From Perl, Python, JavaScript, PHP to Ruby and many more, web development frameworks out there use different programming languages in order to stand out from the competition.

So for you Developers out there, it will be wise to choose a stable, supported and reputable web development framework that will serve you well into the future.

So, here are the 12 Best Web Development Frameworks that will be a nudge in the right direction as you choose which framework will suit you best.

1. React

React, a JavaScript library that has the flexibility to convert to a web development framework.

web development frameworks

The purpose of ReactJS was to have a framework that can build apps that have constantly changing data at every passing moment. We can expect more from the Facebook team behind ReactJS as it expected that something new is in the works.

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2.  Laravel

This free PHP web framework will have you building outstanding web applications that top level according to market standards.

laravel web dev framework

Laravel is considered as the best in its class of PHP frameworks and is the choice for most developers with its many utilities and functionalities that keep them coming back for more. Look out for dependency manager dedicated modular packaging, app development and maintenance utilities, and much more.

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3. Angular

This is a Google product that ranks among the top web development frameworks around. 

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Angular is based on an open source typescript language which is the superset of JavaScript that works for single web page apps and handling of web pages. Take a shot at Angular for your next web project

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4. Node.js

With its ability to handle a high number of connections at the same time with a high level of performance, NodeJS is a favorite amongst the web developer world.

web development frameworks nodejs

With NodeJS you will build web applications that are not only fast but also scalable. This complete JavaScript environment allows for high-performance handling of simultaneous connections and creation of fast, scalable network applications.

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5. Ruby on Rails

The RoR as it is affectionately known in the developer circles is a quite friendly and fan favorite development framework.

web development frameworks ruby on rails

From planning to development, with Ruby on Rails you can seamlessly transition without any hassle. Ruby run on Linux and is completely free to use, so why not give it try on your forthcoming web development gig.

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6. Symfony

When it comes to big or intricate corporate scale project, Symfony is music to your development framework ears.

Symfony web development frameworks

A stable framework that will allow you to develop flexible and scalable websites that will be up to the task of constantly changing business needs today.  Symfony is ranked as an advanced web development framework for its components, dedicated community, and app framework that come together to realize its web related targets and goals.

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ASP.Net is one of the acclaimed Microsoft development frameworks that have a wide appeal amongst web developers.

Web Development Frameworks

A testament to its popularity ASP.Net creates web portals dynamic web pages and feature-packed web applications. As a web developer, you can write ASP.NET code using any .NET supported languages as.Net is built on CLR (Common Language Runtime).

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8. Vue

Web developers have turned their eyes to Vue.JS once in a while when developing single page web applications. According to stats on Github,

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Vue.JS is ranked as one of the best web development frameworks around at the moment. With its ever-rising popularity, Vue.JS is worth a try for any web development project you may have.

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9. MeteorJS

The collection of packages and libraries that is MeteorJS give you another one of the best web development frameworks in the current market.

web development frameowks

With its minimal code requirements and flexible structure, Meteor will produce apps that are scalable, of high quality and have fewer bugs to worry about. Build faster with Meteor.

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10. CakePHP

A structured, easy and swift way to develop web applications via an open source PHP web development framework that is what CakePHP has to offer.

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When you use CakePHP you will have at your disposal practical guides and detailed documentation to give you an easy coding experience. Another nice positive to CakePHP is that you can recycle the code of old projects you have done through its framework. With CakePHP, web application development becomes a piece of cake!

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11. Yii

Yii framework is a PHP web development framework that works well when the projects scenarios involve performing of repetitive tasks.

yii web dev framework

Following the Rapid Application Development Yii will enable you to have your web applications up and running within a short time. With Yii’s modular application architecture, component-based model and event-driven programming you will effortlessly customize web applications as per the changing business needs.

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12. Django

Django is a definite mention here amongst web development frameworks. This python written web development framework offers plenty to web developers of varied skill, from newbie to guru.

web dev frameowkr

Django has an Object Relationship mapper that helps you map project objects with corresponding database tables allowing you to manage your website without touching any bit of code along the way. For the novices and newbies.

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Always look at the functionality offered by a particular framework. See how these functionalities will suit your particular project needs then decide which one suits you best. Then see how your time and cost needs will be saved by looking into and choosing the appropriate web development framework.