Small businesses need all the advertisements they can get. Traditional avenues for advertising, such as billboards and print ads, can be expensive. When it comes to getting the word out about your small business, do not overlook the power of social media campaigns. The main benefits of social media campaigns are that they: 

  1. Expand Your Customer Base
  2. Run Budget-friendly Ad Campaigns
  3. Analyze your audience
  4. Build Brand Loyalty
  5. Enhance Your Bottom Line

This article will expand on each of these reasons. This will explain why social media advertising is crucial for small businesses. If you’re on the fence about Facebook ads, or you’re wondering how to leverage TikTok advertising, keep reading!

1. Expand Your Customer Base

The main target of any ad campaign is to get your advertisement in front of as many eyes as possible. The more people see an advertisement, the more they are likely to buy due to mere exposure. Social media offers both free and paid opportunities to be viewed by new audiences.

Search engine ads are limited by intent and keyword searches. Social media ads target users based on demographic data like interests and behaviors. Social media ads have the advantage of introducing new brands to new users. By using the demographic data of current customers, social media ads can have a better target of advertisement. Better targeted ads mean that your ads will go in front of people who are more likely to click, thus expanding your customer base. 

Social media also gives marketers free options for advertisements, such as Facebook business pages and groups. These offer great avenues to post about upcoming business events like sales. They also allow your customers to communicate with your business directly.

2. Run Budget-Friendly Ad Campaigns

Budgeting is among the business basics. A business lives or dies by staying within its budget. As mentioned before, traditional advertisements can be too expensive for a small business owner. Social media advertisements often come at a reasonable price point. If you are trying to run a low-cost campaign, look at social media.

Pinterest boasts one of the lowest price points, as low as $.13 per click. This is especially effective for bringing new customers to your website. LinkedIn advertisements tend to be more expensive than other social media advertisements. LinkedIn is also the social media leader in B2B sales. If you have a B2B business, LinkedIn ads could be the most effective method to generate leads.

3. Analyze Your Audience

Analytics is the biggest advantage digital marketing has over traditional advertisements. What is analytics? It’s a fancy way of saying “we’ve taken the data, crunched the numbers, and here’s what it means.”

If you are trying to take your business to the next level, do not do it blindly. You will need data, and you will need it analyzed. Many social media platforms offer built-in tools to help marketers understand their audiences. Facebook offers breakdowns of user demographics. They can tell a lot about the people who clicked on your advertisement, such as what their age range is, their gender, their global region, what device they viewed the advertisement on, and more. This is invaluable information if you want to expand and grow your business.

For example, you may notice that most people who click on your advertisement are viewing it from a phone. With that information, you can optimize your sales for mobile users. Or maybe it means you need to re-format ads to be more mobile-friendly. With the power of analytics, you can gain insights into your customer’s needs and preferences, and better serve them.

4. Build Brand Loyalty

Market research used to be hard, but social media makes it easy. Customers know how to contact you through social media. They will often leave feedback in comments about what they like and dislike about your brand. This is gold.

Before the days of social media, marketers used to have to conduct focus groups. Nowadays, customers have a direct channel to speak to your business. Take their feedback.

By tailoring your services to your existing customer’s desires, you enhance customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the foundation of brand loyalty. If you listen to customer feedback, you will make customers happy. When customers are happy, they keep buying from you AND are more likely to recommend your product to their friends. Word-of-mouth is extremely effective advertising that money just can’t buy.

5. Enhance Your Bottom Line

The ultimate goal of any ad campaign is to increase your bottom line. Social media ad campaigns are very effective for doing that. Social media ads can both expand your audience and give a clear picture of the people in your audience. If you understand the demographics of your customers, you can offer tailored products and services. Tailored products and services lead to more customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. All of this is good for your bottom line while staying within a reasonable budget. 

Final Thoughts

If you are not using a social media campaign to expand your small business, you are missing out. Social media is an effective means for running a low-cost advertising campaign. Expand your business by starting a social media campaign today!