As more and more people are using online services nowadays, most of the business has also built its ground here on the internet. There has been a drastic and continuous increase in the online availability of facilities and movement of the market from real shops to online WooCommerce stores.

Customers are getting all the information readily on their phone regarding the product availability in different stores and having ease to compare prices too across different sites. The site should be properly hosted on fast servers if the target audience is huge and should not have any lags. Its good option to have a private server and not a shared server so that there is no load while accessing the site. 

Businesses and commercial services that completely rely on online customers, need to have an effective website that will attract and fetch more customers and traffic on their website.

Nowadays, most of the websites are built on WordPress that provides many variations to the website, new and attractive themes and vast customization so that each website can be developed based on the user’s need. WordPress SEO plays a vital role when a website is built. By following some of the important techniques, one can easily make their WordPress website effective. 

Create high quality content 

To make an effective website, the content has to be of high quality so that the products appear eye-catching. The quality of the content can be improved by many factors like using good navigation techniques, simple and easily browsing user experience etc. A good theme based on the content that will be available for the customers will be an added advantage as well.

One can use high-quality product pictures so that they appear more realistic. But one should remember to optimize the images so that it does not increase the overall size of the page and not slow down the page load. Users across the globe should be able to access the page conveniently.

The pages should be well optimized for seamless browsing over desktops or handheld devices. Also, a video demo can be added to demonstrate the preferred way of working of the products if it’s a WooCommerce website created on WordPress.

Also, it’s a good practice to improve the content from time to time and update the information so as to match the fast moving World. These pointers will also get good WordPress SEO ranking on Google and other search engines as well.  

Optimize for SERP 

Another important aspect of the WordPress SEO is that the text content of the website should look good. It should have a proper meta title and meta description along with the content title and description.

This way, it will look good in search engine results. Meta description should have the key words related to the main topic of the website content or particular product description. One can easily achieve this by using a good WordPress SEO plugin like Yoast SEO.

It provides suggestions to write meta description and how to effectively add keyword as well. Once all this fixes are added up properly. Google and other search engines will be able to effectively show your website in top ranks.  

Breadcrumbs navigation 

When a user is hovering around your website, he may land up to the pages 2nd or 3rd level down, but he should also be able to retract to last browsed page so that he can continue looking up other pages of the website.

To avoid your visitor getting lost in the site, its a good practice to add breadcrumbs. It acts like a navigator and shows the path through which the visitor has landed to this page and where are they currently in the site map. Also, using the breadcrumbs, visitor can move to level 1 or 2 above the current page. 

1 important thing that developer should keep in mind while creating a WordPress website is that each page of the site should be accessible by 2-3 clicks. This way, the site will be more WordPress SEO optimized. 

Interlinking pages 

All the pages that are created for the website should be properly interlinked. They should be in correct category and have proper tags as well. Also, it’s a good practice to add the social media links for more promotions or providing time to time offer details, happy hours, free deliveries etc.

This will improve the WordPress SEO to great extent. Also, when the developer uses a good WordPress plugin, they point out the pages that were created for a website but not linked. Or a link present in a website is not linked to any page. Broken link can have adverse effect on the SEO ranking.

Also, search engines lower your ranking in search result if blank page links are encountered in the browser. 

Take social media advantage 

Nowadays, more and more people are joining social media and microblogging websites. When they see the WordPress site is present on these social media platforms, it makes them believe the site is authentic and they prefer to come more often on these.

Thus, social media presence is very important nowadays.  Social existence also helps to have a better rank in the search results across different engines. When you have correct target audiences, and they are completely satisfied with your website, they do share their experiences with others. One of the common platforms is social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc. 

Only standing out in the crowd will help the website get more customer attention and subsequently great success. A good WordPress SEO plugin will also be a game-changer in the internet era.

Using a good WordPress SEO plugin that guides to use of keywords effectively on page titles, description meta descriptions and headings will help a lot. Also, the target audience has to be kept in mind when developing a website.

You cannot create a website selling woolen clothes and host it in the desert or equatorial region. The WordPress website should be optimized as per the target audience and customers, not for the search engines. 

Proper planning is highly recommended before taking the step ahead. These pointers will surely increase organic traffic to a great extent.