awarded a certified Udemy certificate on successful completion of course.

Lastly, learners have access to 34 articles, 21 hours of on-demand video, and over 100 supplementary learning resources. The following concepts will be taught in the course;

  • Adding transitions and bonus segments.
  • Learning communication between components and advanced components usage.
  • All the basic Vue concepts and how apply the concepts in Vue JS practical projects.
  • How to use Vue in both MPAs and SPAs.
  • How to combine Vue JS with React and Angular.

3. Vue JS 2.0 – Mastering Web Apps

This program is created by a famous software engineer from the University of San Francisco called David Katz. The course is available in a popular online learning platform known as Udemy. Further, the course is well-rated has been attended by over 50,000 professional web developers.

Usually, this course helps the learners develop Vue JS 2.0 application. In addition, the learners will also be equipped with development concepts such as; Vuex, VueRouter and many more.

After successful completion learners are awarded Udemy certificates for the course.

Above all, the course covers the following topics;

  • Concepts of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.
  • Building of Starbase, Jokester, Turnout, Notemaster, and Starbase-Router.
  • Complex Vuex and Vue Router for multiple applications.

4. Vue.js for Beginners

Vue Courses

This program is available on Pluralsight. Firstly, the course introduces learners to intuitive JS framework, thus, helping learners to know how to build web apps easily. Additionally, this step by step course starts by showing learners how to develop efficient web applications easily. Thereafter, the program also illustrates how to create HTML templates.

Certainly, the course is divided into 6 areas which are accompanied by additional relevant examples. The complete study resources are available for free in the first 10 days.

Some of the topics covered in the course are;

  • Installation and setting up software.
  • Vue fundamental concepts and interfaces.
  • Binding data input by a user and react to user events.

5. Real World Vue.js

Vue Courses

Not forgetting this recent development in the world of Vue. This Vue practical course will cover all Vue core concepts as well as recently released Vue CLI 3.

Furthermore, this is an intermediate level Vue course. On the other hand, despite the introduction part of the course is free, the course is charged at $19 monthly or $190 yearly.

The following topics will be discussed in detail;

  • Vue Router and Vue Components.
  • Vue CLI
  • The API calls with Axios
  • Optimizing editor for Vue development.

6. React JS, Angular & Vue JS – Quickstart & Comparison

You want to learn Vue, Angular and React in one course? Then this is the best course that you should enroll for. Given the course is developed by Maximillian, it is highly rated with thousands of satisfied participants.

Most importantly, this course will help learners understand the difference between the three as well as a clear understanding of their concepts.

Lastly, the course will cover the following areas;

  • Basic concepts of all front end frameworks.
  • A detailed comparison between Vue JS vs React JS vs Angular.
  • Development of basic Vue.js applications.
  • Introduction to Angular 2 and 4.
  • JSX concepts and how React.js works.

7. Vue.js Fundamentals

Vue Courses

This course is developed by Jim Cooper. Vue.js Fundamentals is an intermediate level Vue course that takes five hours for it to be successfully completed. Moreover, the course is highly rated and teaches all the basics of creating basic apps from scratch.

The course costs $29 monthly or an annual payment of $299 and this gives learners unlimited access to all the courses.

Topics covered include;

  • Routing from page to page.
  • Vue.js CLI
  • Activation of inter-components communications.
  • Creation of custom directors and filters.

8. The Ultimate Vue JS 2 Developers Course

The program is created by Antone Gore a famous programming master. He also created other courses like Full-Stack Vue.js 2 and Laravel 5. Above all, the course has a high star rating with thousands of satisfied learners. Developers are awarded the Vue JS certificate after course completion.

The following topics will be discussed in details;

  • All Vue concepts from beginner to advanced level.
  • Vue JS environment including Webpack.
  • Single file components, server-side rendering, and render functions.
  • Creation of Vue JS applications.

9.Vue School

Vue Courses

If you looking for specific Vue courses, then this is the site for you. Apparently, at the moment this site is offering 10 Vue courses of all levels. The cost of registration of $12 per month, $98 per year or $ 348 which gives developers unlimited access to all the courses.

Just to mention some of the courses being offered;

  • Vue.js Form Validation.
  • Vue.js + Firebase Authentication.
  • Custom Vue Directives
  • Dynamic forms with Vue.js.
  • Nuxt.js fundamentals.

10. Learn Vue 2: Step by Step

Vue Courses

Learn Vue 2: Step by Step is a highly developed course With approximately 50 episodes, the course fully explains Vue concepts in depth. Above all, the course is suitable for all level learners and the episode videos can be accessed anytime.

Additionally, the first 36 episodes are free but to access all the videos a payment of $ 15 per month need to be made.

The following topics are covered in the video episodes,

  • Object-oriented forms.
  • Setting up Vue development tools.
  • Testing Vue.
  • SPAs and backend.
  • Components, basic data, class binding, and attribute.

11. Nuxt.js – Vue.js on Steroids

Max has developed this course to help learners to know all about Nuxt and how to use it to build Vue.js applications. Most importantly, given Max has been working with Nuxt since its beta launch, he has great experience and in a better position to train developers on the same.

The course will help developers in the following fields;

  • Next Configuration, plugin, and modules.
  • Middleware and Authentication.
  • Developing Next apps.

12. Learn Vue.js Training Course

The course is found in LinkedIn learning and it has been created by Lynda. The course gives developers a progressive approach to solving front end problems. As a result, by the end of the program learners will have adequate knowledge of working with Vue.js.

The following concepts are covered in the course;

  • All basic concepts of Vue.js.
  • How to install and configure the Vue Router.
  • Building SPAs
  • Developing Vue apps and working with different features.

It is important to note that the course is available for free.

13. Vue.js Essentials – 3 Course Bundle

Vue.js Essential- 3 Course Bundle is developed by Anthony Gore and helps learners starting with Vue basics. Secondly, this is a project-based course. The course is highly rated with over 60,000 students.

The following topics are covered in the course;

  • How to use Vue Router and Vue Recourse
  • Primary Vue.js plugins.
  • Development tools such as Webpack.
  • Using Vue templates.


It is my hope that this article has been of great help to you. The above-discussed courses include both paid and free learning resources that will be useful to you during your learning journey.

Additionally, the courses and tutorials are suitable for both newbies, intermediate learners as well as the gurus. If you like this article, kindly share it with your friends or ask them to have a look at our site.